How to effectively verify the law of attraction of work

Did you see the movie The Secret and did the Law of Attraction try no effect? Here's one reason why the songs couldn't work for you.

The movie was a great ad for the Law of Attraction but maybe it didn't go into the details of everything you need to do. One part was in the verification process. Simply repeating words does not work – adding emotions is key but and here is big but – you need to watch your emotions carefully.

What you feel and feel you vibrate, what you vibrate is what you are attracting, so the effect of affirmation can be positive, but it can also be negative. For example, if you affirm that you are incredibly wealthy, but all around you, your debts are rising, then it is very difficult to find the emotional pitch where your vibration fits up to show you different situations. You need to believe what you are confirming and it needs to feel slow and something that can be realized. We have power in our own reality and perception – moving out of this reality and perception can be the process of incremental action.

Your confirmation needs to be something your little inner voice will say – well, it can happen, I believe it will happen. Each step that appears will again bend the verification process and guide you further along your dream line. Stretching too far will make your little inner rebellion and say well, it's just not real, how can this be discussed? And even worse will actually scupper further confirmation that you do by saying the seeds of doubt.

Be sensitive to your inner feelings and establish wisely. Make sure you feel comfortable with the verification. Make sure your confirmation is not dead and ensures that your affirmation is based on the present, not the future (the future will never come).

Here are some examples of incremental affirmations to make at the beginning of your zoom device compared to affirmations that can damage your inner voice in rebellion:

  • I'm getting thinner – I have a thin beautiful body (imagine someone affirming this and then immediately after looking into the mirror to see something completely different).
  • I've lost two pounds this week. – I lose twenty pounds in two weeks (who will fill you with positive ability and who will cause doubt?)
  • I am eating healthy food. I love to eat. – I never eat French and cake again (negative motivates the elephant element I'm sure you've heard of – don't think about a big white elephant, what are you thinking about?

Watch for emotional responses to confirmation your and nurture seeds for progress in all areas of your life.


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