Message from the Universe: It's Always Another Beginning!

"All you have to do, you've already done.

Let everything else be what you want to do.

That's what I want,
The universe" 19659002] Like everyone farmers out there, you need to plant seeds before you can benefit from the crop. Every step you take today, at the moment, will have a positive effect in the future. If you are just standing still and not doing anything, a year away, you will look back and live with regret, wondering why you didn't start them. So here I give you the opportunity to look into the future to return to your immediate past. Without using Delorean from Back in the future, you use the current experience to implement what you should do in this world. Sometimes you have to be unclean to bring you back to a place you were not supposed to go, as you need to keep achieving the very goals of your life. It is only you who can determine the best way to take your life and make sure you do not continue. I am not saying that you will not face challenges, obstacles, obstacles, disappointments during this course, but it will be up to you to choose whether it is your best choice for your welfare. It's hard to guess, I admit, since we can't really read or predict the future. While you have a good understanding of the best way to take, there are good options that you may need to take some wrong turns to eventually reach your destination. With these wrong turns, you might be surprised to leave the tour, wondering if the choices you made were the best, and start to guess from that point.

There is no shame to start, or go back to the beginning and watch the distant and uncertain future to choose another way. It can be hard to do this later in your life but just remember you'll never make the same mistake again. So the time that you originally took to reach a certain point in your life would not take as many years to regain the exact time you failed and continue. Everything will happen at a pace. If you can, remember the picture with Tom Cruise, "The Edge of Tomorrow", where every time he got killed, he woke up and started at the exact exact place where he was hit at the beginning of the movie. By going through the same journey again, he advised actions from alien enemies and could obstruct death as much as possible. He did, of course, but he always caught up with him at the end and it was during the war with foreigners. The writers and the director and the film somehow had a revival when they came with a script like this. Was a message behind this movie? Even though the physical body expires, consciousness is always. Was this movie trying to tell us something? Was the message being tried to try to connect with our subconscious? The answers are up to you.


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