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Is Your Business At Risk? Want peace of mind?

Please answer the following question honestly by drawing a circle or shading in the column. If you can only answer part of the question positively then you should choose "# & # 39; for example, in the first quarter if you have employment contracts for your employees and not for your managers, select & # 39; No & # 39;.

1. I have updated employment contracts for all employees and managers Yes No

2. I encourage all employees to enter the workplace with a documented process Yes No

3. I have fully documented human resources procedures and policies in place Yes No

4. These rules and procedures are available to all employees and are regularly referred to, used and maintained Yes No

5. I conduct half-yearly performance management with all employees Yes No

6. I have documented grievance, discrimination, bullying workplace and sexual harassment policy in place Yes No

7. I have a written termination policy and policy in place Yes No

8. r have been trained and understand that we do not accept discrimination, workplace harassment and sexual harassment Yes No

9. Less workplace issues don't take much of my time Yes No

10. We have a small staff turnover based on our industrial average Yes No

11. I give my employees regular constructive feedback and reward them where appropriate. Yes No [RATINGS

11 from 11 well done [11] 11 well, almost there [9] 11 of 11 very good and tying loose ends [8] 11 of 11 and you have to tighten these free end

7 out of 10 you have high risk factors, take action

6 or less from 11 remedial actions to be protected and # 39; Your Business

You may – your choice of choice.



Definition of education

There is no consensus among teachers, psychologists, politicians, and philosophers on the purpose of education, nor is there any agreement on what roles education is. If the purpose is to train good citizens, the ideas of good citizens are different in different countries. May be an adult adult human beings experiment to shape the development of next generation according to life's own ideals. This seems insufficient definition because:

a – It is a definition of training rather than education and
b – The rising generation will live in the world this morning.

What definition we accept of education and purpose of education will be colored by our own philosophy. There seems to be a need for each of us to define one's own ideals and purposes. We might then hope to be able to partially grasp them.

Reaching each child the maximum possible cognitive efficiency by cultivating good spiritual habits would lead to an increased measure of human happiness. There is nothing new in this, because many will see in this religion only a variant of the Greek idea of ​​happiness. This belief, which the teacher held, provoked a personal problem. What can be discovered will result in each child achieving the maximum possible cognitive efficiency. The problem has been addressed in limited areas, mainly because a group of children who have spiritual powers are so limited that only by exploiting them with maximum efficiency can they hope to achieve real happiness.

We must draw attention to the fact that the primary goal of the teacher is to harmonize the ability to succeed.

Education has been sent down from the above and so far tried primarily through the saying. We believe that it should be built up from below, and that the majority should be mainly through medium concrete, visual and daily.

The first requirement for anyone who teaches, or who desires to teach, seems to be grateful for:

a – The difference between education and teaching,
b – Different skills among children
c – different types of skills among children.

It is a fundamental difference between education and teaching; between the concept of the development of abilities born and the individual, and the sharing of human body of information. The transition in schools from "mostly teaching to primary education has been postponed to large classes than it does.

Teaching, as we understand it, should generally not be a lecturer or spoken by the teacher, but mostly

a – Preparing for a lesson of exercises that allow students the possibility of activities
b – To raise awareness, ie to create the right emotional environment (where, or, of course, oral teaching is somewhere)

b) In Comparison and Contrasts;
c – In Applying the Relationships to Get a New Knowledge (Correlates);
d – Watching New Insulators and Relating Them in Proper Order with Knowledge and Skills which has already been introduced (application) and
e – In planning and thinking in series d series.


Important success factors for the implementation of quality management systems

Corporate organizations have become more competitive in the 21st century due to globalization and growing competition. Global markets, changes in goodwill, faster technological change and increased economic impact on companies have led to increased emphasis on quality management. Many agencies around the world have implemented a quality management system; use quality management tools, software and policies to improve product and service quality.

As you can already know, important success factors ensure effective implementation of quality management systems. Based on the writings of QM scholars, including Crosby, Deming, Feigenbaum, Juran, Garvin, Ishikawa, Taguchi and the results of several QM implementation studies, the following factors can be considered as important performance figures for QM implementation.

1. Supplier Co-operation: An organization is a system that reduces input from the environment and transforms it into output to make a profit, with the main input from suppliers. This section covers the whole range of activities including how organizations maintain close contact with their suppliers and their contribution to product quality, information sharing and performance.

