The definition of success – its true meaning

It is no coincidence that you find yourself reading this article. You were obviously looking for a true definition of success or you hadn't clicked on the branch link. Your search for defining success led you to the standard reference sites such as or and found their definitions to read something like this – to succeed, rank, honor, or the like or have a favorable termination or attempt . Take a few moments and ask yourself these three questions and build your answers solely on the definitions previously specified.

1. Do I count well?
2. Am I having all the money, material assets, status or honor I desire?
3. Has the outcome of my efforts been favorable?

Did you answer no to one or maybe all three questions? If so, think, "I think I'm not a success, and if I'm not successful then I have to be a failure." Yes, if you are thinking, you are quite right, a failure you are. However, do not get discouraged, success is still achieved, even for the "mistake" of this world.

First things first. Stop measuring your performance with typical online definitions and other reference materials. If you don't, you'll forever see yourself as a failure. That being said, take a moment to learn and rub another definition of success, probably the best thing you'll ever hear. This definition of success is not found on public websites or in some hardback dictionaries. It comes from a man named Earl Nightingale. Mr. Nightingale was a talkative speaker back in the 1950s and was known as "Dean of Personal Development." He defined success in this way – "Success is the progressive implementation of valuable ideals."

Wow! It is worth reading again – "Success is the progressive implementation of valuable ideals." Let yourself take a moment to break this definition down so that you can truly swallow the true meaning of success.

Progressive – which means experimenting on continuous progress.
Implementation – turning something imagined into reality.
Worthy ideal – something that guarantees great merit and excellence.

Look at it this way – Success is a constant effort to take something of great value that you have imagined and worked on until it is always realized. This is not great! No matter what your ideal is, you are successful as long as you constantly strive to change your dream, your goals, your desires into reality. So you won't be experiencing that you haven't yet reached, you will focus, set your daily goals, and before you know it, you'll achieve it.

to succeed!


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