Market Effects in Society – Can We Really Make The Difference?


Marketing is generally considered to be the process of promoting products and services for users. We can think of this because McDonald advertises Big Mac in such a way that we really think we really need one for lunch. This shows the ad format of the marketing mix and is an element most familiar with marketing.

Society is generally defined as the situation where community members live together for mutual benefit. Communities are more than just individuals who form the group than the sum of the group. We are all members of the community and interact with other members of that community. So what is the impact of marketing in the community?

Negative Market Relationship – They Made Me To Do It

Ever since the community left a vacation economy (I know my own food, do my own clothes and need no one else to help me) to an economy ( I will grow food to sell you, if you have to make clothes to sell me) we have had difficulty marketing our products and services to others (uh-oh, now there are two people who make clothes in my town , let me know why they should buy me). And since the first sales rate there has been a criticism of marketing; such as misleading practices, high prices, unsafe products and hypertension sales – to name a few.

But many critics go further and argue that marketing has created false errors, promoted content, created cultural pollution and allowed large companies to gain significant political power. And it is the basis of the truth for all these requirements. Firms that have not worked ethically have had a detrimental impact on the society that ethical companies must work through.

And the good?

But it's hard to deny what marketing has bought on the community too. A lot of technology at hand today is directly related to the sale of these items and continued price reductions due to presentations of computers, mobile phones, GPS navigation systems, digital cameras, MP3 players, etc. Dozens and tens of these types of products are common today, but seemed like luxury for the state a few years ago. Indeed, most people live below the poverty line in the US today better than royalty that made 200 years ago – with cars, heating and air conditioning, microwaves, cell phones, televisions and other amenities that are now considered necessary.

Most importantly, most medium and large companies now have significant charity and service contracts that provide large amounts of money and time to the needy organizations that matter in the lives of millions of people each year. Whether companies do this from a pure heart or need for positive coverage, the result is the same – and many needs in society are better for it.

Making the Right Item

As the public grows knowledgeable and educated, they keep companies in a higher standard than before. The abuse of employees that were common for centuries ago does not endure society today. Now the Code of Ethics governs decisions in the political office and the market so that end users (like us) improve in many ways. Doing the right thing is a good strategy because people want to do business with someone they trust and respect. And companies affected as cheaters, liars or abusers are generally lost in the market (Enron, anyone?).

The conclusion is that although it has a negative impact on marketing in the community, it is positive to balance it. and it is our job as a community to reward the good kids through our acquisition and punish immoral companies by neglecting them on the market. As we continue to do this over and over again, we make big business aware that they will only make money if they honor their moral policy and make the right thing about consistency. Thus, we can make a difference in market practices that work to swing our decisions. And that's a positive thing we as a community can live with.


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