Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Web Designer

You've done all the dirty work: You've got great web site terms, contacting prospective customers, and even thought about interesting ways to advertise. Now all that remains is to hire a qualified web designer. Simple, right? Wrong. Failure to find the right web designer could make or break your term. After years of mistakes by other web designers, I've created a list of things you should avoid when hosting a web designer.

1. Do not understand what you are signing up for.

One of the biggest, if not the biggest, mistakes you can make when selecting a web designer, does not fully understand what you're paying for and how much you're paying. Countless web designers use the word words "as low as" or "from" when they describe the price. It is up to you to find out exactly how much it costs to cost for the project. Ask questions and never set for general plans. Similarly, it is important to know the difference between web design and web development. Web design could simply include a graphical display of the webpage – without any encoding. Make sure you ask your webmaster what services he / she is providing.

2. Fear of Requesting Review

When you have a web site designed it is important to remember that you have recruited someone to work. While it may seem simple, many people fail to remember this when it comes to requesting a review. If you are not happy with the design produced, do not be afraid to tell the designer exactly what you want to change. Finally, this website will be a reflection of you and your business and you want it to deliver the right message. Make sure the designer is open to review before hiring.

3. Installation of the First Design

No matter how much the first design looks, never put it! Wait to see other ideas the designer has before making a decision. Often times, something that seems like changing a page layout can make all the difference with the usefulness of the website. It's also important to get outside feedback from your left or target audience on the design you're interested in. While a bright lime-green site may look good for you, your market may disagree.

4. Hiring Just One Designer

This is important: Do not use one designer! In my experience, the creativity of the design I received from a group of designers was far beyond what one designer had. This is simply because a group of designers can give you 10 different perspectives on design, but one designer is limited. Also, one designer might have dozens of tasks to complete in a very short period of time; after some time to focus on the project. The best part is that you do not have to pay more to have a team of designers. Companies like have teams of designers who pay some price.

5. Paying Too Much

As you may have read before, Website DESIGN does not cost thousands of dollars. Be sure to find the best deals before you set prices. With web pages, higher prices do not always mean better work. Web development world is filled with massive ego. Getting many quotes is the easiest way to prevent the fluff.

Quick Tip: Having web design and programming complete could end up saving you money. Why? The truth is, some developers are not graphic designers and some graphic designers are not programmers. Many experts will be better at one another. A designer can charge you more to do both programming and design if they are not eligible in both areas. To use this trick, simply find someone to design your site and then find a web designer to code this design specifically.


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