I recently had the opportunity to join the Indian Indian Indian Ceremony known as the Sweat Lodge. I learned from tribes, direct representatives, (accepted relative brothers recognized) that Crow Indian Nation allowed relatives to use the sweat if some conditions were met. Also in the previous story, I had the pleasure of spending a good time with the boss of Crow Nation, Chief Dan Old Elk. Old Elk and I spoke native Indian orders and the topic of energy in general. That in itself was a great topic for another article.

In order to have the right to perform the ceremony, it must be properly trained. It's all about the safety of the participants. In addition to security, the basic knowledge of philosophy will also be maintained, which does not mean danger. In exchange for the right to "pour" the ceremony, the following items are available in business. A blanket, tobacco, a small amount of currency and personal items valued by the donor. Here is the Universal Law Fair Exchange.

A short list of things seemed to pay little for a license to conduct a holy ceremony. After a trip to Wal-Mart for carpet and tobacco, the rest of the items were easily put together. Currency was available. The personal team gift was harder. I decided that my favorite old drawing ball, with the wolf who was crying in the moon, would be suitable. Like most of my favorite t-shirts, in Larry Cable Guy Fashion, sleeves were removed immediately. I also love the universal "right on bare arms" The shield was splattered with several colors of various paints from years of use.

Sweaty day came a little too soon for me and I was beginning to hear my ring on the phone that woke me up very well. I seem to be leaving about one hour. I jumped up to take care of the necessary day in the morning and headed for the fast paced location across the legal boundaries. Upon arriving at the sweaty side, I noticed that I was late, so there were several other participants.

Training started in a circle, as is common for the company I work for. We use a lot of traditions (licensed) from Crow Nation. The ring represents the endless cycle of life. Elders stand in key positions that mark North, South, East and West. The ring begins with a leader who says, "What goes around is coming." Then we move our heart to the heart. After the embrace, the person begins the command, (the north) teaching. Basically, the next twenty minutes were about corporate policy and security strategies, and of course, a recent tragedy in Sedona Arizona. Google it if you are interested.

We then talked about gifts that mattered. The blank represents comfort. Tobacco came from the mother of the earth. The exchange rate includes a fair exchange, something of value for something of value. In control, silver or gold will be more appropriate, (because the Central Bank notes for each debt.) Personal gift to me is the most important.

A colleague provided two beautiful works that had obviously been appreciated and highly symbolic. One pencil, the other colored pencil. For a moment, I was jealous, who became envious, who hurried and ended up as self-confidence.

Another colleague woke up very special to watch it as a youth. Later, she lost her view of the pond. She improved her vision, even though she was in a disfavorable position but very special to her. And so it went with myself and with another colleague who explained our gifts.

It is important to keep in mind that typical participants are diverse groups with many religious backgrounds. Teachers explained that while everyone can have different religious systems, spirituality comes in all churches. In order to be true to Crow Ceremony, it is necessary to offer prayer to a great father or grandfather. It is also necessary to honor the mother of the earth. I personally had no problem with the Crow Faith System. My personal choice, however, is to pray first to Mother Earth, then Father Heaven. Does it make me boy mom?

After the gifts were collected, we went out into a clock-spin that represents the upward spiral.

We still had another employee to operate the door. This person (doorman) was also responsible for passing "hot stones" and water through the door opening at a certain time. It is noteworthy that the doorman is also responsible for keeping trespassers from running between the kitchen and the kitchen. It advances negative energy from enduring the area. Those who participated in the festival had already committed the sanctuary to the ring.

I will not discuss the process of building the sweaty side at this time. This in itself is another sacrament. Although the sweat bowl is a small dome based on a hickory-bough frame work that is approximately eight feet per square foot and about five feet high. The nourishment or skin is a heavy canvas shaped so that when it is inside it is a cold black environment. The interior of the enclosure, which is inside the door, is earthy about a foot deep and three feet in diameter. The actual cabin icon is as follows; frame and cover when inside indicates inside Buffalo, and the tomb with glowing hot stones represents the heart.

Outside the sweat in the distance safely from flammable materials, the fire is located where stones are allowed to go to temperature. Hardwood some seasoned and some green are ideal for bringing stones to a temperature suitable for producing the right amount of steam. It is suggested that at least fifty or sixty hand or melon stones be available in the sweat side. Rocks should not be sandstone, but it is generally what was available for that particular act. Apart from the fire, several containers of water were stored to serve many purposes. At the end of the ceremony, it is necessary to extinguish the fire.

Apart from the swab, there was a small pile of cliffs that participants could place personal objects to bless them with the power of the refining process to evolve. It is believed that items placed there would attract the same benefits that are received and within the suite.

Attendees who bow or crawl around the door in a clock wise direction to continue up the helicopter theme. Once inside the actual ceremony began. It was a series of "slabs" with various elements that covered the number of ladles poured over hot stones. The numbers four, seven, ten and millions are significant. I decided not to go into the details in the issue. It is very important that "what happens in the sweat pavilion is in the sweaty side."

Actual action is about an hour and a half. There were breaks between the wells to add rocks and provide drinking water to the participants. I do not know for sure, but I will stop guessing that in the old days there was no water crime. Of course, you probably had to fast and do without water.

The area ended in the hall, which was decorated by participants who gathered in another circle. Close thanks given to everyone in the circle including the orthotic. Then we called out and went up for a bucket bath. This was a decent end to an awesome act.

From a personal perspective, I live the following. In line with Universal Law as I understand them, gathering like minded individuals is synergistic and even in business market forces (as darn form again) is known as a championship. The release of negative energy from the energy system and the body is an awesome form of cleansing. To say positive affirmation and appreciation is certainly an adult form; (Self Diagram)

James "Jim" Blackstone

Footnote: Another act that is not mentioned but the usual is to practice "smudging". Again, this is another act worthy of your own article.


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