Why is relationship counseling always direct with women

Women often ask, "Why do we need to change?"

This is probably one of the first questions I said in training meetings or interviews with women. This question was also presented on another blog and across the internet. I will give my thoughts on this subject and would love to hear yours.

I will first answer your question with obvious: Women buy more books. Women buy contact books. In fact, women read books especially relationships or romantic novels. Therefore, if you are an author and publisher, who would you target? Women! This is a business response first.

Second, I always tell women they appreciate their power over men. Because they have a greater tendency to shift in perspective, it gives them the power to create the relationships they seek. How? Understanding how male brain works and what makes him mark and respond to a variable in a relationship.

I have trained men, given them advice, and undertook, but nothing happened in his current relationship. As a matter of fact, many times, they want a breakup. What I did was to help him change his identity and make all the difference in the world. But this current woman does not understand how people think and the relationship is resolved. Now was it teaching her? No blame game here, but all I will say is that it was within its power to correct the course. She really saw how her words were destroying his feelings and increasing his shame when she thought of help. This is no, no if you are looking for a loving relationship with a person. You see, the essence of a woman's vulnerability is fear and isolation, but with a man it is a shame.

The women I have trained are given the education of the male soul. This information has changed many to create the love they wanted. They learn about the emotional vocabulary gap, words to use to influence change, and any words that never use. She teaches how to appeal to the owner and patron of instinct and learn what he appreciates. What usually happens is that women come back to say he's more loving than ever. That's why I say women have all the power when she understands.

Don't confuse me, we have dogs out but if you have a working man who has value, these methods work like a charm.

Those who read this answer should know that people need to succeed. He feels good when he does it well. He can change his current situation by doing something and it works or was successful. It will increase their self-esteem in the core. Although women love to succeed, it does not have the same meaning as men. She just does it well when she feels good inside. So she is in the mercy of her destiny to feel good because she only comes from within her. Therefore, it is important that she needs to pamper and care for herself in this regard.

Women are better than men and have the ability to multitask because most men are highlighted souls. Her feminine energy is all-knowing and why she is sensory. All she has to do is grow water that energizes with technology and watch her flowers (her relationship) grow. I call it emotional intelligence.


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