Positive emotions are the keys to success – Use magical affirmations to open the door

It is easy to deceive your mind and you can do it even when you do not believe what you say. This is why repeating positive statements that you create or use when entering the string is important; That's why they work.

How to Remind Confirmation

Positive, independent affirmation must be read out loud, every day and at least twice a day. The more you repeat them, the more natural they will feel; Until one fine morning you wake up and find yourself telling them, even two pages long – as I am – without referring to printed text.

In exercise, your mind has reminded them and you don't have to repeat them aloud every time. You can now tell them anywhere without being unconscious. You can even feel the noise while repeating them. That means that both conscious and subconscious minds are now pulling in the same direction, focusing only on the goal you want to achieve.

Positive emotions are the key to success

Your feelings are the key to your success in any effort. If you do not find it, you will not. There is no question of any pain, no benefit. It's scrap. It is a matter of no desire, no will, no emphasis and therefore a moderate success. Your feelings are fuels that fuel the machine with a desire that creates a fire that in turn encourages and drives you towards your goal.

How to Confirm Expectations

You have an idea. You are very excited about it and you know it is very good. It's the clue you're on the right track. You want to build on that idea, but you lack the confidence of past mistakes. And moral help can be or is not there for you but you want to do it very badly. Before creating plans that inevitably fail in your current emotional state, create a few affirmations first.

  1. Make two separate lists with the title "Want" and "Don't Want";
  2. Briefly tell what you do not want to do one piece of paper;
  3. The update you want on your still unedited project, on the other page;
  4. Make two more lists with "Feelings of Fails" and "Feelings of Success";
  5. Describe how you felt in the past when you failed something you wanted. and
  6. Briefly describe the success list of how you want to feel when you succeed this time;
  7. Tear up the list of negative – "do not want" and "fail" – trash them;
  8. Create your confirmation from two positive effects lists.

A positive statement must always be written in modern times as they are already happening! This is how magic verification is used to open the door for your wishes.

This does not mean that doubts, concerns and fears are beneficial. We humans are very emotionally expensive so it will never happen. For when negative thoughts arise, say your affirmations immediately as you remember them, even if you repeat the same sentence. It will work as a magnet and call others in mind.

It took three months for my positive statements to "kick in" because I didn't tell them every day or I tried to repeat them out loud. The process usually takes thirty days with consistent, daily exercise. Whenever you are well on your way to always memorizing them. This is how to fake it until you do it because you can fool your mind.

Practice to perfection and repeat, repeat, repeat every day. Reading will not make it happen. You need to hear yourself say the words. Sometimes your confidence will increase and you may find yourself changing what you wrote. It's normal. Do it and sound right in front of you. You are your own expert.

Positive affirmation encourages positive emotions. They are keys that open the door to success.


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