Thomas Nagel and his article about death

Thomas Nagel begins his collection of essays with a fascinating debate about death. Death is one of the obvious important issues of reflection, but Nagel takes an interesting approach as he tries to identify the truth about whether death is or does not harm him. Nagel does a great job in addressing this issue from all sides and perspectives, and it's only possible that he does this in order to make his own observations more reliable.

He begins by looking at the most common beliefs of death that most of the world holds and tells us that he will talk about death as "unequivocal and lasting end of our existence" and look directly at nature from the dead itself (1). The first point of view that Nagel decides to discuss is the point of view that death is bad for us because we need more life. Most people are of the opinion that life is good; although some experiences in life can be bad and sometimes tragic, life itself is very positive. Nagel also adds that when life experience is set aside, this situation is still positive and not simply "neutral" (2).

Nagel goes further to point out important observations on the value of life. It can not be said that "organic survival" is a part of value (2). Nagel gives an example of death and is dead before he dies. Both of these conditions would be as bad as circumstances. Another observation is that "like most things" can increase the value over time (2).

Now, what's bad about death, instead of what's good about life, but Nagel presents some obvious thoughts about this issue. Life is good because we have the conscious ability to experience and appreciate all that life has to offer. So death is bad because we lack this experience, not because real mortality is bad for us.

The next point Nagel does is that there are certain clues that show how people do not object to death simply because it "involves a long time that is not available" (3). It is said that people would not look at the temporary "suspension" of life as a terrible misfortune, because the fact that it is temporary tells us that this will strongly lead the state back to the conscious life. Also, we do not look at the situation before being born as a misfortune or deprivation of life because life has not yet begun and, as Nagel says later, he rejects the possibility that the man might be born earlier and had more life by if that individual was born significantly earlier, he would stop being that person, but instead someone else completely.

Nagel addresses three problems. The first is the view that no evil people who are not rooted in a human being consciously "think" these evil ones. Nagel puts this perspective in an easier way by saying that this is the same as saying that "what you do not know can not hurt you" (4). There are some examples that can describe this theory. People who think this way would say it's not harmful for a man to be behind him if he does not know. If he does not try evil, it's not bad for him. Nagel believes this view is wrong. The other natural discovery here is that it's bad to betraying, that's what makes the whole situation unfortunate; not because the discovery of this fraud makes us unhappy.

The other problem is what has to do with any material damage caused by death, and whenever this happens. Damage can be a person for death, nothing can be experienced after death, so when death itself is perceived as harmful? The third problem is about excitement and birth.

Considering good or bad elements of death, Nagel observes that we need to look at potential circumstances related to death and the related history of death. This is important because we miss a lot of relevance to the arguments if what we only believe is a state person at the moment of death. Nagel gives an example of a very intelligent person who has an injuries that causes him to repeat his child's mental capacity. His needs can be adequate like infants and kept happily as long as simple needs are met. His family and friends would look at this as a terrible misfortune, though the man himself is not aware of his loss. This situation is unfortunate because the deprivation of what might have been had not been injured in this way. He might have gone to achieve great things for the world and his family and survived his life through old age as an adult and excited person. This would have led him to much happiness but it can be seen that this same man in the state of mental ability to match a child is also happy but Nagel agrees that what happened to this person is a tragedy because of the terrible loss of life that intelligently One could have led. This situation can be referred to death in a way of thinking about deprivation. Death is bad because he robs you of what might be.

After making these comments, Nagel says that "this issue should convince us that it is arbitrary to limit products and defects that can be acceptable to a person to unconventional qualities that he can at certain times" (6). There are infinite circumstances and acts that occur that affect a person or misfortune. Many of these never coincide directly with human life. We have to consider that there is no way to determine the exact state of misfortune in a person's life, nor the way to define origin. People have dreams and goals in life that may or may not be fulfilled. There is no way to find all the circumstances and possibilities that determine whether these aspirations and dreams are actually fulfilled or not, but Nagel tells us that we simply have to agree that "If death is evil then it must be clear in these terms and impossible to find it in life should not spoil us "(7).

There are some who view the time before birth and time after death as the same. We are in touch, but Nagel argues there is a difference. This whole essay has issued his exact opinion that, although we do not exist in both cases, death will kill us the time we could have lived our lives.

Nagel makes an interesting examination of whether we can assign events or aspects of life that are normal to humans in general. We all know we will all die and the maximum amount of life is somewhere around 100 years. So is it still likely that this is a misfortune? He also gives examples of clouds that are blind. It's not a mischief that the cloud is blind because they are all blind and they will never know the sight and can appreciate it. But Nagel also presents examples of situations where everyone goes through six months of pain and anguish before they die. Everyone knows that this is happening, but does it mean that something is safe to fear and fear?

We have entered this world and led to elements of our lives that we thank. The deprivation of these things we learn to evaluate is a misfortune because we have learned to live with these privileges. It is impeccable for a person to understand the concept of definite life, in the real sense of understanding. We do not think about our lives now that presented a plan or final series of events. We do not live day by day thinking about what we should do according to how much time we have understood. Our lives are essentially an open sequence of good and bad situations and possibilities. Death is a sudden pause of this order we can not help but being in a mentality will never end. This is how death is deprived, and quite bad for man.

The conclusion is that Nagel offers a good argument in the essay about the death of death himself to be harmful. Whether you believe in immortal life or not, it must still be seen that dying cares for products and experiences of life. This view looks inevitable. The person who dies at the age of 92 has lived fully to the best of his ability and has experienced more than someone who dies at the age of 32. A person who dies at the age of 32 had many things he wanted to experience and experience in his life, and since death has taken all the potential for one of these goals to overcome and reduces all the work he has put forward to date Period in search of his goals, Death is a terrible tragedy for him.

