Three questions to ask before becoming a vendor

You have been a vendor for many years and a sales license opens. You have consistently been the largest distributor of the company and won prizes and awards from the Executive Board. You apply for the position of sales manager and earn a position based on past performance and a great attitude.

But three months in your new position, ask yourself, "Did I make a mistake?"

Some of these regrets can be traced to the steep learning curve because the sales managers need different skills than sales managers. Or may you regret having realized that you have made the wrong choice.

Ask these questions and decide if you really want to be a sales manager.

1. Enjoy training and training? Teaching and training always looks like fun – and it is. It's also boring, needs endless patience as you perform role-playing games and abilities to enhance your team's abilities. Resellers are like well-trained athletes. They have to run the plays over and over until they become another character, which allows the seller to perform under stress. It is said, "Infinite patience produces immediate results."

Setting new habits and skills takes time, effort and patience. Do you have patience to develop people?

2. How comfortable are you in keeping people accountable? As a sales manager, you must make sure that your sales force is involved in the proper operation and number of actions needed to create a full point of sale. My philosophy is that a salesman can always do the job because they control how much effort they will extend. If a salesman is not doing the job, successful sales managers are ready to have trouble with love.

They are not worried about being like. Their concern is to help this person reach their full potential – or find a job where they can do it. A professional sales process is not for everyone.

3. Enjoy analyzing numbers and data? Sales managers are committed to analyzing sales forecasts, conversion rates, and work-loss analysis, capturing trends, and working through the downs of large data that need to be translated into relevant data. Wing-it sales management does not work in the sales organization, so if the data is not broken your boat, then be in the individual sales of the boat manufacturer.

Everyone has a special collection of talents.

Use EQ's emotional self-knowledge skills and ask yourself difficult questions to assess your strengths and motivation before applying for sales management. Companies need strong leaders and strong merchants.

Good selling!


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