Soccer Training – 6 tips to encourage young players and build team spirit

In this article, there are 6 tips that football coaches can use to encourage players and build a spirit. It's written for football, but the ideas apply to other sports.

1. Praise your players when they do something that you want to encourage (this means raising them while in the field by getting their attention and giving their thumbs, pats and smiles on them or yelling "Way to to go "or something similar).

2. Promise special features so that they know what the praise is for .

3. Call the players together for half an hour and give you encouragement . If they have done something good, say something special to encourage this behavior, such as "Kate, you really are hustling". If there is something they need to work to say something inspiring like "Sam, I know you can be a great goalkeeper".

4. Use soccer games to encourage and reward activity, courage, skill, cooperation, assisting, listening to coaches and everything you want to encourage . At the end of the game, call your players around you and encourage parents to watch while you have a patch.

5. Choose team name and team refresh like "Play hard and fun" or "1-2-3 Go Team". Take them all together on the pitch right before the game and just before the second half begins. Show them how to get in the ring and put their hands on each other's shoulder to comfort or how to stand in the circle and touch all the touch.

6. After each goal, the whole team, including Goalie, come together in a round and hold the team . (The Brazilian squad does this). This makes it clear that scoring a goal is working in a team.


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