Manage your mind – never stop!

Even though driving power is so important to controlling your mind, the vast majority of people are generally ready to throw in towels at the first signs of difficulties they encounter. Unfortunately, only a few few continue until their mind is under their control. To change your life for the better, according to your wishes, QUITTING is not a possibility! Your focus and efforts will be constantly on the look-out for you, your burning desires as Napoleon Hill says.

Here are quick and easy tests that you can take to determine whether your desires are burning or not. Sit quietly for a while and calm your mind as much as you can. Bring one of your wishes to your screen in your mind. See yourself in your mind when you are already in possession and enjoy your desire. Focus on all your wills. Notice the positive feelings that you begin to feel (these feelings must be positive, in other words, feel good). Use your will again, boost the feelings you are experiencing as much as you can. In order to be a burning desire, this feeling (or these feelings) needs to be stronger than any fear you can imagine in experiencing your desire.

Sporadic bumps and innocent efforts will not make you more comfortable than doing a unique fire that will keep you warm throughout the winter break. I don't suggest that your efforts start at full speed as you were running a sprint. Starting slowly is not a sin. Indeed, starting slowly may well be a blessing for you. Sustainability is what you should look for. Sustainable focus and effort to learn your mindset is complete.

You might as well know here and now that one or more of the frightening fears that lie in the subconscious is going over at the moment you start your journey. The first fear most people seem to have to face is fear of criticism, fear of what people might think or say. When your environment and the circumstances around you scream you should stop deceiving you, that all your efforts do not yield visible results, etc. Focus your attention on such thoughts and focus on your wishes, your goals, your intentions.

Always take another step. Make another attempt, then another. Never allow yourself to have the title "quitter" that accompanies your name. Repeat your confirmation once. Think of one positive thought about your desires that brings good feelings. You have not been given information on how many steps are required, how many attempts you will have to make, how many times you will have to repeat the verification to experience your wishes. If you continue, you must succeed.

Be like the mire that increases the elephant, the stream that shaped the Grand Canyon, or the raindrop that washes the mountain. Clear your mind from such words as danger, cannot, failure and impossible. If they should continue to appear, grab a thesaurus, find nouns for each of the words that appear, and replace them with your new companions.

I know for sure. You can demand or demand to control your own mind and bring more of your wishes into your experience. You are the most miraculous of all living creatures on earth. You are the owner of a mind that is so wonderful that when you really start to control your mind and consciously use it, there is no dream that you can dream that you cannot achieve … as long as you do not stop.


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