Advantages and disadvantages of online recruitment

The use of the Internet for recruitment has continued to increase, and many companies are now providing the ability to apply for jobs for their corporate companies. Like many other online activities, there are pros and cons to online hiring. On the balance, however, numerous online benefits weigh considerably more than the overalls.

Benefits of working online

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Entrepreneurs are now viewing online recruitment as an integral part of any recruitment policy, as it allows them to find much larger and geographically reachable jobseekers and find highly qualified candidates for the positions they are looking to fill.

Lower Costs

Online job status is much cheaper compared to traditional recruitment methods, such as advertising in newspapers. Also, online work sites tend to offer smaller ad packs to increase the visibility of each online promotion, giving added value to the employer.

The online work process can also help employers avoid the use of intermediaries, such as recruiters, thus avoiding the costs associated with it. This approach also allows the employer to directly contact potential candidates.

Time saving

The time that has to be sent to find and hire a good candidate is also much less due to increased automation in the process. Automatic filtering can be applied to scan applicants to ensure that only applicants that match certain conditions can apply for the job. This can save a lot of time by reducing the amount of programs to choose from very quickly.

Disadvantages of Web Practices

Representatives of Candidates

It is very possible that an employer can receive great applications if the screening process is not used effectively or the criteria are set too loose. Many will include information in their formats since they have little experience, but if this information matches the criteria set, then an application can still be submitted.

Wrong Information

This is a danger in any recruitment process, but could be considered more so when working online. What candidates have said about themselves online in their profiles or projects may not necessarily match the skills they really have. The skills that they may not be able to verify before the employee actually meets the applicant, which means that time can be wasted on meeting candidates who are not eligible.


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