A move more powerful than kissing yet is impossible to reject

According to most romantic movies, the beginning of all the heartbreaks of a federation begins with a kiss. It's a movement that has slowed efficiency and will not leave you and become vulnerable to being rejected. But let's get back to the other – the most common knowledge these days around attractive women means that if you get a comfortable contact with a woman, your physical relationship can begin.

This is a solid reason, and it follows logic, but what this little taste is like is the fact that love and feelings are not logical buildings. I offer you very different arguments for why kisses can be the beginning of relationship between husband and wife. There are two factors in kisses that make it very realistic to start a relationship and it is only because of these two factors that the traditional kiss is effective.

1. Kissing is an obvious physical exercise, it shows physical attraction for a woman. Trying to kiss her makes it unimaginable for a woman to have any questions about why you love her. You can flirt with a girl all night, but it can be harmless and fun. Kissing is an obvious movement. She can no longer deny that she did not know what was happening.

2. Kissing is a physical exercise that allows her to receive if she shares her attraction. Now you're no longer trying to seduce or get it. You are no longer in separate teams, you end up in the same team.

The process of the two people coming together in the same group with mutual attraction is called it at the moment. When you think about it, this is precisely why most "traditional" methods of trying to attract a woman do not work. Asking a woman for her phone number is not currently because her number is not physical. On the other hand, just touch a woman and get it well with your touch, do not create it right now because she does not touch you again – it's not reciprocal.

I'm sure every time you go to the club, you'll see a ton of boys grind women on the dance floor, just to watch those same women join the moment later without even saying goodbye. Why did she leave? Because in spite of their contact or how aggressive these guys thought they were, they did not create a mutual physical moment with her. There was no connection, and more importantly there was no obvious movement to show his attraction. That way, she probably will not even remember dancing with him at the end of the evening. Here's what you've been asking, what motion is MORE stronger than kissing and so secretive that she'd never be able to deny you?

Useful handshake

Useful handshake is so powerful because it creates a "new pair" type of feeling inside it. Endorphins? Check. Dopamine? Check. You are now officially in the same team. You are working together. This is what a new couple does naturally to each other; play with each hand, etc. This stunning moment also makes it more likely that she will continue to fulfill future physical elevation and requests; Conveniences based on mutual boys speed up on its security while it's physical. So how do you use this to create it at the moment?

It's very easy …

1. Take her hand
2. Hold it for a few seconds
3. Start sliding your hand until she kills her hand again.

The key is that you want a quick transition from your hand to your hand. The reason you do not hold her hand for too long is because women associate "continue" with the need for men. Instead, just let your hand open and give her the opportunity to pull away or wipe your hand. Keep in mind that holding hands will not create the same powerful feeling that mutual hands bears.

This is the easiest and best way to get it right now. It's because the easiest parts of the body to make it comfortable to touch are your hands. Think about it. The woman is not going to just start randomly to wipe her feet. Most guys spend all their time worrying about touching it. Instead, it helps her use you.

By holding our hand first, we are just in a hurry for the moment to get along with mutual thinking. Do not be the average guy who understands this moment in an opportunity. Remember, it's up to you to make this moment happen.

What if she does not take my hand or pull my hand away?

Unlike kiss and return, if she does not take your hand, you can simply ignore it and try again later. You see that its rejection of your proprietor's progress can never really be realized unless you acknowledge that you seek to escalate and failed. Compared to everything or nothing, you're kissing her – there's simply no comparison with mutual handshake because these are the only possible outputs!

1. She draws her hand away, you know you have some work to do before trying again – but not making mistakes, this will always work as a right measure at an interesting level in you.
2. If she does not pull her hand away, but is not wiping you back yet – you're in a good position! She is near and close to her edge to be completely between you two.
3. It is consistent to follow. Congratulations, it's official!

Here's more thought about the advantages of kissing hands:

* You get absolutely more chances to be easier than kissing
* You do not have to create a perfect moment there which can be tested.
* Useful handshake is easier to do with other people around
* You do not have to get it alone first
* If you get resistance, it requires absolutely no malfunction – it's a proven test where you are two
* It does not reduce excitement and hold you in a courage

Women's hands never let go.

Women with little interest will go as far as to let you try to kiss them. Of course, she will turn and give you the sanctuary. She may even pretend to be shy so she does not hurt your feelings. But one little woman with little emphasis will NEVER do a mutual hand to stroke. You will notice that she will not really think of your hands again when you take care of her. She has no point in laughing, smiling and keeping eye contact with you. That's because all of this is easy to fake. Mutual handwriting is the only one that is not. It will repulse it.

Handwrong is something that only people who really like each other make (ie, New couples). And if she does not like you, the lack of a handshake back will be a deadly dead enlightenment that you have a woman who is not very drawn to you. That's why you always go to her hands first. Because I have a secret for you. Given the time and repetition of the method above – As long as it's still around … It's currently unavoidable!

When you've created it right now, follow the above, ALL the scene is now open to you and all the doors for interacting with the NEXT level have been open.


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