Why is the goal to succeed * IS * Rocket Science After All!

You will hear and read the following often when people talk about goal-setting work – "It's a simple theory to follow, it's not rocket science!"

] I say and write it myself all the time, and I believe what I've done for more than 20 years, and use it for great success in my life.
I wrote about the doctrine in my book and changed your life in 21 days! & # 39; Why should you write this article and say that goal game * is actually a moisturizer?

Ooh, a good question and here's the answer …

Simply because we can search for a research space (rocket research) to find the almost endless flow of the goal.
The newly revived US Space Shuttle Progamme is great to watch.
Now they show the entire project stream online online, so you get to see all the daily mysterious activities of the astronauts as well as the beautiful things.

In December 2006, the shuttle car played in conjunction with the international space station, and although the shuttle was only a few days away, they released crew members, Sunita Williams, to start a six-month stay at the station.

Yes, 6 months in space!

As I followed her progress, I was excited to learn that she needs 2 hours of exercise a day.
1 hour of ECG and 1 hour of work weight.

This is not to change it in superhumanism, just to watch our other people here on earth.

Because of its gravity, Williams & # 39; muscles, including heart, lungs, feet, arms, etc., will not be taxed as much as they are moving only in the gravity we find here.

If she hadn't been practicing for more than 6 months, she would be bad on the way back, she just wouldn't be strong enough to walk or do a simple job we take for granted.

Here she is 2 hours a day.

Now, a total classic tip in the field of goal is to give 1 fixed time per day to work on your goal.
If you do this, you have to shoot and limit what you had not thought possible.
The reason for this is that most people simply * do not * commit this time.
Time per day adds up to 7 hours a week (I went to school!) And you can do a lot for 7 hours.

So, when you work for your goal, think of Suni Williams in space.
When I write this, Jan 4, 2007, she gives 2 hours every day – not to succeed but just to watch others!
She keeps doing it every day for 6 months!

It's important in my book and she can do it, imagine what you can do with 2 hours a day for 6 months!
Can't find 2 hours every day?
Hold the clock 1 hour ago. It will still take you tremendously forward.

So, the goal is to achieve rocket research? It can be!


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