Work Quoted
Nagel, Thomas. A dead question. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1979.


Row: Great Cross-Training Exercise

What do you do when you want to work out but you have to break from your normal heartline? Indoor redness is a great choice. If you're in power training, it's a mess for you. This article discusses the basics of starting to break.

Probably the only indoor series that is worth using is the Concept 2 Rowing Ergometer ("erg" for short). Yes, there are other row machines, but nobody takes them seriously. Idea 2 is the gold quality. The current model is D and E (slightly higher of the floor). The biggest model is C, which was the only one for many years. (I have one, loves it and would not do it for D for anything!)

If you have access to a lot of fun and are calm, learn the right technique from the beginning. It's easier to learn it properly than to unlearn the mistakes that people generally make when trying to ride on their own. If a teacher in your gym knows very calmly, this is ideal because you get good teaching and correction. Years of textbooks have shown me that correction is necessary.

If you do not have a bad or personal instruction, go to Website 2. A 5-minute photo teacher rows technology step by step and repeats the steps clearly and slowly.

It's also a "bad finder". Enter your location, the type of facilities you want (eg health and fitness center) and the distance you're ready to travel. You get a list of clubs with addresses and the number of available ergs there. You may want to call to confirm the information. (When I watched the bad thing in my prayers, the company I taught for many years was registered as just 1 erg, it was wrong.

Once you've learned to calm, you can enjoy your workout today. You can choose a short time 30 minutes), medium (40-45 minutes) or long (60+ minutes). It is available on the web site daily – or can even be delivered to your mailbox. [19659002] Some things to keep in mind:
Rowing is not a secondary body activity, it's a full body activity that emphasizes bone power. A sliding seat was added to the 1870 shaving brush to maximize the lower body strength. The best advice I've heard about this was from a rocket coach who ran the American team: The weapon is a thought. "

• Row has a specific education line. At first, it may be annoying to not have enough power in your stroke to reach a high heart rate It will change with exercises. Believe me, heart rate can go very high, usually higher than cycling.

• Due to the educational process, newcomers often use a higher damper than necessary. The panel opens the drum to air, increase resistance. However, the professionals use moderate mode and exert effort by accelerating speed at the start of the stroke (power).

• The most common mistake bends your knees too soon after you complete the stroke. (This will perceive after viewing the video or receiving some instruction.) It is almost normal and can be difficult to correct. One effective correction is to quit and hold for 2 seconds after you have lengthened your arms before you run your knees. Repeat with each stroke for a few minutes.

• Row should NOT be live again. Turning your shoulder slightly forward will take part in the core and protect your back. Bones again are more likely to get injured.

It can take time to learn to keep steady and consistent. My coach always said that the calming character of the building: With each stroke, your computer tells you that you are in a malfunction [butkeepitupuntil19659002] Working with speed feels like moving meditation. Professionals do persistent efforts even look relaxed and meditate.

So it's a character-building, reflective, but exciting alternative to cycling or other cardio. I think you are. You may even find yourself adding it to your training on a regular basis.


A move more powerful than kissing yet is impossible to reject

According to most romantic movies, the beginning of all the heartbreaks of a federation begins with a kiss. It's a movement that has slowed efficiency and will not leave you and become vulnerable to being rejected. But let's get back to the other – the most common knowledge these days around attractive women means that if you get a comfortable contact with a woman, your physical relationship can begin.

This is a solid reason, and it follows logic, but what this little taste is like is the fact that love and feelings are not logical buildings. I offer you very different arguments for why kisses can be the beginning of relationship between husband and wife. There are two factors in kisses that make it very realistic to start a relationship and it is only because of these two factors that the traditional kiss is effective.

1. Kissing is an obvious physical exercise, it shows physical attraction for a woman. Trying to kiss her makes it unimaginable for a woman to have any questions about why you love her. You can flirt with a girl all night, but it can be harmless and fun. Kissing is an obvious movement. She can no longer deny that she did not know what was happening.

2. Kissing is a physical exercise that allows her to receive if she shares her attraction. Now you're no longer trying to seduce or get it. You are no longer in separate teams, you end up in the same team.

The process of the two people coming together in the same group with mutual attraction is called it at the moment. When you think about it, this is precisely why most "traditional" methods of trying to attract a woman do not work. Asking a woman for her phone number is not currently because her number is not physical. On the other hand, just touch a woman and get it well with your touch, do not create it right now because she does not touch you again – it's not reciprocal.

I'm sure every time you go to the club, you'll see a ton of boys grind women on the dance floor, just to watch those same women join the moment later without even saying goodbye. Why did she leave? Because in spite of their contact or how aggressive these guys thought they were, they did not create a mutual physical moment with her. There was no connection, and more importantly there was no obvious movement to show his attraction. That way, she probably will not even remember dancing with him at the end of the evening. Here's what you've been asking, what motion is MORE stronger than kissing and so secretive that she'd never be able to deny you?

Useful handshake

Useful handshake is so powerful because it creates a "new pair" type of feeling inside it. Endorphins? Check. Dopamine? Check. You are now officially in the same team. You are working together. This is what a new couple does naturally to each other; play with each hand, etc. This stunning moment also makes it more likely that she will continue to fulfill future physical elevation and requests; Conveniences based on mutual boys speed up on its security while it's physical. So how do you use this to create it at the moment?

