A Jungian Psychology Approach to Anxiety

Anxiety is a very common disorder in the world today, largely because we feel rushed, pressured, and pushed to execute, pay off the mortgage, cope with the children, and on top of it, live a full life. No wonder we have anxiety. But what anxiety is trying to tell us? From Jungian Psychology's point of view, the soul's anxiety is telling us that the way we live is not balanced. Rather than examining anxiety as something that needs to be eliminated, with drugs, we need to see that the soul is giving us a clear message of our unilateral life and cautiously asking us to change this. Viewed in this light, anxiety disorders exist to lead us out of a lifestyle that no longer works.

Carl Jung argued that anxiety disorders are purposeful, practical and have goals – to change our lifestyle. When we eliminate the symptoms with drugs, we refuse the wisdom of the soul in making a natural natural change. Anxiety often appears in the middle of life, when many of us experience mid-life. The first half of life aims to establish our identity, our relationships, our work, and build the necessary resources to accomplish all of these tasks. But it comes when we need to turn inward, to prevent the contents of the unconscious (often provided in the form of dreams) and seek out the essential purpose of life. What is my purpose in life? Why am I here? How could I live a balanced, natural life? It is anxiety that often drives us to answer these questions. When you're almost nervous, ask yourself what the soul is trying to tell you? What is what I am doing that creates anxiety, then begins to address the causes of symptoms, rather than cures.

If we answer the question – what is anxiety trying to tell me – we begin to deal with the cause. This can mean some sort of change in how you live your life, but this change does not necessarily mean that you are less valuable or less valuable, but that means that you begin to appreciate the wisdom of the soul more than before. By addressing the causes of anxiety and making lifestyle changes, the anxiety should diminish and achieve its goal – lead you to a full, balanced lifestyle.


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