Five characteristics of sales representative

What does Real Dealmaker really look like? If you are lucky, do you have one in your group, but can you see them in the recruitment process? In my research while training, training and consulting in the construction project, I have discovered the difference between DealMakers and the poor or inconsistent artists.


There seems to be confidence that all DealMakers have in common. Below, and they are hesitant to investigate too deeply and are not strong valves. Rather than this, their borders are arrogant and are extremely difficult to train as they think they might be the best. Indeed, they do not know they know, they know that they know. Confidence and self-esteem that is too high causes impatience. They get impatient people very quickly and tend to burn people and continue. They can also be very critical and do not think for a while that this is not seen in the field of physical activity. However, they can be successful, with strong trading partners or non-nonsense investors.

Too Optimistic

In almost all cases, DealMakers were too optimistic about what they could achieve. They will shoot for the stars and expect to get them. In parallel with strong confidence, being too optimistic seems to lead to increased speed and resilience. Add optimism to someone with less confidence and you get less resilience if things do not go. It's easier to break into their balloon.

Sales Factors

These three sales activities can be measured – Continue, softer behavior and evidence of willingness to change people's minds; The Confrontation, a problem that is usually what people with technical background uses to sell; and persist, a feature where they will not give up. Needless to say, all the real DealMakers I have profiled usually have at least two of the sales songs, most are blessed with all three. But some unite some exercises with strong human skills that have a strong incentive to succeed.


Most Top DealMakers have natural sympathy. This means that people listen and trust them fast, they build relationships fast, important symptoms if you are on a dormitory. They will also be able to read the body language and know almost how and when to change their approach to reach the right conclusion. And, unlike softer & # 39; Nice Guy & # 39; Consultants, they will not let the relationship stand in the way of a contract. They have problems in advance but are very sure to help the client solve problems or obstacles.


The sale process in the construction industry is complicated. And when you add big sums of money and often people lack financial intelligence, go uncertainty and uncertainty through the roof. The average person can be invisible and needs a counselor who can guide them through the decision-making process. If a consultant is unequivocal, their approach will reflect self-esteem.

It's not uncommon for me to report someone who has the sales increase but may have a large number of uncertain answers. Listen to the language as you speak to them – they are certain or uncertain about their goals. Can they tell you exactly what they are aiming for this year. So far, I have not seen any negligence about themselves and their goals become Real DealMaker unless they become much more appropriate. If they can not tell you exactly and clearly what they want, they are likely to accept customers' wishes as well.

What they are not.

All friends. It is interesting to note that many DealMakers can rub people incorrectly. This may mean that they could be too reliable for other internal departments – remember, they will not let relationships prevent contract. But when it comes to customers, they have people skills to read what is required, and explain why they are so strong in their approach. If you do not like their approach, guess what, no matter. This attitude alone can help you take part in hiring them. Big mistake if you are looking for DealMaker.

Most DealMakers I've had in an interview were not organized, and again responded less. If they cause trouble for other departments, then their problem. DealMakers can talk out of this problem so do not tend to worry about them. Precise paperwork is simply not a priority for them.

And they are not good listeners. Indeed, they will listen to whatever they think is to lead to contracts ie. customer. But if you talk about a system, paperwork or collaboration, do not expect them to take care of or remember what you're saying.

They will care about their customers above all else, the deal is all and they will rub people up the wrong way and take care of little. Suppose you can bypass this to hire Real DealMaker?


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