It's very easy …

1. Take her hand
2. Hold it for a few seconds
3. Start sliding your hand until she kills her hand again.

The key is that you want a quick transition from your hand to your hand. The reason you do not hold her hand for too long is because women associate "continue" with the need for men. Instead, just let your hand open and give her the opportunity to pull away or wipe your hand. Keep in mind that holding hands will not create the same powerful feeling that mutual hands bears.

This is the easiest and best way to get it right now. It's because the easiest parts of the body to make it comfortable to touch are your hands. Think about it. The woman is not going to just start randomly to wipe her feet. Most guys spend all their time worrying about touching it. Instead, it helps her use you.

By holding our hand first, we are just in a hurry for the moment to get along with mutual thinking. Do not be the average guy who understands this moment in an opportunity. Remember, it's up to you to make this moment happen.

What if she does not take my hand or pull my hand away?

Unlike kiss and return, if she does not take your hand, you can simply ignore it and try again later. You see that its rejection of your proprietor's progress can never really be realized unless you acknowledge that you seek to escalate and failed. Compared to everything or nothing, you're kissing her – there's simply no comparison with mutual handshake because these are the only possible outputs!

1. She draws her hand away, you know you have some work to do before trying again – but not making mistakes, this will always work as a right measure at an interesting level in you.
2. If she does not pull her hand away, but is not wiping you back yet – you're in a good position! She is near and close to her edge to be completely between you two.
3. It is consistent to follow. Congratulations, it's official!

Here's more thought about the advantages of kissing hands:

* You get absolutely more chances to be easier than kissing
* You do not have to create a perfect moment there which can be tested.
* Useful handshake is easier to do with other people around
* You do not have to get it alone first
* If you get resistance, it requires absolutely no malfunction – it's a proven test where you are two
* It does not reduce excitement and hold you in a courage

Women's hands never let go.

Women with little interest will go as far as to let you try to kiss them. Of course, she will turn and give you the sanctuary. She may even pretend to be shy so she does not hurt your feelings. But one little woman with little emphasis will NEVER do a mutual hand to stroke. You will notice that she will not really think of your hands again when you take care of her. She has no point in laughing, smiling and keeping eye contact with you. That's because all of this is easy to fake. Mutual handwriting is the only one that is not. It will repulse it.

Handwrong is something that only people who really like each other make (ie, New couples). And if she does not like you, the lack of a handshake back will be a deadly dead enlightenment that you have a woman who is not very drawn to you. That's why you always go to her hands first. Because I have a secret for you. Given the time and repetition of the method above – As long as it's still around … It's currently unavoidable!

When you've created it right now, follow the above, ALL the scene is now open to you and all the doors for interacting with the NEXT level have been open.


How to cut 3 pounds in an hour before the wrestling is appropriate

An enthusiastic mare, high school and college, as well as being highly physical and talented sport, is a game of weight. To gain a strength of 160 pounds of people, but a physical deal, by struggling, a man with a 145 pound strength, gaining weight to level up your opponent is a normal job. There is nothing illegal about it, we are not talking steroids or any physical side effects. We are talking to managing the body to achieve the goals your mind has set.

In addition, science is gaining weight. Doing it wrong or too soon as you lose not only your advantage, but you will give the opponent a great advantage by wiping and losing strength. You get the game tired and late, the exact opposite effect you were pursuing.

Let's get one straight before we start, you can not lose 3 lbs of body fat for 1 hour, unless you have cut down appendage and that's not an option. However, you can lose 3 lbs of total weight by losing water weight. Remember biology 101, the body could be considered as 75% water, depending on the physical structure of the individual. The more the person is the greater the difference between the water weight than the muscle person, for example.

What we are trying to do is release the body of water (fluid), which means less body weight is. So how do we do this safely?

The first thing we have to address is our diet, and I'm not just talking healthy, I'm talking to eating sodium-free. Salt, is the only reason why a healthy man keeps water. There are other health reasons that cause the preservation of water, but those that do not apply in our case.

Therefore, if we eliminate as much salt from the body as possible, the body reduces resistance to losing fluid from facilitating water weight through perspiration.

Perspiration if you remember, the natural activity of the body will cool when the temperature rises above normal. Therefore, we must create heat to raise the temperature of the body and force it to cool with sweating.

There are probably many different methods, some complex like a water spill that causes a constant urine to dissolve fluid, but we will use an old, proven and proven method. Sweating.

Dress up warm clothes like sweat shirt and sweat pants. You notice that I use the plural form of shirt and trousers because you put on layers of these clothes, at least two layers and three if possible.

Be sure to wear a hat of any kind, preferably a winter cap, as the body gets rid of high heat through your head. We do not want to take place in this situation. We want to keep as much internal heat as possible.

Practice vigorously for at least 10 minutes. This can be jogging, either in place or around the gym, jumping rod, whatever you feel comfortable, but it will work well.

After you have a good sweat, shut down and have someone wrap yourself in a blanket or wrap. This causes body temperature to remain high after exercise, which will continue to reduce fluid by sweating.

After 20 minutes, you must wear and weigh. You have probably lost more than three pounds, but if you do not have time to correct with dry clothes and repeat the procedure.

As with any radical or sudden changes in the body there are arguments related to this method. Never perform this procedure alone. Always have a coach or a football manager with quick access to a coach, with you always. By weight, hydrites with drinks like Gatorade that are high in electrolysis.


How Tennis Coaches Can Automate Their Programs

In this article, I'm going to show tennis coaches how they can automate and then the scope of the training program.

