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You know the famous words attributed to Confucius: "Choose a job you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life." You know it and you want it, but how can you find a job that pleases you whatever you love? Even if you don't worry about what you want, you don't know how to get it. You're not alone.

According to the Gallup-Healthways Welfare Index *, fewer US employees are happy with their jobs or work they do than before the economic crisis began in 2008. At the end of April 2011, 87.5 percent of Americans were accepted by their 18-year-olds and older employers or self-employed is happy with their work. And there are Americans who have jobs. While reviewing the entire year (since data for 2011 have not yet been completed), California's environmental index declined in the ranking of 21 out of 50 countries. The work environment index measures Americans & # 39; perception of their job satisfaction, ability to use a person's strengths at work, treatment of a supervisor (more like a boss or a spouse) and that a supervisor creates an open and trusted working environment. Fortunately, San Diego is ranked 52th out of 188 cities ranked. Los Angeles is ranked 80 and while Ventura is 132 and Riverside is 139 out of 188 cities. The working environment index does not take into account subjective health, physical health, health behavior, basic behavior, or the life-assurance index, which the Gallup health-care index also shows.

Often people find it necessary to fit them into a job that is open to work safety. No wonder 22.5 percent of Americans are unhappy at work. What is the choice, ask? Clarify what you want. Of course, it's more complicated that it sounds (otherwise it would have already done so). Explore your unique abilities, gifts, natural talents, interests and experiences. Evaluate what you really want if there is the freedom to be a creative or freedom timetable or both, among other things. If you want to be creative at your work, how do you want to be creative? There are 23 different ways to be creative at the Life Purpose Institute in San Diego.

Once you've done a deep self-examination, you can design a career for yourself. First, are you aware of all the work options out there? If not, you may want to seek more information and professional guidance. In the vocabulary dictionary, more than 12,000 jobs are listed, but why only limit your career? By looking for professional guidance (for example, with a recognized career manager), you can customize your career and help you make this career faster and easier than if you were working alone. Talk about finding a job you love!

Finding a job you love takes exploration, clarity and knowledge of your options. No matter what your circumstances, with a strategic plan can move you towards your goals quickly. People who focus on finding work that they love and doing significant work face the best prospects of success in these difficult times.

* The Gallup-Healthways Welfare Index is in the US and UK welfare and offers the best healthcare solutions and interviews are no fewer than 1,000 US adults nationwide each day, approximately 350 days.


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