10 great ways to have a detailed policy agenda

New employee policy agenda, also known as NEO, helps employees get to know the values, ethics, vision and goals of new business and also learn about policies and procedures. If you already have a proposed strategy in hand, nothing is better than that. If you are not, there is no time better than the present.

Let's look at some common new guidelines for employee agendas:

  • Surprisingly, most employees do not go through the planned strategy plan at all. The company understands it for the employees to learn about the institution itself or from their colleagues.
  • Most organizations consider the strategy a task that only the HR department commits to. It is not. While HR helps to develop a good NEO program, it is the faculty that cares for their new entrants.
  • Policy should not be a simple event. Keep track of updates and always provide further assistance to new employees.
  • Usually, the company understands employees with brochures of documents, papers and rules and regulations to read later. This means almost nothing because new employees rarely read them.
  • Some innovation companies are all about implementing new entrants through various rules and regulations of the organization. While important, it should be a minor part of the process, along with many other important information.

10 ways to organize a perfect new employment agency program:

  1. Avoid misrepresenting role : When a new employee unites the agency and finds that he has been hired to do things that are completely different from what he thought he was doing, where the first vision goes.
  2. Written plan is always better : A new plan containing goals, plans, plans and plans helps employees over confessions about their role and instead opens up new dimensions to discuss new opportunities.
  3. Get your papers ready : Form of government, such as direct deposits, benefits, etc., will be ready before the employee unites the agency.
  4. Introduce the employee to their team : The employee should know who is working in the team with him and it should introduce others to the team on the staff profile as well.
  5. Give them some help and attention : When you are in a wake-up call, don't answer your mobile phones or get busy with the system. Make sure you pay close attention to your employee.
  6. Workstation in ready-made equipment : Before joining the proposed day, the employee must be prepared with stationery, special systems such as a telephone; a laptop or desktop should be in perfect working conditions.
  7. Create balance : First days are strong. Get them right into the establishment of your company at work – organize lunch with other team members.
  8. One Time Schedule : Make sure you contact your employee, whether it be regular communication, weekly discussion, or 30-90 days of feedback.
  9. Introducing Company Culture : Provide employee information on life at work. Tell them about the company's policies, clothing books, benefits, etc.
  10. Think about the first few days : Make sure you have a 90-day stop where you request a formal feedback from an employee. Take this opportunity to hear them all the worries or compliments they faced in these many days.

A good strategy plan does not help new employees understand the organization and organization, but also benefit the company in the long run. It reduces labor costs and also saves a lot of time for employees and supervisors. It also increases staff morale and cuts employee turnover.


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