Occupational accident prevention

While it is obvious and not so obvious evidence of fraud in the workplace, it is the behavior of people who describe or indicate that they are not prominent, causing the most discomfort due to unequal and shameful behavior towards the owners companies that trust them. Imposters; as with their gorgeous work practices, can really cause harmful financial consequences to their employers.

Companies need to set certain working practices and practices that emphasize fraudulent behavior – make staff responsible for their actions. Early prevention outweighs a precious riot later.

Anti-fraud measures may / should contain business practices where the internal, tailor-made and appropriate workplace policy is directly related to employee practices. In perfect world and before you start working. It is necessary for a new employee to read and sign an appropriate document of action document – as a sign of recognition of his responsibility towards a new workplace. This policy and, consequently, practices must cover all areas of potential fraud and emphasize the likely behavior of employees. For example, in order to positively identify the new employee, a police investigation would be required; Possible employees need to provide a certain number of judges, references and, of course, a certain number of living evidence, ie. passport, driver's license, certificate of instruction, account addressed to potential employees and # 39; home etc. All that is required as a positive proof of identity. Of course, these evidence of identity documents must be viewed and their honesty assessed. The burden of proof would lie with an employer who would enhance the human model by implementing this requirement with clear knowledge that they are doing everything in their power to prevent possible fraudulent behavior in the future.

I remember organizing a police conviction on someone who applies for work at school. The police found that this person was sentenced to a childbirth. The conclusion – this opinion ensured that this person was not tempting a new crime and that the company I was working on did not have to deal with potential court proceedings sometimes in the future. That person had paid for the crime so he did not discriminate, but he was better placed in his work environment.

Another preventive action that was attached to the business process might be that the company is limited to giving gifts and entertainment to its employees. Especially if an employee could potentially affect the precious processing and restaurant and the receipt of unsolicited donors directly to his home from a potential contractor to recruit final results for his benefit.

Based on this, policy policy could emphasize that:

o Notify all gift worth $ 25 to a security or human resources manager – someone outside the direct area of ​​a particular workplace.
o Any meal with a potential contractor could not occur if there was an offer in progress
o You may be able to set up shared sharing where you can put gifts in a shared pool to share with all employees. Additional Measures
o Every employee would be required to sign an information policy to protect the company & # 39; intellectual property rights.
o Every employee would have to defend to protect the company & # 39; assets, ie introduced knowledge, silent business partner, financial affairs, etc. Register for this purpose.

In information technology, many applications are designed to record and report employees by using their working hours for fraudulent visits, for example, pornography or work online – the idea was to advise staff and staff on the information system and also provide limited access to the network. Of course there are also threats that should apply, ie. hacking for the sake of riding hacking to acquire insider knowledge, deliberate virus guidance, hacking to gain knowledge to abuse or spoil the company. So an obvious step must be taken to protect the company & # 39; assets. (Viral protection, firewalls, etc.). Companies could be particularly sensitive if they were, for example, publicly announcing the stock exchange.

There are also dissatisfied workers who can make waves by leaking potentially harmful information. Or those who see themselves as white knights or whistles. – All fraudulent behavior. A way to ensure a happy workplace is to know or show any favors to each employee; deal with everyone in the same way; do not tolerate bullying and have strict instructions to cope with dissatisfaction. A fair workplace is equivalent to more loyalty and less fraud.

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