How to discover your inner abilities

I believe everyone has innate abilities – skills that they have innate ability, but "I'm not particularly talented in anything" is a phrase I often hear from my training baskets.

The statement seems to come from the belief that the value of the label is "capability", capability or capability must be both specific and recognized by the public. So we freely believe that LeBron James is a talented basketball player or Meryl Streep talented actress. But we do not see our own behavior that reflects unique abilities.

It is true that one dictionary definition of "talent" is the ability to perform skills better than most. But I find it rather diminishing that the most common comparison to judge talent is external – "How is my ability to compare XXX to the suitability of all others to do XXX?" – rather than the inner one – "How is my ability to compare XXX with my ability to do YYY?"

It may look like a small team, but the result is that many ask themselves, "Am I a talent?" rather than a more constructive – and more accurate – question, "What skills do I have?"

I believe that everyone has talent and I define them as what you do well and that you can do it well because you have developed your natural abilities you were born with.

I believe that people find the greatest understanding of success and satisfaction by using their natural abilities. Luckily, most people enjoy doing what we are talented about. We just have to discover what they are!

Surprisingly, just because you choose these activities and roles doesn't mean you know them as abilities. For various reasons, we are often unaware of our abilities, or we release them as "nothing special".

When we see what we do well, it is easy for us, like "ordinary" or "something someone can do" to lose an understanding of what makes us unique. Discovering and qualifying our talents is an important key to opening the door to success.

Success is accomplished when you know, demand, and utilize your talents. By understanding and evaluating your abilities, you can find the environment where they are valued. And release behaviors and roles that do not come at the same level of joy and fulfillment.

Recognizing what you are especially talented about doing is the first step to claiming them as yours. Taking another step consciously means finding new opportunities to use them.

Take the time to think about what you are doing that others shout at or ask you to help them – especially what you think is ridiculously easy and they think it's hard.

Choose one or two skills you have identified and think about how to use them now. When you are happy start increasing your chances. What are some new ways you can use these skills?

Make every effort to use your newly listed skills as often as possible next week. Once you have selected a vote, select one from your list. Keep moving down the list until you have demanded all your skills!


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