I hope the month is good for you and your application.

I would like to say this again.

If you do not have enough students spend more of your time on sales.

Before you can make these recommendations today, I will give you.

"You need to build your personal trainer program by filling up your cord with tons of features, enabling you to connect with them, get them involved and expand your application with referrals and messages. "

Ok, let's talk about the next step for your personal training program.

How to measure and then automate your program?

With paid membership pages and web pages.

You can and should outsource these activities and events so you can focus on your strength and let others take care of the rest for you.

Start collecting all the data from your students and then send them free information to help them play tennis.

I would not sell anything on the front of this funnel, just give as much information as you can, you can put money on its backside.

Once you have spoiled them for a few months, start making your deals.

Make sure they are great deals too on time and right students.

I'm talking about paid membership, affiliate products, online training plans online and many more.

I love membership pages yourself, because you can really make $ 1 million with just 1 membership page, if you set it up correctly!

And you can do that by sitting on the ass at home, which makes it even better.

The idea here is simple.

Keep trading dollars when you become older as a coach and start trading dollars for your products.

That means you should have an eBook, books and DVD.

Now, get your cash flow for up to 6 numbers as soon as you can.

Focus on investing your money back into your entire business and putting it all on automation from there.

"There should be a business plan for all tennis coaches or coaches who read this post."

With the internet.

You can really have a personal training plan that makes 1 million, without walls!

Yes, I mean it and I've seen it with my own eyes !!

I am currently trying to do it with my company.

Okay, stay there today and I will talk to you next month.

Be great guys!


7 ways to increase your earnings for a chiropractic exercise without increasing your cost

We are all looking for ways to increase revenue and get a low cost. It is given. But we do not want to spend more money to do that. Many times people start with more companies (chiropractor who invests in a subway contract is a bad idea. Focus on healing and caring for your patients.) Or switch to a new specialty because they were not good enough in the specialty they were in. . [19659002] Worse is buying new equipment that after a few months sets up dust while you're still paying for it. Here are some tips on how to increase revenue at your job with little to no additional costs in your job.

Let's explore some ways to increase your sales without increasing your marketing costs.

  • Bundle products and services in bundles that patients can purchase. When you create packages of products and services in bundles that are created to solve problems, you will help patients see the value in the package you are offering. You must be able to sell more than one product or service at a time.
  • Use Opportunity Apex as a product and service policy. The opportunity is a 3 to 7 tier pyramid that places your products and services at different prices. Level 1 is free, Level 2 is $ 100 to $ 300, Level 4 is $ 301 to $ 500, Level 5 is 501 to $ 1000.00, Level 6 is $ 1000 to 1500, Level 7 is 1501 to 2500.00. Tare kind of product placement policy allows you to have an upsell and downsell path in your business. It also allows the patient to select products and services at levels that they are pleased to purchase.
  • Upsells / Cross-Sells – Using upsells and cross-sells in your business can earn you more money. When someone buys one of your products, give them a higher price version of the same product or related product. The higher price version of the same product may include training or supplement. Example: someone buys an eBook from you to eat healthy. Before the final issue, they offer the same accounting as well as training for higher prices. Or give them a related product, such as a cookbook for a healthy recipe. Many times people will pick you up at your auction and you have only increased your sales amount.
  • Sales Compensation – Empty the extras in the back. Everyone wants healthcare professionals to recommend which supplement they should buy. As part of the oral process, questions about dietary supplements are being asked and what types they take; you can recommend add-ons that are better for those with higher rate of absorption. Do not try to cry if they say they are taking Centrum or any of the shelf supplements. You can pack a supplementary line of products and services to add value to the service you provide. You want better sleep. Here is my Sleep Easy package. You have oxygen flow here is my oxygen area. Have an additional study as part of the oral procedure in patients. You can store a small directory of extras in your exercises and offer them the option of ordering online reservations that will be transferred free of charge to their houses.
  • Reward Patients for Referrals – The Council own sales representative in the form of a partner. The award of patients referring to your business. You could give them gift cards to Starbucks, full-delivery gift cards, free adjustments or discounts on add-ons. Give patients additional motivation for outstanding results that help patients get to refer to new businesses for you and create loyal patients.
  • Contact with with previous customers – Use email marketing and social media to contact your patients. People who know you and trust you are more likely to buy from you again. 65% of the purchase decision is based on the relationship you have with the patient.
  • Offer Guarantee – People are much more likely to buy a product if they know they can get their money back if they are unhappy with it. How will this increase sales? Most likely you will get a lot more sales than few refunds you have to make. People want security before they buy. Do not get worried about giving people their money back. If you focus on worrying about repayments, you must attract those who want to complain and want their money back. When you are providing valuable services and concentrating on helping people, you rarely need to repay any of their money.

If you notice, none of the above methods cost you little or no money, except for additional fees and patience for patients. Here's more to make more money to help more people!


Basic course for long jump

All coaches and jumpers should have some understanding of the basic biological principles. It helps to learn and understand the event.


In theory, this would mean the faster speed we can get in the approach, the higher the speed and the distance. On the other hand, we require a height in the air to get the best take-off angle and this means we have to have time to produce enough power for vertical speed too.

Many younger jumps are unstable to produce this vertical component if they run too fast and produce low skimming jumps, reaching less distance than they would have if they had run more slowly or with a shooter.


With a long jump, PLACING the jump leg provides a front center of gravity to slow down the speed. This reflex strength is absorbed by the support feet and, if strong strong, returns as spring, now partly vertically, into the air.

