The 10 Step Goal Process

What does it take to achieve your goals? It is a method we go through when we set, organize, and intervene in our goals. Sometimes we think it's just about setting the goal and then implementing it. We quickly find ourselves misled and turned off. This is common, especially when the goal is not followed. Here's a 10 step method to support you in your efforts. Good luck!

1. OPENNESS – see opportunities and introduce creative new ways to do what you have done.
2. DESCRIPTION – knows what is most important and set goals.
3. MOTIVATION – why and the benefits of doing this
4. FOR ATTITUDE – decide what you do, celebrate what you have done
5. FOCUS – know what you want to achieve and do it done
6. PLAN – Be clear and determined with your goal and plan of what and how you will do it
7. Install MILESTONES – Create small milestones to keep you feeling and momentum
8. ACTION – Keeping list, schedule and deadline, being active, being flexible, doing something
9. CONTROL – Have a network or responsibility to support you or keep you on track (it matters if you don't)
10. RECHARGE TIME – after giving it 100%, take a break and rest and reload

Try your goal now …

– Am I open to new ways and ideas? (fixed or closed mindset)
– Am I clear about what is most important to do?
– Am I interested? If not, what's on the way and how can I remove the barrier?
– How is my attitude? Do I see possibilities and solutions? If I'm stuck, talk to someone or write down the block and change thinking "what's possible?"
– Am I focused? If there is interference, write them down to do later or install space to reduce interference.
– What am I going to do about this? What do I need to do and when will I do it?
– What is the first milestone or significant achievement in this goal?
– What action will I take now?
– Who can I also calculate and check in with?
– What will I do to reload and pause?

Setting goals are not just about the goal; It's about the process around the goal. Sometimes these steps may seem obvious or even though they are key in order to succeed. If you do not reach your goals, consider whether it is a step in the process you can enhance and enhance your success!


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