3 facilitates and effective options or additions to your training package

One of the things I like from training is that I get creative by how I work with my clients. And I often ask them to create the program they like most and usually we can do something that works for both of us.

But in ten years I've been in the training industry, I saw a change of speed from traditional 1: 1 training at three 45-minute meetings a month for a monthly fee for meetings, training programs lasting for years, personal backwards, and much more .

And yet there are some simple ways that you can add to your current training package or offer these phone call options as an independent package that can be very seductive for your customers. Consider adding some of the options below to increase the value of the packages or offer them as an independent package, which gives them the means to work with you in affordable investment, as well as helping you as a coach to take advantage of your time.

Here are three of my personal favorites:

1. E-Training

In addition to telephone conferencing, one of the ways I train my private clients through e-training or e-mail and / or email training.

I'm convinced that email training is as powerful, if no more than phone research – and here:

When you send an email requesting help, simply write and send it creates energy that starts the process of answering comes to you – and not just my answer.

When you put problems into the world, not only start synapses in the brain start (our brain can not help but answer questions) to find a solution, but the universe begins to work to bring you a solution as well.

Why experienced coaches understand that actual training happens between the meetings.

And e-training is also just a lot easier – you do not have to organize a call, you do not have to be tied to a phone or even a computer (you can be an e-training engineer). And your client does not have to wait until their next meeting to get the support they need – they just send email!

2. Audio Coaching

For those who prefer to train by talking instead of entering here is an idea for you.

I have a private client who is eager to receive questions by email but rather answer these questions with audio. What she does is simply call the recording service (in this case AudioAcrobat, but you can register on your laptop), register her response and then send the customer the MP3 link to listen to. Simple and brilliant!

3. Video Coaching

Another option for telephone training is to offer video training. I often do this to my clients living outside of the United States, using Skype Video. It's free for both of us and it's next best to be in person.

And you could also offer video training in the same way as I described above in # 2. For example, I have a customer who would rather take a quick video because it can share screenshots, links, and more in response to her questions from the client and requests for help.

Which one of these options or add-ons in phone training could add existing packages or that you could create an independent package that you offer?


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