How to cut 3 pounds in an hour before the wrestling is appropriate

An enthusiastic mare, high school and college, as well as being highly physical and talented sport, is a game of weight. To gain a strength of 160 pounds of people, but a physical deal, by struggling, a man with a 145 pound strength, gaining weight to level up your opponent is a normal job. There is nothing illegal about it, we are not talking steroids or any physical side effects. We are talking to managing the body to achieve the goals your mind has set.

In addition, science is gaining weight. Doing it wrong or too soon as you lose not only your advantage, but you will give the opponent a great advantage by wiping and losing strength. You get the game tired and late, the exact opposite effect you were pursuing.

Let's get one straight before we start, you can not lose 3 lbs of body fat for 1 hour, unless you have cut down appendage and that's not an option. However, you can lose 3 lbs of total weight by losing water weight. Remember biology 101, the body could be considered as 75% water, depending on the physical structure of the individual. The more the person is the greater the difference between the water weight than the muscle person, for example.

What we are trying to do is release the body of water (fluid), which means less body weight is. So how do we do this safely?

The first thing we have to address is our diet, and I'm not just talking healthy, I'm talking to eating sodium-free. Salt, is the only reason why a healthy man keeps water. There are other health reasons that cause the preservation of water, but those that do not apply in our case.

Therefore, if we eliminate as much salt from the body as possible, the body reduces resistance to losing fluid from facilitating water weight through perspiration.

Perspiration if you remember, the natural activity of the body will cool when the temperature rises above normal. Therefore, we must create heat to raise the temperature of the body and force it to cool with sweating.

There are probably many different methods, some complex like a water spill that causes a constant urine to dissolve fluid, but we will use an old, proven and proven method. Sweating.

Dress up warm clothes like sweat shirt and sweat pants. You notice that I use the plural form of shirt and trousers because you put on layers of these clothes, at least two layers and three if possible.

Be sure to wear a hat of any kind, preferably a winter cap, as the body gets rid of high heat through your head. We do not want to take place in this situation. We want to keep as much internal heat as possible.

Practice vigorously for at least 10 minutes. This can be jogging, either in place or around the gym, jumping rod, whatever you feel comfortable, but it will work well.

After you have a good sweat, shut down and have someone wrap yourself in a blanket or wrap. This causes body temperature to remain high after exercise, which will continue to reduce fluid by sweating.

After 20 minutes, you must wear and weigh. You have probably lost more than three pounds, but if you do not have time to correct with dry clothes and repeat the procedure.

As with any radical or sudden changes in the body there are arguments related to this method. Never perform this procedure alone. Always have a coach or a football manager with quick access to a coach, with you always. By weight, hydrites with drinks like Gatorade that are high in electrolysis.


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