Positive affirmation and happiness in life – what is the connection?

How many goals do you have in life? How many things do you still want to achieve in life? You may want to be the most successful person in your field, or you may want to simply improve your life in general. What your goals are, I'm sure there are plenty of them and most of them are key to finding perfect life happiness.

The Missing Link. Success people have certain things in common, and through this you can guess what has helped them succeed so far. And one of these things is a positive, progressive and chosen attitude towards life. They know what they want and they follow it with passion and gusto. They work hard and keep their motivation despite all the challenges.

If you want to achieve the same attitude, you can count on positive affirmations. Using positive affirmations may look like a little thing to do as a way to drive your happiness, but they can have such a unique effect that you can't be confident about.

What are positive affirmations? Positive affirmations are positive thoughts or statements about a particular departure you want to own. They are subliminal messages that are directly in your subconscious. These affirmations need to be repeated continuously until they make such a big impact on the subconscious concept, which will then produce the actual results and results of one thought.

Doesn't it sound so simple? It is surprising that a lot of people still live and live as they are not happy when everything on their way to achieving happiness lies in simple positive thoughts.

What is keeping you from living a happy life? The problem with human mind is that it finds negative appeal for some reason. Do we often not be surprised by disastrous events? When we hear of an accident, we often get curious and start asking questions about what happened. This may seem like a normal reaction, but in truth it is an indication of why we are walling in a negative life. We have a tendency to facilitate ourselves easily in negativity; negative thoughts and opinions have a one-sided target that leads directly to our minds. And the worst thing is that we allow them to be free without even knowing that we are already sabotaging our own happiness.

What can you do? The solution to this problem is to focus your mind instead on positive affirmations. This takes a lot of self-control and self-discipline. After all, affirmation does not have the same tragic appeal as negative ideas do, and since we have been facing negative ideas for a long time, we are usually rooted in our minds and can fight against positive affirmations we try to put in our minds.

Reminders on the use of positive verification. So here are some reminders on how to make a positive affirmation do its magic to make your life the happy life you've always wanted:

· Focus on them. By focusing on positive affirmations, this means that you should also consciously brush away negative ideas as much as you can or as often as you grab yourself thinking about them.
· Repeat them continuously. The easiest way to save your mind is with a constant repetition. The mind loves patterns, so if it starts to recognize patterns due to constant repetition, it becomes more receptive.
· Do not stop. If you stop for a minute, negative externalities can easily pass through.


Sport training in gap years abroad

Possibility of coaching overseas could be interesting if you want to participate in the youth development of the youth. This could be your chance to be interested in the sport you love and engage in poor communities in different parts of the world. You may even be interested in the types of sports activities described in this article.

Support for the development of Rugby in Ghana

The Guinea nation has a great passion for sports. The national football team has played at the World Cup in various places. Several years ago it was decided that local athletes should be able to represent their country in rugby fracture sports, and now the development of young rugby players has been assisted by volunteers from around the world. You can play your part by identifying the stars in the future and helping to organize local rugby competitions.

Soccer training in South Africa

If you are interested in sports then you have definitely been fond of the teams in South Africa. They have won a rugby and cricket world cup and have also competed successfully in world football games. You will receive true gratitude for the passion of the locals if you are a volunteer for a foreign coach. You might come across kids who spend time playing football in the hope of imitating nationalities such as Lucas Radebe and Benni McCarthy. It can even be possible to build a sense of team spirit and increase the skills of players in your time in South Africa.

Training of netball players in Ghana

It is fair to say that the Ghana Sports Area is characterized by men. However, young girls living in this country have been inspired by athletes such as Elizabeth Amolofo and Esther Dankwah. The youth have even started playing the popular sport of netball. Those who want to train abroad may be interested in enhancing the skills of local school children. You might be surprised by natural enthusiasm and effort to join the teams.

Teaching hockey in South Africa

Hockey is becoming increasingly popular among South African students. They enjoy the emotions when they compete against rivals, but often young players do not fully understand the importance of their tactics or regular training. You can help by spending time as a coach overseas. You will be able to teach basic skills and help with planning local events. Of course, you will be supported by local teachers and practitioners in the range who want to make sure you have the full potential of this opportunity and come home with lots of fun memories.


