Your own self is true

This is first and foremost: of course, true, and it must follow, like the night of the day, you can not hide anyone. – Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 3

Laertes receives great advice from his father before he leaves. This includes fiscal content, the wisdom of speaking without first thinking about what will be said, the difference between mildness and lightness and the importance of friendship. Above all, Polonius emphasizes being true on its own.

There is much that you can learn from this simple statement. Regardless of what others can think, it's necessary for an individual to follow his own way. This is true for the simplest things like dress and hair styles and bigger things like setting goals for life, education and career. This can be one of the most difficult things to follow.

Every person is an individual, but everyone has many different factors that affect their daily lives. We live in the world of social pressure. We are all dealing with the expectations put on us by friends and family alike. While being in comparison with these varied effects, we must create our own personality. In any way, this will be similar to us. Otherwise, they can be a response to them. In yet another way, the identity is unique to each individual.

Often we do not understand the extent to which our creation is a reaction to those around us. We imitate, unconsciously or unconsciously, those we die while we reject those we have no admiration. People often talk about "rebellion against adolescents," but this can be seen as a social response to the previous generation. In order to create their own personality, adolescents have to decide whether they accept or reject the views and lifestyle of their parents. In order to create a common soldier of clothes, hair, political views and. al. where they can easily identify themselves belonging to their group.

Personally, each individual will review the views of his own social groups and decide who is in line with his own internal belief system. Life is a continuous process of trying new features, keeping the elements of those happy and disposing of them.

Over time, you create your own self-esteem, become comfortable in your own lifestyle, create and pursue your own goals. This can be very difficult, especially when your choice does not match the groups they need to interact with. These social groups can be as small as their individual family members or the closest group of friends in the community as a whole.

What matters is that each person is in the most comfortable way. Of course there are some limits that are set at all. The community imposes sanctions on some actions for the benefit of the most popular. If one gets the pleasure of placing buildings in fire, it becomes necessary for the person to find some way to sublimate this drive and find a constructive expansion.

Nobody can live for you and you can not live another life. The news is filled with stories of parents pushing their children to achieve the goals they want them to be at a young age. While this can create scholars, musicians and star athletes, it's important that parents recognize the importance of allowing their children to create their own personalities during this important developmental period.

Things do not necessarily end when an individual has built his own self-consciousness. Everyone knows those who do not agree with their faith. At this point, an individual will have to decide whether he is untrue despite discomfort or to imply that social pressure is in balance. While it may seem easier to be consistent, this is a fraud for the individual. It may provide temporary relief from not being considered "weird" or external. In the long run, however, that person must understand the fact that he or she does not live in his own life but someone else.

In order to be truly happy, one must decide what one wants and try to achieve it, regardless of the opinions of others. This can make it harder for a while, but when an individual reaches the goals in question, the prize will be even greater.

This does not ignore the advice of others. As mentioned above, there are some features that are banned in any community. Sometimes these features are banned from a long-standing tradition that has since been outdated. People can then choose to ignore a social ban on these actions in order to change the crowd as a whole. For example, without those who were willing to throw away from communities, the United States was still a place where only white people had the right to vote. Differences can lead to progress.

You can also learn from every person you encounter, even if you have different views on various factors. It may be that someone you disagree with political shares is similar to religious beliefs. Anyone who dresses differently can be able to advise you on how to achieve one of your goals. If nothing else, the person can provide reasons that confirm your own views.

Even in most stiff communities there is room for individualism. In a corporate world of gray-qualified people, colorful socks can be a sign of insurgency and individualism.

In the end, each individual must decide what is right for him or his life. We all have to create our own personality by looking at the world around us and deciding what's important and what's not, what's right and what's not. When done, we must strive to keep our senses, regardless of the opinions of others. This is the only way to achieve the goals you set for yourself and to be the one you want to be. Everything else, as Polonius means, is a lie.


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