Get impossible

Everyone, ever in their lives, have dreamed of doing, being or having something special, something big.

We dream all the big dreams and have great hopes but unfortunately, for many of us, our dreams are dreams and our hopes disappear in a timely manner. Life could be so much better if only we learned to aim higher and believe that we can achieve everything we long for or really crave.

Most people get hung and think, I can not do this; It's too hard; It is impossible; Nobody can do this. & # 39;

Recently, I set goals that I thought was impossible – I wanted to be a club champion in my golf clubs. This may sound like an easy goal for some people, but I found it impossible.

I'm an average golfer and play 18 holes of golf every week.

However, I decided to turn myself into something – I deserve to be a club champion! So, I spent a few minutes every time I was in the clubhouse and watched the honorary council who visualized my name as a clubmaster. I also wrote a plan of what I was ready to do to achieve my goal. This involves maintaining all aspects of my game for at least 30 minutes each day which was a great commitment for me and I was not sure I could do it.

I made a room for my days to practice.

The first round was effortless, I could see my name on the board through the traffic. I had great points that saw me lead the race.

The second round was a nightmare.

I was a target and could not do anything right.

I came in with one of the worst chores I had for a long time and thought I had failed in my quest.

I realized that I completely forgot to focus on my goal through the traffic.

Fortunately, after the scores were counted, I was in the finals – in the fourth place – with four talents.

I continued with my practice and welcome the final that I had done everything I could to give me a chance to work.

Needless to say, I played well and went through to the last game and then won the title in the last hole when I sank 3 Metro putt for par!

In all the race, the times I played badly were when I left my goal – I forgot about my vision.

As soon as I emphasized my goal of having my name in the honors letter as the club became all the same. I achieved something that I thought was impossible for me to achieve.

This is my real life example of using the following three step process to achieve the impossible!

  1. Set goals
  2. Work out what you need to do to accomplish it – rather than thinking it will just happen – and write a plan
  3. Follow the program and focus on the goal

] Anything can be Take a sheet and write down the boundaries you have in your life.

Define the sheet in three columns

In the first column, add items under the heading & # 39; Things I Know I Can Do & # 39; In another column, add items under the heading and I could do that. " And in the third column, add items under the heading " items that it's impossible for me to do. "

Every day for the next month or so, try to achieve the goals that are shared and I know I can do it.

Write a plan on how to understand them and mark them as they are done.

When you review all your goals Under that headline, start achieving the goals under my head. "19659002] When you reach more goals, move the goals that are under" Things I Can not Do "on the list of part and you may need to do.

When you go through this process, the goals you thought were impossible to be possible!

Aim high and start working on your goals. 19659002] Imagine Is your life when you've reached your goal – showed it and make a plan to get there.

If you told someone a hundred years ago it was possible for a person to travel to the moon, they would have been you. Even fifty years ago, if you had told someone that mail was sent to the other side of the world after a few seconds, they would say you were not in your mind.

But with these wishes and perseverance, these impossible dreams are now real. Thomas Edison once said that the genius is 1% inspired and 99% sweat.

Success can not be achieved without moving outside of your comfort zone.

Do not get in your limitation. Think big and be hard at reaching these dreams and believe that the impossible is really possible!

You can BE, DO or HAVE anything you want.


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