In order for this transition to take place, runners tend to sink slowly over the last one step and tend to gain time to boost more motivation and make a change in directional speed from horizontal to vertical easier to cover.

Personal comments: In my opinion, based on a training session for 30 plus years, this is sinking & # 39; occurs naturally and should not be trained. After seeing and filming / videoing countless jumpers during these last three steps to the runway, this will sink without much thought from jumper. The sink is a natural reaction when it prepares to tilt all the horizontal speeds reached on the runway in vertical inclination.


The short time that a long jumper has on the table limits its ability to develop power. This 0.11-0.13 second is "all the time." They must develop vertical value by extending the support and ankle and to create power from a strong build of tension and equilibrium.

Long jumpers need rapid nervous system responses to face vertical stimulation in such short periods of time.

NOTE: When a special drill has been introduced, practiced and understood, short work instructions from 4-10 steps need to be high speed. This will lead to educating your body's nervous system to respond very quickly in a short period of time.

4. Transmission of Mammal

Body parts [arms and legs] can form momentum [mass x velocity] in a certain direction that is reflected in the amount and direction of the body as a whole. When we are in contact with the ground at the beginning, we need to use a faster, shorter rod so that we support the instant side by using bent knees and normal swings with a bent hand. Short rods are fast and powerful although long handles are more powerful but not necessarily faster.


The angle of a long jump is a compromise between the need for horizontal speed and the need for height. Horizontal speed reduces the time on the table and therefore the time to reach the height. In the case of the younger jumper, too high speed is often the cause of poor jumps because there is little time or no time to get the best starting angle.
We look at angles between 18 ° and 22 °. This angle is measured from C by G.

6. The Center's Vertical Noise

Theoretically thought to be at a maximum so that ground contact is lost when C of G crosses the support foot. This never happens. The faster the approach is more likely, C of G is to be in front of the support foot and, the lower it may be.

Of course, have a higher jumper advantage. All movements that raise the limb at the beginning also raise C by G. Thus, the fully extended and raised lap foot, high loads on the free thigh and arms that are safe to assist in this direction.


I really think it's important for a horizontal jump coach to be aware of these key biological concepts. Understanding them can only increase the training process.


How to train young children in sports

People should understand that when I say infants "teenagers", I'm very mean "playing with young children when talking to children under the age of seven. Of course, really take a sport and be ready to try training instructions and that's okay, but the training of children in too young age is not necessary.

Having said there are many things parents can do to help young children be prepared for organized sports. Before parents start playing with young children in sports, it's important that they develop their children's interest in sports. This can be done in a variety of ways, including watching games, watching sports on TV, parents playing sports and talking about sports at home. These suggestions show interest in sports, which is essential for guiding young children. When children see the interests of adults for something, they admit that something like being a little mom E is important and special. Often the interest is infectious and the children will play and want to be around the sport more. To maintain interest, it is important that parents play sports with young players when the children want and as long as the children wish. Adults should try not to finish the play whenever possible.

When an interest is developed, it is important that parents try to show the children the right ways to implement the basics. The kids of this age will learn from what they see far more than some explanation of what to do. Parents, who can make the right foundation when playing with their children, give their children a better chance of early sports development with these right displays. This is also an additional option from attending games and watching sports on television, of course.

Next and very important is to deal with the children's patience. Training of young children in sports requires even more patience. Adequate sport skills takes years and years, so adults have patience is the necessary number necessary when training young children. Most infants have very short attention deficiencies and understandably little understanding of the fundamentals and sports strategy. Adults, especially parents who do not have high patience, should attend young children's training to others. This is easier said than done, but necessary, if parents want their children to enjoy their sports experience.

Patience when playing with kids is best demonstrated using unemotional and understanding voice. Speaking in this way is a positive parent person who is easier said than done and may need to practice on the part of a parent. It is also important for parents to understand that negative actions that display dissatisfaction with child actions are as harmful to the child's self-esteem as a negative word.

Here are some other suggestions that help children young children in sports:

1. Always think about security. The great interest of a child to play sports was driven by injury from physical injury during a game. Using the safest devices with young children is worth noting players & # 39; development.

2. Learn how to do the most fun to prevent boredom from entering. Parents can consult a coach, look at a line, read books, watch a tutorial and introduce special training centers for fun ideas.

3. If parents consider the need to give some basic financial advice, just keep it short and short. Do not dominate your children too much and too often teaching.

4. Do not cross the kids before they get the chance to build trust but some basic competition is okay.

5. As mentioned, the variety of games may be good for maintaining fun and fun, but parents should be away from any boring or powerful exercises for children under seven years of age.

Finally, all the kids are different so parents and coaches should use good judgment with each child. What may work to play with one child can be nothing but fun for each child to be a priority for guiding young children in sports.


10 steps to effective communication

At the root of all successful leaders there is a high level of communication skills. Yes, there have been leaders who have risen to the highest position and did not have the talent, but they probably did not last long. This item was shown recently when I listened to the NPR program for the failure of the big banks on Wall Street. When parliamentarians grieved managers from these agencies about why they did not get risky investments that were made as a very mistake, their answers were the same and quite simple – we did not know. It was their job to know and either nobody told them or they did not get it in the data they had access to. No flags were raised; nobody asked so nobody said. This is indeed a communication digestion that had far-reaching negative consequences.

