Do you have an unexpected strategy to overcome your fears?

Whether you like it or not, stress is a part of our lives every day. Often, the difference between treating it, compared to allowing it to deal with you, is your combination of attitude, patience, open-mindedness and perseverance, etc. Negative stress is often, humiliating, while transformation / transformation, one's emphasis, useful, discovery and learning. Who do you believe is healthier behavior and serves you best interests? Want to search, the easiest way, and either look for drugs, etc., or try to delay and avoid facing something that makes you feel uneasy? With this in mind, this article will attempt to explore, explore, review, and discuss some unexpected methods and methods for effectively transforming negative pressures, useful experiences, and self-recovery (referred to as Nobel's eustress] Prize winner, Hans Selye).

1. Verification List: One of the basics, most effective techniques, is knowing, as with verification lists. It requires that it be clearly identified, objectively, what you believe, you personally need to improve and / or address, to be happier, less stressed and satisfactory. Using these lists requires perseverance and discipline, because you use it effectively, you have to commit yourself to reading them, three to four times a day in front of a mirror. They must be worded, in the positive and the present. For example, someone who wants to lose weight, doesn't say, he'll lose weight, but say it this way, I'm proud of my appearance and maintain the right weight to be happier and healthier. Addressing the tendency to postpone, recommended words may be, I will always address issues in a timely manner.

2. Positive attitude: Like I think, I am must be the way, you continue, rather than just, empty rhetoric! As you continue, with a steady, positive, persistent attitude, you observe obstacles, such as challenges, to overcome, instead of negative ones, which are too focused on problems! Simply think of a different mental picture, between overcoming the challenge and having a problem!

3. Stress, versus eustress: Want to manage life stress or let them hire you and your mind? Negative stressors are detrimental to your health and well-being for many reasons, but primarily because you tend to let them down and fix your perception problems! When one transforms stress and considers them, as an opportunity to really learn, from this experience, you realized their benefits and they become eustress .

Instead of resorting to drugs or other attempts to escape reality, or to run away from life, is it not wise to continue with a positive self-reliance policy? Will you help, yourself, or become your own worst enemy?


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