The difference between confirmation and hypnosis is huge

Although they are both linked to the internal connection of nursing, hypnosis can only be accessed and adapted to some aspects of perception, but confirmation, however, has the ability to change the original information.

If your primary goal is to add some aspects of your life, you should check your confirmation. This exercise will be one of your key tools to change what belief you have in your mind. If you take some time to analyze your reaction to situations you experience each day and your opinions on different subjects, it will not be difficult to see the situation that has affected your mind since you were a child.

Every experience you have from childhood has written into the walls of your consciousness and creates a solid set of ideas and beliefs that will instruct your relationship and actions in life. These thoughts are the basis of creation conditions in life that you are experiencing now.

This is why it's so important to rearrange your subconscious with new positive affirmations that help me shape and shape what reality you want. But it's not that simple, many have tried and they usually fail in that process. The reason for this is that they neglect to improve the key to the methods they use. The majority of people use this confirmation alone and assume that the simple repetition will take care of everything. This is completely wrong.

Even though confirmation helps to think about our thoughts for new thinking, the effect is very high and weak. It will affect our language and the new terms will rise again and again in our day, but they will have little effect on our actions.

In order to change our behavior, we need to paste these affirmations into our subconscious in the same way our current beliefs were envisaged. They had to mix with emotions. Why is this?

Because they are the only experience that has true and profound meaning in our minds. When experience is mixed with emotions, the result is amazing. So if we mix emotions with our confirmation, the results will be great.

When you use your confirmation, be sure to see what you're saying. The feeling you are trying to create is the one that this reality must cause in your body. You can use pictures to help you emphasize your feelings.

Do not feel disappointed if you do not see results at first. Part of this exercise and the key factor is patience and perseverance. Your task is to continue doing it until you see results. They can come slowly, but they will, do not lose faith, give it a shot, you have nothing to lose.

The worst thing is that you will end up with a positive attitude in life, but I guarantee that it will not be all. Keep it, put your heart and soul into it and see your vision before your eyes develop into physical reality.


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