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Psychology research has shown the destructive effect of negative self-learning on the immune system in the body. The same studies have shown that the immune system strengthens with positive self-esteem and emotions.

Say you're like tens of millions of people who continue to use negative self-esteem throughout the day. Negative confirmation like "I'm not good", "I'll never succeed," "Life's hard," "I'm just not lucky" along with the negative emotions that such words can cause consequences for the depression of biochemicals that help you to ask for an infection.

A fascinating addition to science biochemistry about self-esteem and emotions is the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto. He developed a process in which he investigates the effects of thoughts, emotions, prayer, plans, energy, music and anything that can cause energy pressure in the development of water crystals. Photographs and words on glass can change the crystallization of the water.

Negativity produces photographs of strange and rather "ugly" water crystals. Water taken from the same source at the same time, then bathing over or holding hands on the positive intentions, forming beautiful watercolor photographs.

If you are not aware of Dr. Masaru Emoto to work with watercolor photography, I recommend using your favorite search engine to see some beautiful images. There are also videos showing how he takes photographs of his beautiful crystals.

While I Can not Evaluate Dr. Emoto work scientifically, I can tell you that before and after pictures of water crystals are dramatic.

The human body is about 70% water. If Dr Emoto is accurate, it affects the water in your body how you feel about yourself, how you speak to yourself.

A powerful method of editing a negative message you've provided brings together Dr Emoto's information and a professional tool called Healing Silk. Healing Silks are made with fractals found in nature, such as those seen in the nautilus shell.

When taking a fascinating silk with hydraulic pressure, put it over a glass of water and state your confirmation, vibration, cure, and what you want to change in the water.

During the day, take a sip of the energy water and allow the vibration of the confirmation to go into each cell of the body. When looking at Healing Silk, the vibration also sounds within you, further encoding your confirmation within you.

The key to drinking the water is not just the vibration of Healing Silk and the confirmation, but the fact that every time you take a sweat, you are preventing your intent. Your mind is concentrating on positive, changing your previous negative self-esteem.


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