Get the words cured

Have you really thought of the power you either need to encourage yourself or experience yourself and others around simply with the words you use? Do you understand that words can either drive you to achieve outstanding results in everything you do, or even try to even try anything at all?

Words – whether written or spoken – are the most powerful forces on earth because they are not only the characteristics of humanity, but are also used to create and convey ideas that can either make or break as both individuals or agencies. Indeed, the words of the energy source are our thoughts, fuel our actions and create responses to others. As a result, every word we speak or write influences the world, even though we are unthinkable about the positive or negative effects of these words on us and the people around us.

Indeed, most of our words are taken by realizing that words are the most powerful tools we use to influence others, either negative or positive. We do not understand that constant use and use of negative words reduces self-esteem and destroys the joy of life. While well-chosen positive words encourage, however, encourage and encourage us to gain more heights in life. This means that no positive (good) can be from being negative (bad). But for the benefit of those who may still think or look different, here's what the Bible says about the value of well-chosen words: "A loud answer turns from anger, but a strong word raises anger." – Proverbs 15: 1

In light of the above, rather than using words to hurt, abuse, relieve, hurt, disgust, misguide, demoralize, use, curse, humiliate, disgust, spend and hate – use words to cure , praise, compliment, beautify, respect, direct, motivate, cleanse, bless, educate, rescue, build and love. Certainly, the result of using equal use or applying positive words in our daily relationships with each other is very useful and pleasing to humanity. because by doing so we can actually conquer desperation with hope, hatred with love, ineffectiveness, wickedness with compassion, dirt with purity, injustice with righteousness, weakness with strength, division with unity, selfishness with generosity, fear of faith, corruption with integrity, war with peace and very bad evil. Simply put well-chosen words, you can become a vendor of hope in a world filled with fear, doubt and anxiety.

Moreover, the continued cultivation and salvation of such worthy hopes is much better than just complaining about the wrong part of this world and virtually nothing to change them. Of course, you can become part of the solution to the problems that break many nations by making a conscious and thorough effort to choose your words wisely and carefully by knowing that these words will definitely have a positive and lasting impact on you and the people you interacts with each day. And while you are on it, do not hesitate to encourage, encourage or encourage those around you to continue imitating these significant activities until our world becomes the web site of positive words. Imagine what a beautiful world would be!

Allow me to improve it quickly, like God Almighty who creates all heavenly and earthly things, created us in his image and likeness of words, so we all have the ability to create the world and determine our destiny by words, as well … So let your cures and do not hurt!
Let your words …
… focus on positive
… herald truths
… widespread love
… cultivate peace
… enrich life
… experiencing souls
… providing solutions
… maintaining justice
… empowering people
… united nations
… giving hope
… create wealth
… apply wisdom
… share knowledge
… spread joy
… violation barriers
… beyond expectations
.. open doors
… meet needs
… embryo
… encourage patience
… show courage
… embrace charity
… confirmation homosexuality
… honor humanity
… raise happiness
… introduce happiness
… express gratitude
… express sympathy

… ehf ce success
… obedience holiness
… create ideas
… improve value
… send courage
… reserve civilization

But most importantly your words promise and worship god ever .


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