2. People and customer management: This section focuses on how companies manage internal and external customers.

3. Communicating information on reform: This aspect focuses on internal, external and cross-employee relations, communication between managers and suppliers, as well as clients, to enhance the quality of awareness through the organization.

4. Customer Satisfaction Recommendation: A key character that appears to be commonplace in most QM architectural research is both internal and external customers. The importance of customer satisfaction can be found in the Deming Code of Ethics. Deming (1986, p. 32) noted in the book Out of the Crisis: "The consumer is the most important part of the production line. Quality should be aimed at the needs of consumers, present and future." Here I would say that this factor plays an important role in QM implementation.

5. External interface management: Quality must be defined in terms of customer satisfaction or customer satisfaction. Due to nature changes, customers and # 39; future requirements and needs are very difficult now. To predict customers & # 39; Future Requirements, Successful Organizations maintain close relationships with customers through a variety of approaches, such as surveys, focus groups, and so on. As this factor helps companies design new products, features and even new opportunities, this is a very important process for the successful implementation of quality management (QM).

6. SQM: Strategic quality management relationship business strategy with quality. Juran defined SQM as a systematic approach to maintaining quality through organizations. He says: "Strategic quality plans are the glue holding together the agency's reform effort". Some recent research findings show that this factor also plays an important role in QM implementation.

7. Operational Economy Plan: A business efficiency plan focuses on short-term work for QM implementation. This factor can be treated as part of the SQM. At the SQM level, organizations plan quality planning into the overall corporate strategy policy. When the quality goal is cascaded to everyone in the organization, the central manager (or managers) creates short-term goals to achieve the organizational goal. This aspect includes how to determine customer needs and expectations, how to develop a product or service to meet expectations and how to design and develop a product. By examining Crosby's zero-defect planning approach and MBNQA criteria (Baldrige National Quality Program, 2005), I would say that action quality planning can be considered a necessary component of quality improvement.

8. Quality Measurement Measurement: Measurements measure quality measurement performance and require various data, including statistical methodology (SPC), productivity indicators and performance data. Measurement of quality contributes significantly to the quality of construction because it provides an opportunity to identify defects (or errors) in a process or service. As Crosby says, "Tracking allows us to know what we are getting for our money and how it has expired, we can easily predict the importance of this factor in QM implementation.

9. Attitudes, attitudes, perceptions and recognized behaviors shared by individuals within an organization are called cultures. Because of globalization, most companies are operating from different parts of the world. Here, this factor can be seen as an important success. Enables everyone in the organization to use a good reform model as an enterprise-wide learning material to continue improving all aspects of the organization. Based on scientific evidence from previous scientists, competencies can be considered as a fundamental element of QM implementation. [19659002] 11 Quality of citizenship: Ethical behavior is essential for everyone in the world A clear code of ethics provides everyone with the purpose of harmonizing his personal values ​​with the objectives of the organization to build a stronger workplace. Ethics also provide various benefits for employees, managers, and the community. Because of corporate scandals (such as Goldman Sachs Scandal & Telecom Scandal in India) and very common unethical behaviors at work, corporate social responsibility can be considered an important success for QM implementation.


Sales manager sales manager


I first worked with the customer back in 2011 when they were fledgling companies with only a handful of resellers. They took the opportunity to expand and upgrade their operations in 2013 and 2014, and I received the call from them last week.

"Helping us please Paul, we are struggling to keep momentum, our earnings fall and our calls are down, can you come in and help us call our current customers to increase our revenue reach their goals?"

"Of course I can make myself swing later this week and we'll talk about it."

After an hour or so talking and chatting all the way through, I became very aware of providing training so that dealers could call In orphaned clients, to create a new business was apparently not going to work. Initially the reason was that they would find the rejection of these so-called calls unbearable and as soon as the phone started calling again, they would again cease to be proactive.

"How do you measure them?" I asked. "They each have a £ 7,000 monthly bid," he replied. "Good, what are their KPI standards (Key Performance Indicators)?" I continued. "That's it – £ 7,000 a month and we show it on the Z chart right here on the wall".

Clearly, they were targeted and pushed for the final figures – monthly earnings. It was on the wall and you could clearly see who was doing well and who was struggling.