Training outside Linebackers

The most difficult place on the pitch for most of the defense is an external line bucket. In a typical 8-person front, such as 3-5-3 or 4-2-5 defenses, these players have dual responsibility.


The Outside Linebacker is primarily responsible for keeping the race and forcing the ball to return to the subways. He can also be forced on the Football Association to bubble and later work on the sidelines and allow him to get there to help.

Another responsibility of OLB is to reach the apartments on the road. Usually, the 8-person front cover will run Cover 3 as the base cover.

Most defense coordinators use a combination of Zone and Man casings. The OLB will usually be locked on the # 2 receiver to its side in Cover 1 or Cover 0, Slot or Tight End. When a player is locked in a person's review, he cannot be considered part of the running product.


Comparison of the exterior will depend on your protection and his abilities. Usually, it will be anywhere from 3 to 5 meters outside of End Man on line Scrimmage (EMOLS) and 2-5 meters from Line Scrimmage (LOS).

If it is a # 2 receiver, OLB usually uses a dotted line, 5 meters from the ball and half way between EMOLS and slots. Depending on the team and the option of the slot, you can choose to align it close to the slot to prevent past or safer EMOLS to help in the running game.

Keys and Reactions

The primary key OLB is EMOLS, A tackle or tight end, for High Hat, Low Hat reading. High Hat, which means that the helmet OT appears as in passing, tells him that the play is over, and he should open the apartments (but this will be dictated by a discussion call). At a low hat read, when the OT burns out with a flat back, it is expected to run. The OLB should be thinking run without him getting a certain high headphone reading.

You can help OLB read it by learning the EMOLS movie he will read. Different teams have different methods to pass and run.

After receiving a low hatch check, the OLB additional key – running again. He needs to attack the race appropriately by reading the flow position and backstage operation:

EMOLS hard down block inside, RB to you: Line up scrimmage to switch where EMOLS went. Expect a kick-out block from RB or drag guard. Take it with your inlay, hold your outer arm and feet loose and attach your shoulders to the line. Hold the driveway inside and be prepared to handle the Ball Carrier beams outside.

EMOLS drive closes the protection, RB to you: Shuffle up and down, but not close all the way to the line of scrimmage. Keep out of the stairs until RB illuminates, then break in to wear. If he builds outside, the box plays.

EMOLS Reach for you, RB fast flow for you: Attack on the line of scrimmage but keep your width. If you have a # 2 receiver, decide if you can beat it or have to defeat it. If you need to defeat the block, go through it, run it again, and work outside of it to include the game. The EMOLS area or get away from you, Backfield flows away: Hold your depth, fold in to set the defense. Check for Counter, Reverse, Bootleg action and be ready to work again. Do not pass the Defendant until the ball illuminates from you.

The Play Action Pass can put a lot of stress on your supporters. If the OLB says that the race should start, it's because it's running the first player. But when it's clear to pass, usually with the upper key action, he should break into it to get back into his territory. Never give up on a game!

Training of Foreigners

Every technology needed for OLB is similar to a defender. They need to be able to read the key and respond, defeat blocks, get ready to finish, stand down and cause change. All these skills should work in the collection 5 every day, if time permits. Add other exercises to win your weaknesses.

Teamwork is important for external Linebacker to understand their role. He will work with security measures, corners, bumpers and interior brochures. Set up a group drill every week, enabling him to see his role in defense with each of these groups. Make sure group exercises are appropriate for the opponent you will face this week.

Understand that offensive coordinators will pick on the outer line. They are players who are easily put into conflict. Offensive systems will try to stop him and make him guess.
Your outlines will make mistakes! Train them to trust their keys, play physically and always run to football to get the best OLB play possible.


Interview with Farah Risoen – Life Coach

Recently, I have had the privilege of working with Farah Risoen, a life coach, both on a personal and professional level. Following are the answers to some of the questions I had while working with Farah:

Q. What is your previous experience in guiding others through their ways of life?

I've been a life coach since 1999 and have had the privilege of working with hundreds of people from all over the world with incredible results.

