Being in touch Vs alone

Being in touch can be much more fun than being alone. Relationships make sure you always have a person to share your results with. It ensures you have someone to escape your problems. When you're in a relationship you have someone to spend the weekends with, you have someone to share dinner with when you're blue and you have someone to encourage you when you compete for a promotion or promotion. But there are also disadvantages to it. Unlike when you are an individual, you must always consider how your spouse will suffer before you do something. You must request permission if you want to go out with your friends. You must reply to text messages and calls at once, otherwise the other will fail or ignore.

How do you deal with these disadvantages and make your relationship successful? Here are some tips to help you.

1. Always talk. This talking thing goes beyond the regular daily chit chats you do. You must make sure that you talk seriously regularly so you know each other's feelings. When you are clear about how the dreams would come, do not worry too much about how he or she will respond to what you are about to do. You can more or less measure his response to your decisions.

2. Put expectations. It is important to early in the relationship that you already put what you want from each other. This will prevent misunderstandings. Be sure of these expectations. Discuss how much time you want to spend with each other. Tell them when gimmicks with friends are okay at regular intervals or are completely avoided.

3. Search for training. You may think that this part is not necessary as training is only for bridging relationships. It's not true. Even good relationships can have a very good effect on training. Training helps couples set goals and expectations. It can also help create commitments that make the relationship stronger. Coaches can also design trust-building programs.

Staying alone can give you a certain sense of independence and freedom as you are not responsible for anyone. But who says people in relationships can't do this?


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