The power of positive affirmation in career guidance

The works of human mind are magnificent – and very powerful! By eliminating health problems or chemical imbalances, we can control our minds that control our actions. I'm talking about negative thoughts that prevent us from taking positive action and getting what we want. Our thoughts affect our mood and behavior; negative thoughts can cause us to feel lost or mad, but positive thoughts can make us feel good and feel good about ourselves and others. When we think of finding or entering a new job, we can be confident and fearful, which can lead to a lack of self-confidence and prevent us from taking steps to succeed.

If we want to reach our goals, we need to change our thoughts and patterns of thinking from negative to positive. These negative cognitive disorders, according to Beck (1976), may include the following:

  1. Enlargement – this involves looking at conditions that are more terrible than it is.
  2. Minimization – this includes your underestimated ability to cope with difficult situations
  3. Everything or Nothing Thought – this is when you feel you are absolutely the best or the worst; There is a black and white thought with no color entertainer
  4. Customization – this involves identifying yourself in a situation without good reason
  5. Featured attention – this involves focusing on a threatening or annoying situation but forgetting the positive or good things.
  6. Fortune-Telling – this means that you know the future and that it will always be negative or what you fear will be true without a reason
  7. Overgeneralization – this includes a negative situation and assuming it will always be negative [19659004] Emotional Reasoning – this means assuming something is true because you want it to be true rather than reality.
  8. Truth Causes – this involves persecuting or predicting a terrible future or if there is always a negative reaction to a situation

It is important to evaluate your thinking and see if you use one of these disorders in your thinking pattern . It's easy to say "no one will hire me" or "I'll never find a career I'm happy with". In order for you to solve these negative thinking patterns, it is important that you can be labeled when you use them. One of the best ways I recommend is to use positive affirmations, which are words or phrases that are said daily and emphasize positive thoughts; You are basically reprogramming your brain to automatically think about these positive thoughts instead of negative ones. It can often be uncomfortable at first but when you start and do it constantly, it will be easier. They say it takes 30 days for something to become a habit, so keep exercising. Write a confirmation on a 3 x 5 memory card or target and place it on the mirror in your bathroom, on the refrigerator, in your car – put it where you will see it and mention it.

Some endorsements to help achieve your goals, which can also work for any goal you are trying to achieve, are:

  • I succeed in everything I do
  • I'm confident and qualified
  • I
  • I'm confident we meet new people
  • I will be confident in my interview
  • I will face my fears and think positively
  • I am well [19659021] There are thousands of others. If you don't like any of these, think about your own. The key is to find one that encourages you and says at least every day, if not often a day; say it before bed makes it more powerful and stays with you longer. Before you know you will see the power of positive affirmations where you take more action with greater confidence and self-esteem and achieve your goals!


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