Zip It Up!

Words mean so much. They are not just empty speeches, they have power. The thing with them is that we can use our words to shape our lives. Negative words, both against us and others, have a negative impact.

Being negative about yourself in anyway can ruin your life for a while. No matter how terrible you feel about yourself or certain situations, do not verbally criticize and run down yourself. Don't wake up with prejudicial words throughout the day like "Today is not such a good day for me, I feel terrible and I am so frustrated" Don't always do it to yourself because soon enough is frustrated and awful. Most of those who criticize and condemn how unattractive they are, how no one wants to be around them, how they can never be accepted, etc., live their lives with these words perfectly formed and engraved in their hearts, so that even when other people thank them and want to be with them, find it so difficult to accept and no matter how positive you try to be around them, they see you as trying to deceive them or who are standing with them and continue to continue their negative world .

One of the main reasons people go down themselves is when they compare themselves to others. This is especially evident in the physical jurisdiction of people, especially women, against their bodies. This sentence comes from reading beauty magazines and watching fashion shows, seeing the beauty and fashion of the models, and then trying to be like them and failing. These models have over twenty people working on them for each shooting or fashion show, and they come out of the runway and look like they just went from heaven. The camera tricks adds the pictures and videos so you see them and want to look them out! When you do not get a result, you cursed and run down yourself. What a mistake!

You have the power to change any situation with words you speak. Don't let the words describe your life; Let your words design how you want your life to be. Take five minutes a day and make positive statements to you. Tell you how beautiful you are, how effective and responsible you are. Talk about the outcome you want for your life before you begin to see the results. Send up your mouth at the moment that negative thoughts try to translate words and replace them with something positive.


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