How to make sure your goals are of great impact

You might be very challenging about setting goals every year. Maybe even every quarter.

But not all goals are equal.

The goal may fall when they fail to fulfill valuable criteria that lead you to success.

That's why I created a tool called IMPACTOR Goals . Thus, you can create the goal of every minute to achieve goals and ban the way to reach them. .

IMPACTOR is an acronym that highlights the key steps in setting goals that matter, so your business can have an impact.

IMPACTOR goals begin with impact which I define as where your individual business meets the world and makes it better for all of us. Your impact plan needs to be clear before you start. What difference do you want to make?

Make sure your goals are measurable . It's tempting to be unclear. Do not submit it. What you recommend is more likely to happen.

The goal should be special, in particular . Rather than say, I want more customers, make your goal 10 more customers. Or two venturers, rather than just & # 39; more & # 39;

When you get into the planning of heat, lofty goals can take a bigger place than it is healthy. The goal should be challenging, yes, but then achieved as well, so you should not be paralyzed.

Can you describe your goal for your team members, those who want to do so? Be clear about what your goal is, so you can shape it.

Be time-specific . Give each goal a timeline. You might miss it a little and it's okay. Be ready to set, but not so much that the timeline has no teeth.

Now that you're aware of these assumptions, we're going to do some alchemy here. At this stage in the IMPACTOR model, targets become targets . That means they have been reviewed against the IMPACT criteria and found worthy.

Finally, create a list you get to do. Attach a few keywords to each goal, to explain how to achieve the goal. Your business is a gift to you and others. You gotta do this!

Make the goal of high profitability using the IMPACTOR Goals model. They will ensure that your goals reach you wherever you want, with great impact.


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