How to become a certified archery coach

Archery's sport depends on caring, talented people who promote the sport for young leaflets. In the United States, archery and instructors are certified under one regulator, the US archery. The US Archery Certification Program prepares coaches to help athletes successfully and safely develop their talents and abilities when in competition. Certified instructors have been trained and tested in archery and security, and are an important professional or idiot coaching credential to market their services. There are 5 levels of archery certificates, as follows: Level 1 Coach

Level 1 or Basic teacher specializes in introducing basic safety and archery skills to beginners. Typically, this certification is for trainers who want to work for summer camps, boys or girls, or parks, and recreation areas.

To obtain a Level 1 certification, you must first take 4-12 hours of safety, installation and command, basic equipment information, and care and basic shooting. The only prerequisite for this course is that you should be at least 15 years old. The course costs between $ 30 and $ 50 on average.

Level 2 Coach

Though it seems intuitive that you must first pass Grade 1 certification before going to Level 2, this is not the case. As long as you are at least 18, have successfully passed background checks and are an existing member of NFAA or USA Archery, you can start your Level 2 course. While Level 1 is not required for Level 2 certification, Level 2 Trainer is certified to teach level 1 courses. Usually, Level 2 coaches are found in more set archery classes, such as JOAD, college archery clubs or larger community clubs. This certification also costs between $ 30 and $ 50. The Level 2 course is usually longer than the Level 1 course and covers the bow shooting in tiny detail and adds a little depth to the technology terminals. The mentor will also be trained on how to fit the equipment with their athletes, how to set up, adjust and repair equipment, and how to teach regular archery and class 1 instructors.

Level 3 Coach – National Training System Certified

Level 1 and Level 2 certifications are primarily about class archery teaching. Stage 3 focuses on developing athletes on an individual basis. All Level 3 coaches are qualified to teach level 1 or 2 courses. To be certified, a supervisor must be at least 18 years of age and must have completed a 2nd level certification for at least one year. Alternatively, if a teacher has three years of experience as an archery instructor, they can test & # 39; of its Level 2 certification. Level 3 certificates require membership of one of the major certification bodies (NFAA or USA Archery) and effective background checks.

Certification Level 3 can cost about $ 250 for more than 20 hours of philosophy, training, competition, bow and competitive psychology teaching. Keeping Level 3 Certification means you'll spend less time working with beginners, youth and amateur archers, and start focusing on athletes who are recruiting to take their race to secondary level.

Level 4

After the teacher has been Level 3 coach for 2 years and they are ready to take their jobs to the next level, they can request a Level 4 certification. This certification allows coaches to work with US preschools in US archery and international team members. Level 4 coaches can also teach level 1 and 2 certification courses.

The Level 4 course costs just under $ 500 and will probably require travel and accommodation for the week. This course emphasizes sports science, including biotechnology, sports psychology, nutrition, training, and the National Training System.

Scene 5 – Elite Level Coach

When a coach has reached his career peak, including at least two years as a Level 4 coach and a record of training three or more national shooters, the top 10, or Olympic , World, or International Team placement, he or she can get their skills in Level 5. Instead of taking courses, Level 5 certification is independent and autonomous to highlight the candidate's ability to train athletes at a high level of performance. Normally, coaches need to pursue university training, including the certification of ASEP Coaching Principles and the USCO Safe Sport Certification. Level 5 certification also requires training and supervision from the mentor or through a coaching coach program. In short, the Level 5 certification is the highlight of a missionary trainer.


Every certification except level 1 certification requires a basic examination through the US Skeleton Crash. Many of the archers coaches who want to work on their career will likely compete in youth teams. Anyone who works with children is obliged to provide a background check. Success in the background is a strong credential and will facilitate the thinking of parents of athletes you could work with in your process.

In addition, everything except Level 1 certification required membership of either the US Archery or the National Field Archers Association. These organizations provide a wealth of valuable information on training and competitions, and can serve as another credential to market you as a highly qualified archery instructor.

Validity and renewal

All of the above mentioned certificates are good for three years from the date of the certification department. You can usually renew your certification every three years by teaching your bases according to your certification (level 1 – cottage, level 2 – JOAD, level 4 – archery and continuing education). The cost of renewal is usually as low as $ 30 and may need to revise your background check.

If you are passionate about archery and working with athletes from all walks of life, being an archery teacher can be an extremely rewarding career. While it takes time and dedication to improve both archery and training techniques, it's no more excitement than seeing your athletes face months or years of competition with careful training.


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