I continued with my questions. "What are you talking about in your sales contracts?" "We have them every Monday and we talk about their goals and their achievements and what they will do to improve." "

By the way this is a classic error in sales management. Focusing on goals and final figures does nothing to help the salesperson do better. It just jumps on the pressure, but many sales managers only measure this way and harass people

I continued. "How do you manage your second team?" "It's hard to do many other things because we don't have time, that's why we want you to get training." [19659003] And at that point, it became clear to me what had evolved, and my client had grown organic business in recent years, hired some new dealers and now had 10 salesmen, but my client, who was CEO, continued sell to the higher net customers they had been dealing with for many years, so there was little time to do something other than pursuing them when they were not on the market.

Do you know this? Is it all before?

On a busy market, when your marketing company is creating lots of new ways, and the phone continues to ring, you can get away with it. But when things are against you, for example, a quiet season, marketing fails to lead, the race is raining on your parade or recession … you really need to tighten your performance sales management. My client had not taken any of the measures recommended above. They had an effective marketing event, though seasonal. They had a boom in the market and the economy grew by a 3% increase in GDP year after year. They had little competition in mind. Their case was enlargement. They wanted to expand their business, hired new salespeople and rented a new office space with shiny new equipment and software.

They had grown up and matured and I realized that they needed success with a successful sales aid. Allow me to explain what is needed to help them achieve their goals and continue their business, because they are now bleeding money.

The performance circle

Let's look at each area of ​​the circuit and see what the vendor needs to do to complete the entire circuit. It's the first point to make. This growing company needs a sales manager, someone who can provide guidance and a decision to see it through. To manage a group of 12 sellers could easily keep a full time person busy. And they need to manage; My client had neglected this because they were so busy.

Policy and Objectives

Develop your purpose, value, culture and overall business goals. The value of a proposal comes in here when you are clearing what you are talking about, your market place and the bid you get on the market.

Determine your way to the market, how you can keep coming in new customers, selling these customers and maintaining relationships with the same customers, so that they will come back to you when they need you again.

Engineer how and what this process looks like. We call this the sales process, it's important to have one, and you decide how accurate it is. Be careful not to fall into the trap to let your dealers loose their wheels through the sales operations. Of course, they need to bring their personality, skills, and instincts into sales, but they must follow the pattern or process you put out.

Next comes your KPI. Of course, you have sales revenue goals, of course you will. These are known in business as manufacturing, legal, or simply simple – the numbers. Do this, but pay more attention to other KPIs that will drive performance. Take a long look at your sales process and determine which activities need to happen to succeed and achieve your goals. Call suggestions, first meetings, written proposals etc. You can create these KPIs and concentrate on their quantity if you want, but better, however, consider how you can evaluate their quality.

For example, a caller command. You can have a CPI of 10 a week if you wish. I would also like quality to be measured, ie. for each 3 calls, 1 command is made. This 3: 1 ratio will be KPI in its own right.

These are known as activities and guides. What happens is done, as the phrase goes. Strive for less emphasis on goals and revenue figures, and more emphasis on myriad KPIs that affect performance. As long as the activity takes place with the necessary skills, the numbers will end in the other end.

It's a brave decision to focus on these and not the sales numbers, but if you do, you're well on your way to success in the circuit.

Share your goals and plans

When I asked customers to help with the restructuring of sales processes and KPIs, I have always started with the term "ownership". The people who want to buy in all these are your sales team members, so ask them to create the sales process and determine the various KPIs they need to succeed. The idea and process are simple and very effective.

Communication goals annually, quarterly and monthly. Gain the acquisition of goals and finesse this by creating an incentive environment for them to operate. Motivation is internal, it comes from within. For dealers, it is about recognition, opportunity to meet potential, demanding and exciting work and continuous development. It's not about salaries. The award encourages them, but they expect this and more of it will not necessarily provide an incentive environment for them to excel.

Awards are made with other sanitary elements, such as working conditions, management style and communication with others. You must get this right before you can really encourage your team to do it.

I will mention training here. If any of the performance goals are not achieved due to a lack of skills or knowledge, then vendors report that you have planned a training plan throughout the year to help them achieve those goals. This is a great incentive, enabling you to ensure success and cost of training can offset the revenue you receive when goals and goals are met.

