Setting goals – Simple 5-minute tools to measure soap and weed in the garden of your life

The goal for many means to make a half-hearted attempt at new resolutions in early January. Oh, they try to do their best but soon give up. And another little piece of self-esteem dies too. It does not have to be this way, and in this article we will describe simple dual-use tools that you can use to improve your chances of success.

Part 1 of this tool is "awareness" and "# 39; Personal Development Books often talk about getting more aware – living in & nbsp; now It's easy to write about what does these words mean in everyday life? using symbolic horticulture to explain this better You are the gardener You are free to choose what kind of garden to create. What is your next step?

Experienced gardeners have become so by watching the environment where they are gardening. For example, weather and soil quality will seriously affect the type of grass, flowers or vegetables that can be successfully grown in a particular garden, in certain parts of the world. Gardists know this and work within their limits and limits which sets nature and their environment.

In the context of your "Life Garden", this suggests that before planting a new seed goal, you would do It's a good idea to understand more about the environment you should plan. This means you have to roll up your sleeves and go to your garden regularly! Notice what's growing well and what's in trouble. Ask yourself why is it so? Sometimes you do not get an easy or quick answer because the reason why one type of flower blooms easily and another fails is by no means clear.

Part 2 of this tool involves some real gardening. Find a quiet and safe place where you will not be disturbed for about 5 minutes. No television. Turn off your mobile phone. This may even be late in the evening or early morning if you have children to take care of! When you're in this private space, shut down, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Hold on for a short while, then slowly release. Never training. Take two deep breaths.

Imagine you are in a short walk in the garden of your life, as it has been last year. Notice the grass, the flowers, the butterflies and the fallen leaves. You could have a favorite spot in that garden. Go there Looking forward to the review. Is something you do not like this garden? Some flowers you want to change? Weed you want to pull? Dead grass that needs to be replaced?

(Please pass all temptations to throw them over the neighbor's frame! Sometimes you can build compost and create natural fertilizers.)

You might be doing the work alone or there might be another gardener in place. me a helping hand. See or feel or hear the changes that start to occur. Now it's time to go to your yard and go back outside. You can enjoy visiting the other day. There is probably more gardening to do than you have done a good start. Relax that knowledge.

Take a few deep deep breaths like before and open your eyes. You're done. There is no need to analyze or understand something about your experience. Often times gardeners just park for the love of it. And then you should.


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