Eye Twitching and Your Emotions

Ocular narrowing is actually very common. Almost everyone is affected by it at least once in their lives. This is due to the unintentional movement of the muscles of the eyelids. Therefore, eyelids are also referred to. Usually it is not harmful, but it can be very annoying, even embarrassing.

The problem is caused by a lot of things. There may be some eye irritation. If you lack sleep, if you have too much coffee, or if you are under severe stress, your eyes may also pierce. It can also happen if you have been watching your computer or TV for too long. The eye also runs if you have epilepsy or a neurological disorder.

There is also a direct correlation between your eyeballs and your feelings.

What is the relationship?

How do you know you're angry, depressed or under heavy stress? It's not just because you think about them, but also because you feel symptoms. For example, you may say that you are depressed because you are irritable, moody and always sad.

Ocular cord is often associated with anxiety. If you're talking in front of the big crowd, your eye runs out. If you have your greatest fear, your eyelid may also begin to move.

That way, they might experience what you feel at the moment when the movements are not caused by illness, sleep deprivation, overuse of coffee or other factors.

What can you do?

You need to solve all your negative feelings if you want to get rid of the eye gel. There are two best ways to do that.

First, look for a psychiatrist. You may need to go through a few treatments aimed at altering your bad habits, which is eye congestion, as well as getting rid of all the negative feelings you feel. For example, if the cause is anxiety over public opinion, the therapist can provide you with a scenario where you have to speak in front of the audience. He or she can train you on how to deal with your fears and keep you calm when you speak publicly. This method is often called exposure therapy.

Second, you can use a variety of confirmation or subliminal messages. These are usually tools used by therapists to treat cognitive behaviors, where you are taught how to turn negative thoughts into positive.

But since you can already download these subliminal messages on the Internet, you can already practice the therapy automatically.

If you feel your anger or stress is up and your eyes begin to rise, just relax by breathing slowly and deeply and then listening to the affirmation. Some of the messages you can listen to are as follows:

I am brave and strong.
I'm confident of what I can do.
I can play with my strengths.


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