Definition of education

There is no consensus among teachers, psychologists, politicians, and philosophers on the purpose of education, nor is there any agreement on what roles education is. If the purpose is to train good citizens, the ideas of good citizens are different in different countries. May be an adult adult human beings experiment to shape the development of next generation according to life's own ideals. This seems insufficient definition because:

a – It is a definition of training rather than education and
b – The rising generation will live in the world this morning.

What definition we accept of education and purpose of education will be colored by our own philosophy. There seems to be a need for each of us to define one's own ideals and purposes. We might then hope to be able to partially grasp them.

Reaching each child the maximum possible cognitive efficiency by cultivating good spiritual habits would lead to an increased measure of human happiness. There is nothing new in this, because many will see in this religion only a variant of the Greek idea of ​​happiness. This belief, which the teacher held, provoked a personal problem. What can be discovered will result in each child achieving the maximum possible cognitive efficiency. The problem has been addressed in limited areas, mainly because a group of children who have spiritual powers are so limited that only by exploiting them with maximum efficiency can they hope to achieve real happiness.

We must draw attention to the fact that the primary goal of the teacher is to harmonize the ability to succeed.

Education has been sent down from the above and so far tried primarily through the saying. We believe that it should be built up from below, and that the majority should be mainly through medium concrete, visual and daily.

The first requirement for anyone who teaches, or who desires to teach, seems to be grateful for:

a – The difference between education and teaching,
b – Different skills among children
c – different types of skills among children.

It is a fundamental difference between education and teaching; between the concept of the development of abilities born and the individual, and the sharing of human body of information. The transition in schools from "mostly teaching to primary education has been postponed to large classes than it does.

Teaching, as we understand it, should generally not be a lecturer or spoken by the teacher, but mostly

a – Preparing for a lesson of exercises that allow students the possibility of activities
b – To raise awareness, ie to create the right emotional environment (where, or, of course, oral teaching is somewhere)

b) In Comparison and Contrasts;
c – In Applying the Relationships to Get a New Knowledge (Correlates);
d – Watching New Insulators and Relating Them in Proper Order with Knowledge and Skills which has already been introduced (application) and
e – In planning and thinking in series d series.


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