Do not hide from the truth

Truth is always the same as the trick you can take to conceal. Most people think they are smart when they play twice a game of secret and seek to serve their selfishness. Some dress gorgeous and smile gloriously, but sportfriendly and envy within.

In modern world, maladies are more virtuous than reality. The priest used to wear a flawless white dress for church insurance, although he did not bathe every day. Sometimes he would preach without wearing clothes under the gown. To understand the truth, some real-life situations are presented below.

Many are shy of the white hair and grab to color it to enhance the beauty and age. Repeated use of the dye spoils hair and leads to allergies and diseases. Some try hair transplant to hide their baldness. Creams and creams are intended for people who like to conceal natural wrinkles and ages.

A patient can not expect proper medical attention from a doctor without the above explaining his feelings and showing the symptoms correctly. If a person is shy of showing sex, he can not expect any treatment due to his suffering. A hearing impaired should not hesitate to ask others to speak more loudly.

Sensitivity prevents many from getting help from others. In times of financial difficulties, some people feel embarrassed to express their problems but end up in self-denial of the solution. If a student is away from raising doubts about fear of teasing classmates, he can not learn carefully.

Many officials give false reasons why they miss out on preventing work or colleges and # 39; choke your nose in personal matters. The commander took permission to visit his sibling, but he went to the movies in the movies. On his way from an office, an old man told his younger friend to wait for some time so that he could buy a drug. Actually, the elderly bought a fair cream to improve their appearance.

The value of truth leads to simplicity, peace and prosperity. As our lives move away from the path of truth, we tend to waste energy and time, including losing our health and harmony. Lack of self-esteem is the main reason for man's lack.

Requires great courage to talk about man's thinking and do it honestly. Beauty is not in appearance but shows itself through the behavior. Indeed, continuing mildness leads to inferior complexity.


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