Coach Vs Counselor – What is the Difference?

Are you a consultant? Or a coach?

Is there a difference in your fees? Are Coaches More Expensive? Or would a consultant pay more? Does it matter?

What is the difference?

When I first met the Business Advisor, I thought he was an incredible person and offered his services a good way to help the company come back and # 39 feet and revive the goal of being in business – make a profit. He offered some friendly advice and encouraged the business owner to achieve some worthwhile goals that would change their current business practices. Then continued to explain to me the difference between the advisor (he) and the coach (me).

Coaches – help individual people meet their inspiring heads, become inspired and achieve their dreams. In fact, a coach is an individual who encourages you to achieve your goals and meet your personal potential.

Consultants – reviewing business status and promoting projection where the business will go, if nothing changes, then change the business to meet different expectations. In short, a counselor is an individual who helps business discover and reach its full potential.

The three steps that both counselors and coaches take absolutely do not help individuals or companies to reach their full potential:

Step # 1 – View the current status of individuals or businesses.

Usually completed with an interview, a person looks at the current status or financial position of companies with audit and highly effective.

Step # 2 – Reviewing current operations and adaptations to direct.

Step two comes in two parts, reviewing the current situation and evaluating what will happen after the downturn, remain the same or uprising events. Then the adjustment assessment of what needs to be changed, who will make changes and how they will affect the business or individual as a whole. This can take some time, from a few days to several months, as well as the process of transplanting needed to exchange.

Step # 3 – Review of change and change points.

Regardless of which policy is taken, a good trainer / consultant will request a periodic discussion of the situation to determine the expected results and results. Without this process, the trainer / consultant will not know if he has succeeded in making the required changes.

Who do you want to help?


Or the company?


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