How to release guilt, shame and fear of a crime you have committed in the past

Are you suffering from guilt, shame and fear of the offenses you have committed in the past (whether it is "legally passive" or not): Shame on your wonderful work; and fear that your past will return to haunt you – in this lifetime or next?

If yes, you need help. Harbouring these emotions will eat you up inside, cause you to despise yourself and cause you to damage your life with addiction, emotional breeding (since you know your emotional response to something is not appropriate but you can't help it) , coercive behavior that you do not control) and many other types of neurotransmitters.

You have to find a way to free yourself from the spiritual and emotional means of dealing with the "victim" of your crime (which may be the most obvious solution but not always appropriate or possible because it is too long to discuss here). a trap where you find yourself.

And that's actually a trap! You totally disagree because you can't see anything out. There is no solution. You're the evil game over.

You must omit this trap if you ever want to bring peace to your life. You have to learn to forgive yourself. Only then can you ever be truly at peace. Then look at the issues one by one, starting with guilt.

You are guilty of the suffering you caused another. The most powerful thing you can do to escape the suspicion is to want and pray for their welfare. Tell this affirmation in your mind to the one you have harmed (or speak directly to their Higher Self). They may not yet live, and some may even be disobedient because you do not fully know the insurance burden you caused:

May grace, peace, mercy, love, and perfection of the divine source bathe you May this light penetrate you and make you whole this light can lead you to the most advanced expressions at this moment.

Desire them well and completely with this affirmation.

Next, to deal with shame, say the same confirmation, but to yourself this time (or even within that group of "victims"). Obviously you have also been injured and so you are part of that group. You also deserve the healing, loving kindness that can transform you into the perfect expression itself. So, say the same affirmation to yourself – if so, tell your heart!

Finally, to deal with fear, say the same confirmation again, but this time to the one who injured you (or the person who is within the "victims" group). Tell it and mean it (because they have also been injured).

If you really forgive them, you don't want their past to come back and haunt them. You then release your karmic debt towards you and you begin to release your own karmic debt to others.

This can be difficult but you are doing this for you, not them. You are – we are all alone. By doing this, you begin to redeem the bonds of karmic debt between you and those you injured. Each step is linked to an integral and intricate linked chain or web.

I believe that this is what Christ meant in his part of the Lord's prayer, saying: "Forgive us our iniquities as we forgive those who believe in us". In other words, take the karmic bonds that shake us as we release the karmic bonds of others.

There is a law of cause and effect in action – when you release others, you will be released. This will have a cascading effect that has extensive implications along the entire web, as lowered stitches in a piece of knitted fabric will spread throughout the fabric.

Dropping guilt, shame and fear from past crimes is vital if you are regaining your power and fulfilling your purpose in this lifetime. If you do not, it will despair and preserve you in the bone of the trap of disempowerment and karmic debt. Decide to take action to continue today. Step by step now to get rid of you.


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