Cases and screens

My client had a large whiteboard on the wall that measured the sales results day by day and also the impressive year overall as a Z Graph. Permissible, this is very revealing, adequate for the executive, and quite stressful for sellers who saw this only as a way to drive their performance.

Your CRM system will underpin any measurements, so build on these KPIs and measure them. Keep an eye on the KPI and share this with your sellers. Put them on a whiteboard, if desired, or on the "dashboard" that is in your CRM system. These are clues and will not tell you the whole story. Remember, I mentioned that if your sellers make these KPIs and bring the necessary skills, they will beat their numbers. It is a necessary skill you want to follow. And that's where training comes in.

Field visits are the answer where you follow, give feedback and coach. Take a look at the sales process and create some kind of observation aid that you can also use in a new recruitment training.

Gain forecasts from your salespeople to measure and compile milestones that measure revenue or goals in the short term.

Regularly make one yourself with your salespeople to discover how they are doing and to identify problems or problems that you can help with. Have a recommendation for their KPI and other features you recommend.

Review of Performance

Former activity was essentially monitored and monitored; now we want to review results. It is very easy to say that they do not reach a goal, but this is only to focus on the production which is too late, because we call it legal light. Performance against activities needs to be accounted for here as well as KPIs that determine the amount or quantity and quality of KPIs.


Of course, if performance is good or exceptional I would not correct it but I would pat it. Remember, people are grateful for recognition, so be sure to offer it. I'm going to go against the grain now and say that this visa also needs to be made in private ownership not publicly – it's just too embarrassing for a salesperson involved and just winds everyone up. Therefore, do it privately.

It is also private property that you should give an opinion on negative results, because we have performance meeting meetings at least monthly.

Accepting in common what you can do to improve performance, here is a list to remind you:

  • Training in all likelihood – shading, working conditions, workshops, reading, videos and podcasts.
  • Training
  • Advisor
  • Advise if the reason for performance is the Inner Game
  • FISH to find out the cause of the performance operation
  • PLAY it out if they do not see it themselves. Especially if the issue is attitude is not capability.
  • Inject something new into an inspiring environment you provide.
  • Bring someone else

My final material is a sales meeting. I haven't mentioned it before because most people are poorly run. A true outlet should be all about helping the team beat the numbers. The role of sales manager, the core reason for being, is to reach your company's sales goals through the team at your disposal. Such sales meetings should include activities that include training, training, role-playing, ideology, and best practice practices. It's not a place to check the sales results and ask them what they want to do to improve.

It's just counterproductive and the motivational.


This is my drawing for what a good sales manager needs to do. My client needs to do all this and he will see that his business performance improves and remains stable. He can surely increase his business as he now values ​​the value and true role of sales manager.


The definition of success – its true meaning

It is no coincidence that you find yourself reading this article. You were obviously looking for a true definition of success or you hadn't clicked on the branch link. Your search for defining success led you to the standard reference sites such as or and found their definitions to read something like this – to succeed, rank, honor, or the like or have a favorable termination or attempt . Take a few moments and ask yourself these three questions and build your answers solely on the definitions previously specified.

1. Do I count well?
2. Am I having all the money, material assets, status or honor I desire?
3. Has the outcome of my efforts been favorable?

Did you answer no to one or maybe all three questions? If so, think, "I think I'm not a success, and if I'm not successful then I have to be a failure." Yes, if you are thinking, you are quite right, a failure you are. However, do not get discouraged, success is still achieved, even for the "mistake" of this world.

First things first. Stop measuring your performance with typical online definitions and other reference materials. If you don't, you'll forever see yourself as a failure. That being said, take a moment to learn and rub another definition of success, probably the best thing you'll ever hear. This definition of success is not found on public websites or in some hardback dictionaries. It comes from a man named Earl Nightingale. Mr. Nightingale was a talkative speaker back in the 1950s and was known as "Dean of Personal Development." He defined success in this way – "Success is the progressive implementation of valuable ideals."

Wow! It is worth reading again – "Success is the progressive implementation of valuable ideals." Let yourself take a moment to break this definition down so that you can truly swallow the true meaning of success.

Progressive – which means experimenting on continuous progress.
Implementation – turning something imagined into reality.
Worthy ideal – something that guarantees great merit and excellence.

