What leaders lead to achievement

If you decide that you want to be an appropriate person, serve and represent a particular group and set of things as their leader, you should seriously consider, analyze and determine what you hope to achieve, your personal reasons, real reasons, and especially what you STRIVE to achieve! Often, the main difference between important leaders and the rest of the package can be measured with the quality, importance and sustainability of these proposals and intentions. With this in mind, this article will try to summarize, analyze, review and discuss using a mnemonic approach, some necessary assumptions and differences.

1. Strengthen system solutions; Sustainable: Perhaps it's only necessary, the Quality Manager to focus on and strengthen the group, and make it stronger after having commandments, depending on the position! One must develop easy to copy / copy appropriate systems, which focuses on looking for affordable solutions, rather than just blaming others and / or complaining! These ideas must be both truly relevant and sustainable, focusing on bringing the group, representatives, into the future, in an efficient and effective way!

2. Timely: Never postpone, or share items solely for concern, for personal comfort and / or comfort, or to avoid being taught! Quality leaders must continue, in a timely manner, in a timely manner!

3. Relevant; receptive; Realistic: True leaders weigh the risk versus the benefits in a responsible, realistic manner, emphasizing the best way to go on, but with little resistance! Only when a person commits to providing an appropriate, responsive leadership, he will make a significant difference, for the better.

4. Ideas; paradigm; ideology: Consider where the essence of your ideology is in relation to what you have in mind and stakeholders! Continue, with a well-developed imagination, to provide relevant ideas, by considering external boxes, options and choices!

5. perspective vision; value; value: The leader must have insights and opinions that coordinate with the necessary, live view of a particular organization and the values ​​it represents! Leaders attract followers, when they deal, both real and sensational, to provide meaningful value!

6. Empathy; emphasis; endurance outstanding development: Times evolve and sustainable organizations will constantly evolve in an appropriate, sustainable way! One must be ready, ready and able to listen, much more than talking and learning from each conversation and experience, to proceed with the actual, necessary, compassion! When focusing on concentration, the highest level of personal abilities, a leader is born!

Real Leaders STRIVE to make a significant difference, the better! Are you ready to lead?


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