What is communication? Communication in life is the highlight of all successful and not so well-connected relationships. According to Webster's dictionary, communication is defined as a process of transferring information from one person to another. Communication technologies are symbolic interactions between two at least two drugs, which convey icons and semi-rigorous rules. Communication is generally defined as "import or split thoughts, opinions or information by speech, writing or sign". Although it is like loneliness, communication can better understand communication as a bilateral process that transforms and advances thoughts, emotions, or ideas (energy) towards mutual goals or policies (information).

Why is communication important? Often times we have a message we want to communicate with or we want the recipient to understand our message in the same sense as we transfer it. For example, take a business needs to raise the cost of health insurance. Often times, this is passed through a written document to employees during an open registration period. The employee's reaction is usually angry with the company to enable them to pay more money for health protection. The miss here is that the company is not sharing as much information as they should help an employee understand how the cost of health insurance coverage affects the company and its contribution too. A company should provide an employee with an overall benefit report at that time so that all employees can see how much the company invests in it as an individual. Giving every employee a clear, individualized image and then telling an employee the cost is raising would change how the message was received. There may be anger, but it will focus on the right culprit to raise costs, which are the insurance companies and the medical and not the employer. Effective communication helps to keep the messages active to achieve their goals and help to get relevant answers from the reader of the message. Effective communication helps companies communicate well with their customers and employees; Sending information effectively helps to avoid conflict that may be caused by misunderstandings.

4 types of communication. I used to work with someone I referred to as "chit-chatter". He walks into the hall every day and hits doors and says, "Do you have a minute?" After an hour and a half later he is still sitting. Body language could help prevent this activity without having to be rude or pending. "Do you have a minute?" He started walking in the door before I would answer and I would throw my hand into a "stop" "Now can I get you to my calendar for later today?" His answer always was, "Oh. No, I just came to say hello." This only gesture changed the whole movement in the conversation. There are 4 types of communication that exist in our lives: verbal, non verbal, written and visual.

Verbal Communication: Verbal communication is audio, word, language and spoken. Languages ​​are believed to originate from sounds and gestures. There are many languages ​​spoken in the world. Fundamentals of language formation are: gender, grade, profession, geographical area, age group and other social factors. Speech is an effective means of communication and is again classified into two types of viz. human relations and public speaking. Good verbal communication is an integral part of business communication. In business you will find people from different ages, cultures and races. Floating verbal communication is essential for dealing with people in business communities. Business confidence also plays an important role, which can lead to success when a company with extensive communication skills has been achieved. Public speaking is another verbal communication where you have to deal with a group of people. Preparing for an effective issue before you start is important. In public speaking, the talks must be ready according to the type of audience you are dealing with. The content of your speech should be authentic and you must have enough information about the content you have chosen for public statistics. All key elements in your speech must be identified and these items must be delivered in the correct order. There are many methods of public address and these methods must be practiced for effective speech.

Mental Communication: Mental communication involves physical communication, such as voice, touch, smell and body movement. Creative and aesthetic, non-verbal communication including singing, music, dance and sculpture. Symbols and symbols are also included in verbal communication. Body is not verbal communication. Physical status and physical communication convey a lot of information. Body status is important when communicating with you orally. Folded arms and crucifixes are some of the messages that the body position gives. Physical touch, like shaking hands, pushing, clapping and touching expresses a sense of intimacy. Facial expressions, gestures and eye contact are all different ways of communicating. Reading passwords can help you get to know a person better.

Written communication: Written communication is writing the words you want to communicate with. Good written communication is necessary for commercial purposes. Written communication is practiced in many different languages. E-mails, reports, articles and memos are some ways to use written communication in business. Written communication can be modified and modified many times before it is sent to another person for whom the communication is intended. This is one of the main advantages of using writing as the main means of business communication. Written communication is used not only in business but also in informal communication. Mobile phone SMS is an example of informal written communication.

Visual Communication: The latest communication technology based on four types of communication is visual communication. Visual communication is visual display of information, such as, landscape, photography, symbols, symbols and designs. Television and video are an electronic form of visual communication.

What is your relationship style? I'm from a family where being bones is considered a fighter. To me honesty is the best policy and the only way to be honest is to be straight. Of course, it ends up causing conflicts between me, my mother and my siblings because they would rather agree with people to their face and disagree behind the tents. My style is straight and its style is consistent (with a bit of indirect attack in my opinion, but that blog for the second time!) I have changed my style to reduce the conflict and I've learned to reach my level without slipping any feathers . Does it always work? No, but it has reduced my stress and those around me. It is critically important to know your relationship style and recognize the style of others so that you can learn to be flexible in your message without compromising it and significantly reducing the possibility of misunderstandings. I found an interesting article that had critically important information about the communication style: 21 most important words in English:

Two most important words:

Thank you

Three most important words:

19659002] All forgiven

Four most important the words:

What is your opinion

Five most important words:

You did a good job

Six most significant words:

I want to understand you better.