Look at it this way – Success is a constant effort to take something of great value that you have imagined and worked on until it is always realized. This is not great! No matter what your ideal is, you are successful as long as you constantly strive to change your dream, your goals, your desires into reality. So you won't be experiencing that you haven't yet reached, you will focus, set your daily goals, and before you know it, you'll achieve it.

to succeed!



I recently had the opportunity to join the Indian Indian Indian Ceremony known as the Sweat Lodge. I learned from tribes, direct representatives, (accepted relative brothers recognized) that Crow Indian Nation allowed relatives to use the sweat if some conditions were met. Also in the previous story, I had the pleasure of spending a good time with the boss of Crow Nation, Chief Dan Old Elk. Old Elk and I spoke native Indian orders and the topic of energy in general. That in itself was a great topic for another article.

In order to have the right to perform the ceremony, it must be properly trained. It's all about the safety of the participants. In addition to security, the basic knowledge of philosophy will also be maintained, which does not mean danger. In exchange for the right to "pour" the ceremony, the following items are available in business. A blanket, tobacco, a small amount of currency and personal items valued by the donor. Here is the Universal Law Fair Exchange.

A short list of things seemed to pay little for a license to conduct a holy ceremony. After a trip to Wal-Mart for carpet and tobacco, the rest of the items were easily put together. Currency was available. The personal team gift was harder. I decided that my favorite old drawing ball, with the wolf who was crying in the moon, would be suitable. Like most of my favorite t-shirts, in Larry Cable Guy Fashion, sleeves were removed immediately. I also love the universal "right on bare arms" The shield was splattered with several colors of various paints from years of use.

Sweaty day came a little too soon for me and I was beginning to hear my ring on the phone that woke me up very well. I seem to be leaving about one hour. I jumped up to take care of the necessary day in the morning and headed for the fast paced location across the legal boundaries. Upon arriving at the sweaty side, I noticed that I was late, so there were several other participants.

Training started in a circle, as is common for the company I work for. We use a lot of traditions (licensed) from Crow Nation. The ring represents the endless cycle of life. Elders stand in key positions that mark North, South, East and West. The ring begins with a leader who says, "What goes around is coming." Then we move our heart to the heart. After the embrace, the person begins the command, (the north) teaching. Basically, the next twenty minutes were about corporate policy and security strategies, and of course, a recent tragedy in Sedona Arizona. Google it if you are interested.

We then talked about gifts that mattered. The blank represents comfort. Tobacco came from the mother of the earth. The exchange rate includes a fair exchange, something of value for something of value. In control, silver or gold will be more appropriate, (because the Central Bank notes for each debt.) Personal gift to me is the most important.

A colleague provided two beautiful works that had obviously been appreciated and highly symbolic. One pencil, the other colored pencil. For a moment, I was jealous, who became envious, who hurried and ended up as self-confidence.

Another colleague woke up very special to watch it as a youth. Later, she lost her view of the pond. She improved her vision, even though she was in a disfavorable position but very special to her. And so it went with myself and with another colleague who explained our gifts.

It is important to keep in mind that typical participants are diverse groups with many religious backgrounds. Teachers explained that while everyone can have different religious systems, spirituality comes in all churches. In order to be true to Crow Ceremony, it is necessary to offer prayer to a great father or grandfather. It is also necessary to honor the mother of the earth. I personally had no problem with the Crow Faith System. My personal choice, however, is to pray first to Mother Earth, then Father Heaven. Does it make me boy mom?

After the gifts were collected, we went out into a clock-spin that represents the upward spiral.

We still had another employee to operate the door. This person (doorman) was also responsible for passing "hot stones" and water through the door opening at a certain time. It is noteworthy that the doorman is also responsible for keeping trespassers from running between the kitchen and the kitchen. It advances negative energy from enduring the area. Those who participated in the festival had already committed the sanctuary to the ring.

I will not discuss the process of building the sweaty side at this time. This in itself is another sacrament. Although the sweat bowl is a small dome based on a hickory-bough frame work that is approximately eight feet per square foot and about five feet high. The nourishment or skin is a heavy canvas shaped so that when it is inside it is a cold black environment. The interior of the enclosure, which is inside the door, is earthy about a foot deep and three feet in diameter. The actual cabin icon is as follows; frame and cover when inside indicates inside Buffalo, and the tomb with glowing hot stones represents the heart.

