No evidence of theory

Approval in the community has almost become necessary. We somehow need to fully understand those we associate with. So much, there is a protocol to follow for every occasion. Anything that needs to be covered all the time cannot be found in this predefined code of conduct. There is room for misunderstanding when there is such a gap between what is meant to be understood and anything.

Such a joint opinion mandate is based on the notion that every action and word has significance. These effects may vary depending on the reception. Sensitivity to a particular substance can apply the response of anger, hurt and pain. Paying attention to protocols prevents such an event while keeping a bunch that is supposed to be quiet and allowing them many misunderstandings. When what needs to be quiet it is necessary to be known, to ask for an explanation is uncomfortable because the code of conduct defines invisible but cannot define everything that is disagreeable.

Discussing this issue is the consent we seek from each other for what we do and what we live on from what we expect from each other. They surround and dictate our relations, our views, and our views when this is the case. They are limited to human capabilities. They also create unnecessary addictions and relationships that neither encourage nor support the cause. They serve the community without a profitable purpose.

If it is done away, society will need to divide the system. One where every action and word spoken is done in full conviction of purpose and purpose. One where every action and word is spoken is only received if it is in tune with goals and objectives. Not to be in agreement that we are still seeing and hearing whatsoever while fully understanding our purposes and purposes and doing what is needed to achieve while it does not cause any inconvenience to those we take in the process. what such an exchange would require. It is better to use to make the world better, when you respond to the above interest is not looking for and not dependent on positive motivating answers for what you do. It makes the self stronger, safer and gives room for one to grow into limitless measures.


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