How Subliminal Messages Stop Nail Your Biting

If your nails look because you have a constant nervousness to bite them, you can turn to sublime audio messages to help you.

What are subliminal audio messages?

Basically, the messages that can help you affect you are by sending the positive downline to influence the subconscious, part of the mind that controls your behavior and emotions.

Examples of positive confirmations of the subordinates that can be sent include: "I control my impulses", "I am aware of my nail bits", and "I love my hands" .

Why do subliminals work?

Subliminal messages work because they can send messages in such a way that your consciousness will not interfere with them.

Consciousness is what your thoughts or external data first connect to. So, if you want to consciously tell yourself that you won't bite your nails again, it might be working, but only for a short time, as consciousness will probably only tell it before it even reaches the subconscious.

It will tell them the thought because it [sarcasm- you ) know deeply that it is not true.


Subliminal sound can overcome the nail bites that the message reaches to parts of the mind that affect your constraints to bite the nails – subconscious.

By listening to subline songs repeatedly and again positive affirmations similar to those listed above, you must be able to repeat your thoughts so that you no longer feel the need for nibble on your nails, you will begin to appreciate Your nails and skin around them much more, you will be able to relax with stress and basically you will be able to stop the habit altogether.

How does it work?

What is interesting about sublime sound is that you do not really hear the words spoken. All you hear is sounds as fun as they are, which are recorded to relax you and let you know that the subconscious is getting the positive downline.

Absolutely the reason you are working for yourself is because you cannot consciously hear them.

They work when you listen to them daily because your subconscious will almost nothing but accept the message it receives, especially because this way will lead you to your conscious desire to stop biting your nails and thus has solved internal conflicts that have probably worried about you for a long time.


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