Outside the sweat in the distance safely from flammable materials, the fire is located where stones are allowed to go to temperature. Hardwood some seasoned and some green are ideal for bringing stones to a temperature suitable for producing the right amount of steam. It is suggested that at least fifty or sixty hand or melon stones be available in the sweat side. Rocks should not be sandstone, but it is generally what was available for that particular act. Apart from the fire, several containers of water were stored to serve many purposes. At the end of the ceremony, it is necessary to extinguish the fire.

Apart from the swab, there was a small pile of cliffs that participants could place personal objects to bless them with the power of the refining process to evolve. It is believed that items placed there would attract the same benefits that are received and within the suite.

Attendees who bow or crawl around the door in a clock wise direction to continue up the helicopter theme. Once inside the actual ceremony began. It was a series of "slabs" with various elements that covered the number of ladles poured over hot stones. The numbers four, seven, ten and millions are significant. I decided not to go into the details in the issue. It is very important that "what happens in the sweat pavilion is in the sweaty side."

Actual action is about an hour and a half. There were breaks between the wells to add rocks and provide drinking water to the participants. I do not know for sure, but I will stop guessing that in the old days there was no water crime. Of course, you probably had to fast and do without water.

The area ended in the hall, which was decorated by participants who gathered in another circle. Close thanks given to everyone in the circle including the orthotic. Then we called out and went up for a bucket bath. This was a decent end to an awesome act.

From a personal perspective, I live the following. In line with Universal Law as I understand them, gathering like minded individuals is synergistic and even in business market forces (as darn form again) is known as a championship. The release of negative energy from the energy system and the body is an awesome form of cleansing. To say positive affirmation and appreciation is certainly an adult form; (Self Diagram)

James "Jim" Blackstone

Footnote: Another act that is not mentioned but the usual is to practice "smudging". Again, this is another act worthy of your own article.


Manager Manager – Your ROI

What is the yield of working with a manager? This is such a juicy question. Ten years and over 1000 customers then, when I opened my premature door to my first core to be a manager coach. I had very little understanding of the value I was bringing to my market. I charged it for 50 to 100 an hour – since I could get this fee and I worked with some central directors, some younger executives and many small business owners most of whom I recruited for my own wages.

What happened? My customers lived. There is no other way to say it. They were already good at what they did and since most of them had really never had a program free, emphasizing what you define — your own success, a good conversation in their lives, the executive coaching worked for the conversations to a great extent. My clients were introduced, they received wage increases, some began to dream jobs, others made a lot of personal changes, and everyone thought they were thinking and taking action they wouldn't have known were within their range.

How did I measure these results? It just couldn't be done on monetary terms. How do you measure clarity, decrease anxiety, increase courage, make conversations, and increase awareness? It could only be recommended to live and survive success.

After about 50 customers and repeatedly seeing their big shifts, I had to install my charges. I continued to work for individuals – authors, publishers, editors, filmmakers – and then gradually I go to small corporations. I saw 2 – 6 customers a day and loved every conversation and every little bit of light moments – many of them.

At this time – about 2004 – I was adding to my managerial skills with further studies on grammar. Thoughts will be things. What we believe is what we see. Limited thinking results in limited effective courageous thinking creating unusual and fast results.

How did I measure the performance of this extra service? Again, this could not be done on monetary terms. My customers, however, were loving it – their double sales numbers, starting (and closing) new brands, and some even starting families where they had previously given up hope.

Every year I reviewed my charges and looked at the customer's results until I was working with managers, officers, and international business owners. At this point, the fact that I decided £ 400 per hour and £ 2500 a day was not really what matters to a person or business. If the president had a rebellion, his company was 7-member. If a marketing manager left a training center with a richer policy, her CEO and shareholders would welcome the results and bank the bonus.

The money and sales were never the case – they were measurable opportunities. The point was (and still is) that progressive professionals could hire executive coaches to uncover more opportunities and make their lives easier, more meaningful, and more effective.

When you hire a manager, you believe your business and personal choices will change for the better. If you choose an experienced manager this will be excessively the case. Your results can be recommended for improvements in your own life as well as in the life of the museums, your family and friends, and those you will never even know that you have touched and changed.