The smallest important word:

I "

The Band: There is nothing for effective communication until one of the parties does not listen to another. Happened to a customer at the University of Michigan's financial support office where his child is sitting Everyone he has discussed in the office since his child was the first participant there in 2009 had been short, Guidelines for Student Support. Clearly, there is a budget that exists and there is no way outside the box, who is totally disconnected from him as a recipient of financial assistance when attending university in western Michigan for many years. The perception was that the financial support church is to help students find ways to fund their education when they do not have money out of pocket to reach over all costs. University of Michigan Financial Undertakings g it is clear from their words and verbal communication that their task is to limit the amount of funding it goes to each student to meet some secret budget goals. He tried to explain this to the head of the department several times and every time she turned her around and taught him a misunderstanding of counselors or did not follow her instructions or take what was said in context. Not even did she realize she heard what my client was saying or that she would try to help him find funding to help him get $ 26,000 annual school costs. The child asked, "How can I find more money to go to school?" The counselor replied, "By marrying, having a child, walking in the army or your parents dying." He said, "None of them is a remote possibility, which he responded:" Well maybe you should have chosen a school that was more affordable for you. "His child was very hard at getting recognition to U and he made it hard to save him enough to go there. The consultant was actually communicating the Community Guidelines for Student Support to him, that's how he moved what was completely irrelevant .. was very careful and taught me the whole matter that he did not agree that this was the guide. They told him the son for more help. The last time my client had a department manager, she said, "Please accept my apology for any answers you consider inappropriate. "My client did not feel the answers were inappropriate. They totally understood the Federa l instructions, and she repeatedly and mechanically told them again and again and again, missing the team. To return the allegations to my customers and his son clearly showed that she never listened to that I was trying to tell and my client was not heard. It is a disagreeable gap between the parent and the main job of a large organization.

Control conflict: To say that my client had a conflict with U The financial support center in M ​​is underestimated. It was a great communication breakdown, I'm sure he will pay the price later – literally. However, the normal part of life is to have a conflict at home, at work, in all cases where two or more information is shared. What's the key is how we manage conflict and succeed. In the field of financial support, my client has agreed to disagree, take what they want to give and find other resources to reach the gap in teaching. The head of the office will never get what was told to her and he can live with it, that's her loss. There are many effective ways to prevent excited state and one that has been successful is to decide – what can you survive and what are you unwilling? Knowing conflicts occur and are armed with tools to control through it and solve it's keys to having the right mindset while it's happening. My client was unlucky but not private, and I guarantee he is not the first, nor will he be the last to experience a brick when it comes to U U's office. Removing the feeling and denying the situation helped make this a rational conclusion.

How your attitude affects communication: Every attitude is a combination of feelings, opinions and opinions. Behavior refers to the response or actions of an object or organism and attitude predicts behavior. Convincing relationships change attitudes, which then influence behavior that then creates a more productive environment. Persuasive communication is openly striving to persuade others to change their behavior and only works when the source is credible and reliable. To deal with trust and credibility first with your colleagues and other important relationships that you have laid on a strong foundation. Learning to clear your position, followed by supporting arguments and getting others & # 39; Contract is the key to conviction.

Giving and Receiving Feedback: Feedback is the type of communication we provide or receive. Sometimes feedback is called "criticism" but it severely limits its meaning.

Feedback is a way to let people know how successful they are in what they are trying to accomplish, or how they affect you. It allows people to learn how they affect the world around them and it helps us to become more effective. If we know how others see us, we can overcome communication problems and interact with them. Of course there are two aspects of it: giving feedback and getting it.

Receiving feedback: Some people feel the response as pure criticism and do not want to hear it. Others see it as a spiritual absolute; confirmation of their vainness. Still others will only hear praise, but nothing that may indicate imperfection. That's not the case for everyone, of course. Some people are willing to accept responses and look for it, even if it is sometimes disturbing because they believe they can grow. It depends on whether you believe that feedback will harm you or benefit you.

This is not to say that we should always accept the response or the way it is sometimes given. We all have the right to reject feedback and we can expect feedback to be given with respect and supportive treatment. But for all positive and open ways to accept responses, it's the opposite; negative and closed path that pushes back and keeps it under control.

Negative / Closed Style

Pesticides: Requires personal actions, often part of feedback given. Attacks: Oral attacks on the rebate, and turns the table. Refuses: Refuses the accuracy or fairness of the feedback. Sincerely: devalues ​​the speaker, what the speaker is saying, or speaker the right to give feedback. Closed: ignores the comments, listens irrespective of interest. Inactive listening: does not attempt to "hear" or understand the feedback. Rationalization: Finds explanations of feedback that solves personal responsibility. Patronizing: Listen, but shows little interest. Peripherals: Listening and Contracts, but indicates that the reaction will have little real impact.

Positive / Open Style

Open: Listens without frequent interference or objection. Responsible: Do you want to hear what is said without turning the table. Approves: accepts feedback without denial. Sincerely: acknowledges the value of what is said and the speaker is right to say so. Consultation: Communicate appropriately to the speaker and request clarification when necessary. Active listening: listen carefully and try to understand the meaning of the response. Reflective: tries to understand personal behavior that has led to the reaction. Interests: Is really interested in receiving feedback. Truly: Will make personal changes if applicable.

Give Opinion

The other end of feedback is to give it. Some return feedback with joy; After all, it's easier to give advice than take it. Some use tips as weapons, or offer it as a tit-for-tat. For others, feedback is a good way to be important. How you give feedback is as important as you agree, as it can be very negative. To be successful, you must be set on, sensitive and honest when giving feedback. Just as there are positive and negative methods for accepting feedback, there are also ineffective and effective ways to give it.

Ineffective / Negative Transmission

Attachment: Hard hitting and aggressive, focusing on the weaknesses of the other party. Indirect: The reactions are vague and issues are pointed out rather than directly. Immune: little concern for the needs of the other party. Compassion: The reactions are humiliating, which are insulted. Court: Reactions are assessed, judging personality rather than behavior. Generally: refers to extensive issues that are not easy to define. Bad timing: Given a long time after the incident or at the worst time. Possible: Given thoughtless, low regard to the consequences. Quite a thing: feedback meets the needs of the donor, rather than the needs of the other party.