I would say that a few years ago, about 60% of those I have trained were going through some changes or lifestyles in their careers, relationships, health or life in general … The 40% emphasized that increase their efficiency in business, sales and just take their life to the next level.

In the last two years I've seen this rate go up! Now about 80% of my clients seek my help because they are going through a career, communication, or change of life.

Q. How would you describe what life is like?

I would describe life's changes as some change that brings us from one phase to another. For most people, many of these changes and ways of life can be challenging times, because they bring in surprise and ignorance with us!

Going through a career change, divorce, health challenge, or life rate to find the true self and purpose can be taxed …

… But I know from experience, with the right resources and coach, These changes and changes of life can / will help us create our best life!

Q. How Do People Start a Positive Life?

The first step to starting any change is awareness; especially our thoughts.

Begin to consciously think positively about what you want and live in your life.

It doesn't matter how things have been up till now … If you want your life to be happy, fulfilled and purposeful in the future, choose to think like that in the present!

Q. What would my first step be if I needed help and training through the parts?

The best start is to send me an email to organize a free phone consultation so that I can assess your goals and needs.


As a life coach, I:

– Guide you to get clear and specific about what you really want and live in your life

– Help you transform your thinking into the one that supports and empowers you at this point in time your life

– Teach you how to be a "magnet" to show and attract what you want

– Tell you what you need to hear, NOT what you want to hear – keep it true, authentic and honest!

– Be Responsible for Your Commitments, Words, and Highest Standard

– Instruct you to design and promote your progress towards your goals, intentions and purposes

Q. Can you recommend any follow-up I could get on my own when I progress through the change in my life?


a. First, clear about your goals and what you want! If you're not sure what it is, start with what you don't want!

b. Come on with compelling reasons because you like it. If your reasons aren't convincing to you, or you're not sure why you want to, go back to the first step and get it clear.

c. Now spend time thinking about your opinions, feelings and thoughts about having, creating or achieving this goal … If they are positive and empowered then you are rhythm … But if they are not, then you need to do some work around changing your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.


Laughter and Love,
Rick Fess


Trainer Bleecker Handbags – Vintage Never Seen So Good!

Trainer Bleecker handbags have swept the nation with the latest look from Coach. Coach has revised the look of refinement. The new Coach Bleecker handbags are the hottest bag for the cold season to approach. These bags are certainly becoming very popular this season.

Bleecker handbag reminds us that there is no risk of coaching when it comes to offering luxury at affordable prices to women around the world. Although prices could rise, it just means that the quality of the bag has evolved. What would you expect with such a sophisticated fashion.

These bags offer designer handbag lover the ability to work style and versatility in their appearance. The bags look more complex with more subtle and earthly tones. They are designed with signature styles such as hobo, shopper, totes, medium to XL duffles, multi-style flaps.

The collection starts at $ 238 for Coach Bleecker Signature Small Flap Hobo and goes as high as $ 748 for Coach Bleecker Elisa Laced Leather XL Slim Duffle and even higher for Coach Bleecker Alligator Shopper that can be purchased for cool $ 20,000. These ladies are one fabulous handbag!

It is good news for price consciousness that doesn't care about paying full price for these great designer bags. Luckily, it is a place where you can also rely on glory by wearing such a quality. You can save 50% -60% on Coach Handbags by shopping for specific online auctions.

The Bleecker duffles have really taken a modern look from the previous fashion style. You will see that many of these bags are worn in the fall. These bags look great with your gray and neutral colors. Duffle straps facilitate overlapping of body or short. This handbag has been massively transformed with its active pockets, spacious fixtures and adjustable straps.

Coaches handbags are sweeping the nation successfully. Inspired by Coach & # 39; s traditional, older, stylish, soft, brushed leather styles and signatures. The Bleecker bags still carry history, crafts and true American Style Coach.

The Bleecker line describes glamor and sophistication and style. Women wearing the Bleecker handbags show a sense of classic and self-worth in their behavior. There is such a luxury in the bags that makes every woman who has it, like the bag. Just look at the exact work done in each bag made through the exact design. The trim and sewing is perfect in every way.

You are sure to fall in love with the style and new design of Coach Bleeker handbags. It's a bag out there for each individual style and personality. Look for yourself and join in the joy of having a Coach in a handbag.