Successful profitability is not just about what is published in your own experience, it is very much about what you give back – the legacy of the perfection of your life.


Soccer Training – 6 tips to encourage young players and build team spirit

In this article, there are 6 tips that football coaches can use to encourage players and build a spirit. It's written for football, but the ideas apply to other sports.

1. Praise your players when they do something that you want to encourage (this means raising them while in the field by getting their attention and giving their thumbs, pats and smiles on them or yelling "Way to to go "or something similar).

2. Promise special features so that they know what the praise is for .

3. Call the players together for half an hour and give you encouragement . If they have done something good, say something special to encourage this behavior, such as "Kate, you really are hustling". If there is something they need to work to say something inspiring like "Sam, I know you can be a great goalkeeper".

4. Use soccer games to encourage and reward activity, courage, skill, cooperation, assisting, listening to coaches and everything you want to encourage . At the end of the game, call your players around you and encourage parents to watch while you have a patch.

5. Choose team name and team refresh like "Play hard and fun" or "1-2-3 Go Team". Take them all together on the pitch right before the game and just before the second half begins. Show them how to get in the ring and put their hands on each other's shoulder to comfort or how to stand in the circle and touch all the touch.

6. After each goal, the whole team, including Goalie, come together in a round and hold the team . (The Brazilian squad does this). This makes it clear that scoring a goal is working in a team.


How to become a certified archery coach

Archery's sport depends on caring, talented people who promote the sport for young leaflets. In the United States, archery and instructors are certified under one regulator, the US archery. The US Archery Certification Program prepares coaches to help athletes successfully and safely develop their talents and abilities when in competition. Certified instructors have been trained and tested in archery and security, and are an important professional or idiot coaching credential to market their services. There are 5 levels of archery certificates, as follows: Level 1 Coach

Level 1 or Basic teacher specializes in introducing basic safety and archery skills to beginners. Typically, this certification is for trainers who want to work for summer camps, boys or girls, or parks, and recreation areas.

To obtain a Level 1 certification, you must first take 4-12 hours of safety, installation and command, basic equipment information, and care and basic shooting. The only prerequisite for this course is that you should be at least 15 years old. The course costs between $ 30 and $ 50 on average.

Level 2 Coach

Though it seems intuitive that you must first pass Grade 1 certification before going to Level 2, this is not the case. As long as you are at least 18, have successfully passed background checks and are an existing member of NFAA or USA Archery, you can start your Level 2 course. While Level 1 is not required for Level 2 certification, Level 2 Trainer is certified to teach level 1 courses. Usually, Level 2 coaches are found in more set archery classes, such as JOAD, college archery clubs or larger community clubs. This certification also costs between $ 30 and $ 50. The Level 2 course is usually longer than the Level 1 course and covers the bow shooting in tiny detail and adds a little depth to the technology terminals. The mentor will also be trained on how to fit the equipment with their athletes, how to set up, adjust and repair equipment, and how to teach regular archery and class 1 instructors.

Level 3 Coach – National Training System Certified

Level 1 and Level 2 certifications are primarily about class archery teaching. Stage 3 focuses on developing athletes on an individual basis. All Level 3 coaches are qualified to teach level 1 or 2 courses. To be certified, a supervisor must be at least 18 years of age and must have completed a 2nd level certification for at least one year. Alternatively, if a teacher has three years of experience as an archery instructor, they can test & # 39; of its Level 2 certification. Level 3 certificates require membership of one of the major certification bodies (NFAA or USA Archery) and effective background checks.

Certification Level 3 can cost about $ 250 for more than 20 hours of philosophy, training, competition, bow and competitive psychology teaching. Keeping Level 3 Certification means you'll spend less time working with beginners, youth and amateur archers, and start focusing on athletes who are recruiting to take their race to secondary level.

Level 4

After the teacher has been Level 3 coach for 2 years and they are ready to take their jobs to the next level, they can request a Level 4 certification. This certification allows coaches to work with US preschools in US archery and international team members. Level 4 coaches can also teach level 1 and 2 certification courses.

The Level 4 course costs just under $ 500 and will probably require travel and accommodation for the week. This course emphasizes sports science, including biotechnology, sports psychology, nutrition, training, and the National Training System.