Successful / Positive Delivery

Support: Delivered in an Accurate and Exciting manner. Direct: The focus on feedback is clearly stated. Sensitive: delivered with sensitivity to the needs of the other party. Consideration: The reaction is not intended for offensive or behavior. Descriptive: emphasizes behavior that can be changed, rather than personality. Specific: Reactions are focused on specific behaviors or events. Healthy scheduling: given as close to event as possible and anytime. Reflective: well thought rather than impetuous. Useful: Note is intended to be useful to others.

Importance of Feedback

Feedback is essential for people who want honest relationships. A powerful and important means of communication, providing feedback connects us and our behavior to the world around us.

Communication and Digital Age: There are now many ways to cause communication barriers between people; text, Facebook-ing, Twittering, instant messaging, voice mail and email to name a few. The Stephen Covey Time Management program preaches to us to be a sophisticated technology to let technology be our master. I recently went to a baseball game and when I watched the stadium, I saw people watching the sea watching their mobile phones. They were texting, taking pictures, uploading them to Facebook, talking – it was a new age of media flash. I often get instant messages from customers and potential customers asking me for detailed lifestyle changes and expecting a simple answer instead. It's hard to be an effective communicator of digital age without learning how to use this means in a convincing and appropriate way. My client has an employee who regularly breaks out of unknown email. My client constantly receives complaints about the employee who is considered to be swelling and abrasive. I advised her to sit down with the employee, show examples of relevant emails, advise her 24 hours "cold down" period, and then check the email with someone they can trust before throwing the send key. Monday later, the client announced that 9 out of 10 emails were broken before shipment. The employee then learned the skill of not responding via email to another communication that swept it. It is especially important in this economic situation as we are doing much more with much less and tension is high.

Ask yourself the following questions:

How would your professional and personal life change if you could succeed in this basic skill? Can you afford to make an investment to improve your communication? You must be surprised at the awesome turn your life will take when you learn how to communicate effectively and effectively. Did you know that the most important asset for business or customer is a successful person, someone who has the ability to influence and persuade others? Do you communicate effectively and effectively to affect others or just speak?

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Performing effective results

It's an age-old process that occurs in most organizations, big and small, known as performance reviews or performance assessments (the concept of thinking will be used primarily in this article). It is important not to provide feedback to employees too much. But doing it in the right place is a context and it is highly important to perform effective reviews of performance.

Having a performance system is important for various reasons including

  • Increasing training and guiding opportunities for managers and mentors.
  • Explains the performance criteria that are important for employees to understand equally important in their work.
  • Defining a clear basis for wage increases, promotions, clinical actions and other important job-related issues.
  • Grants for these achievements and payments are logically bound together.
  • Works as an incentive to continue focusing on improving performance.
  • Establish compliance with the organization with regard to how employees & # 39; Practical competence is measured.
  • Creates a way to clarify and complete career documents.
  • Helps to define training and development needs.
  • Assistance in linking the company's goals and objectives with employee goals.
  • Communicate important information to the employee about how they look based on the jobs they do daily.

All organizations should have some kind of transport management system. Many "systems" instead are not well defined and / or they do not include critical changes in variability (skills) that are commonly related to work.

Employers should understand that personal prevention is included in the overall attitude of employees. What many executives consider is the fact that an employee is often nothing but his own biased perception of the employee's performance.

Assessing a worker is sometimes an unnecessary process. Most organizations often misunderstand various employees. And unfortunately, many managers and mentors, who are just not good teachers and coaches, therefore, the employee does not have the opportunity to correct performance problems before performing annual performance surveys.

Adding problems related to personal bias, misunderstanding and poor training is the fact that many executive review meetings (actual meetings to review performance) are poorly controlled by the manager.

It is important to review the results seriously because it is important feedback for employees and opportunities for managers and employees to share important information. But keep in mind that formal performance tests are not even in response to employees. Appropriate and timely responses to employees are important in strengthening positive "behaviors" or receiving negative "behaviors". In short, well-managed companies do not use performance review as the only feedback mechanism. There should be regular communication between the managing director and the employee for formal review.

Some organizations prefer to use a formal review process more often than ever, and it is acceptable and may even be desirable according to the culture of the particular strain. However, formal reviews can often dilute the effectiveness of the process so it is important to consider the impact of making formal reviews more than once a year.

Usually, a more effective approach is to create a culture where regular feedback is provided without a formal review process. In this scenario, managers engage in more informal discussions about training needs, goal achievement, specially-accomplished work, successful business, etc. After needs.

With regular interviews about performance goals, the center of high technology, talented culture. These are all important to helping employees achieve their own goals and dreams and overall business environment.

An effective reassessment / evaluation system involves at least:

  • A well-defined process for recording performance through each review period. This is an important reference tool when it comes to completing the actual audit form.
  • Well-informed / trained executives / mentors in connection with how to complete audits / menus and how to conduct performance evaluation meetings with employees.
  • A properly prepared audit form that contains relevant and valid ability to measure employee performance.
  • Valid and appropriate assessment method (scale).
  • Defined goals for each employee related to the reorganization of objectives.
  • Defined review process and review process that all employees understand.
  • Justice and equity in the audit process.
  • Compliance with how employees are assessed. In other words, minimal or no bias from one employee to another.

Many organizations, large and small, use what is called demand control system. These are usually secure networks that allow you to manage all of your performance records as well as document processing. ReviewSNAP is a product that is considered to be a great performance review system. One of the main advantages of these systems is that they do not need to build or upload software on your computers. Simply log in and log in to the system from any computer with internet access.