Planning and goal setting for artistic creativity – message for scared

Planning and Landscaping? Are you just mentioning these twins who make your magic night?

I know that many successful artists have used dark art of planning and targeting for their benefit. But I'm sure many thoughts about putting some sort of creativity on their minds are enough to make them shrug and shake the corner (metaforically, I hope).

If you can identify with the above, this article is for you.

What about planning to be so scary and often so offroduktiv for so many?

Well, lots.

At the beginning, fearful fear which places some kind of limit on your folder and sends it flying to cover. We all do not all know that our creative mouse is sensitive and whimsical being that only visits when she is good and ready when she is right?

This instinctive fear is often backed by bad experience . Once you've tried to organize or set goals, it just has not worked. Here are some typical negative answers –

  • You've been completely frozen and can not even go near what looks like creative work. You are postponing and completely closed. It's awful when it happens and no surprise that you do not want to do anything else to do planning or targeting if you've done it.
  • You'll find a failure – because every goal you set can not be guided. You end up focusing on what you failed to accomplish rather than what you've achieved and constantly feeling bad about you and your artistic skills.
  • You find unimaginable and very unpleasant threats.

And then there is the image of objectives and planning. It seems quite cold and logical – the opposite of creative thinking. That's what people do in business (horror!) And even if you're in business and using a planning tool, you really do not want to limit your creative freedom by moving it into this part of your life.

And finally you may have no idea how to go about it in any part of your life – and a normal way to do everything is to simply complicate.

But my message – planning and goal setting can work for you – whatever your chosen medium – it can help you create more creative events (see my article Creative Calls and Connections – Sparks and Flames of Artistic Output ), it can galvanize you to produce much more than you could have dreamed – and it can help you significantly enhance the quality of your work.

But – it must be the right type of organization. And good quality targeting. And for each of us, the answer to the question what is the right type will be different.

Freezing one person will put others in fire with driving, ambition and self-esteem.

In the next article, I will examine further the planning and objectives – I will discuss how the location seems difficult and limited. It can be gentle, savory and amazing. Now I'm asking one thing in advance – an open mind that you can improve your ability to plan and set up motivating goals for you. And that will lead you to produce a good job – and more of it.


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