Scene 5 – Elite Level Coach

When a coach has reached his career peak, including at least two years as a Level 4 coach and a record of training three or more national shooters, the top 10, or Olympic , World, or International Team placement, he or she can get their skills in Level 5. Instead of taking courses, Level 5 certification is independent and autonomous to highlight the candidate's ability to train athletes at a high level of performance. Normally, coaches need to pursue university training, including the certification of ASEP Coaching Principles and the USCO Safe Sport Certification. Level 5 certification also requires training and supervision from the mentor or through a coaching coach program. In short, the Level 5 certification is the highlight of a missionary trainer.


Every certification except level 1 certification requires a basic examination through the US Skeleton Crash. Many of the archers coaches who want to work on their career will likely compete in youth teams. Anyone who works with children is obliged to provide a background check. Success in the background is a strong credential and will facilitate the thinking of parents of athletes you could work with in your process.

In addition, everything except Level 1 certification required membership of either the US Archery or the National Field Archers Association. These organizations provide a wealth of valuable information on training and competitions, and can serve as another credential to market you as a highly qualified archery instructor.

Validity and renewal

All of the above mentioned certificates are good for three years from the date of the certification department. You can usually renew your certification every three years by teaching your bases according to your certification (level 1 – cottage, level 2 – JOAD, level 4 – archery and continuing education). The cost of renewal is usually as low as $ 30 and may need to revise your background check.

If you are passionate about archery and working with athletes from all walks of life, being an archery teacher can be an extremely rewarding career. While it takes time and dedication to improve both archery and training techniques, it's no more excitement than seeing your athletes face months or years of competition with careful training.


How to determine which type of life coach is easy for you

The training is as diverse as the coaches out there. We all bring life experiences and lessons, training, education, personality, and values ​​to our approach to help others through the training process.

This is great, because as you choose a doctor, mechanic or friend, you can find one who speaks your language and gets you. I would definitely encourage you to check out some coaches before choosing one to make sure you have a good fit.

It might be easier to ask yourself some questions to determine what type of coach would be the best place to start.

  • Am I looking for a new career?
  • I want to figure out how to achieve the skills I miss for the next promotion?

If your answer to either is YES, you might be looking for CAREER Coach .

  • Am I trying to figure out where I fit, what is my purpose?
  • I feel like something is missing in my life?

YES to either of these questions may mean that a spiritual trainer would be the best.

  • Do I find myself frustrated with the politics / people I work with?
  • Am I a new manager / mentor who needs to add my skills to success?

You could work best with BUSINESS Coach .

  • How can I improve my health?
  • What kind of steps should I take if I want to feel better physically?

This is the perfect job for a good HEALTH / WELLNESS coach .

  • Am I stuck in a relationship and do not know how to change it?
  • I want to have more friends?

You may be looking for a job with RELATIONSHIP Coaches .

  • Have I lost my mouse?
  • Do I have to figure out how to put my creative talent into work?

This calls for a great CREATIVE trainer .

Keep in mind that these are some of the most popular types of coaching specialties. There are more: Success coaches, coaches, female coaches, family coaches, finance managers, organizers, etc.

Many LIFE Coaches have two or more areas of expertise; Success and Financial Management and as such may refer to the search, as well as to those titles as "financial coaches" or whatever type you are looking for.

When you start looking for the right coach for you and your needs, there are some resources where you will find a list of coaches and recommendations for your questions. Try International Coach Federation for records of registered, certified coaches. Coaches do not have to be certified, and in fact many other types of certification have: Master's and PhD studies, licenses with counseling, health, finance, business associations, etc. However, this is a great list to look at.

There are other sites that hold trainers of coaches usually divided into two general groups: business and work coaches. By reading a description of individual trainers, you will find out what areas of specialization are available. If necessary, search for additional options.

When you find a few or a few good-looking coaches, you can usually talk to them in sample or laboratory for free to test them. No money from your pocket and you will find a great coach to start the journey together to succeed!

Having a Life Coach in your corner can mean the difference between success and stagnation. I think if the reason is big enough, it is important to do what you need to do. Recruiting a great trainer is an investment in yourself, just like taking courses, tutorials, reading how-to books, and more.

The difference is to take the course and reading the book does not make it happen. The action you notice is what makes your goals complete. The coach will keep you accountable for your goals and before you have to ask yourself, "What is my next big dream?"