Message from the Universe: It's Always Another Beginning!

"All you have to do, you've already done.

Let everything else be what you want to do.

That's what I want,
The universe" 19659002] Like everyone farmers out there, you need to plant seeds before you can benefit from the crop. Every step you take today, at the moment, will have a positive effect in the future. If you are just standing still and not doing anything, a year away, you will look back and live with regret, wondering why you didn't start them. So here I give you the opportunity to look into the future to return to your immediate past. Without using Delorean from Back in the future, you use the current experience to implement what you should do in this world. Sometimes you have to be unclean to bring you back to a place you were not supposed to go, as you need to keep achieving the very goals of your life. It is only you who can determine the best way to take your life and make sure you do not continue. I am not saying that you will not face challenges, obstacles, obstacles, disappointments during this course, but it will be up to you to choose whether it is your best choice for your welfare. It's hard to guess, I admit, since we can't really read or predict the future. While you have a good understanding of the best way to take, there are good options that you may need to take some wrong turns to eventually reach your destination. With these wrong turns, you might be surprised to leave the tour, wondering if the choices you made were the best, and start to guess from that point.

There is no shame to start, or go back to the beginning and watch the distant and uncertain future to choose another way. It can be hard to do this later in your life but just remember you'll never make the same mistake again. So the time that you originally took to reach a certain point in your life would not take as many years to regain the exact time you failed and continue. Everything will happen at a pace. If you can, remember the picture with Tom Cruise, "The Edge of Tomorrow", where every time he got killed, he woke up and started at the exact exact place where he was hit at the beginning of the movie. By going through the same journey again, he advised actions from alien enemies and could obstruct death as much as possible. He did, of course, but he always caught up with him at the end and it was during the war with foreigners. The writers and the director and the film somehow had a revival when they came with a script like this. Was a message behind this movie? Even though the physical body expires, consciousness is always. Was this movie trying to tell us something? Was the message being tried to try to connect with our subconscious? The answers are up to you.


Happiness: The goal

Money can buy happiness in hint, but only for a limited time! Let me explain. You see, the money must combine the consciousness that knows how to use the money to benefit him with the money. Money or something else that is only acquired for its own sake does not work and even creates grief by not using productive ones. Actually, real work is to use things right and be really productive in every way that counts honestly.

When I think about happiness and productivity, it's a loner: I think of Ebenezer Scrooge, before and after ghosts he visited Charles Dickens' story "A Christmas Carol". Sure, we can all upload wealth, but if we don't totally or enjoy it productive, what is it really worth? Nothing. Therefore, I always want to say that we must find that wealth for the sake of "righteous possession" is not rich. Its use in high-performance, real-life and enlarged features is close to real money but not quite there. Being a real service and enjoying what you do honestly in every way and creating a great life there there. That's where real wealth and happiness are. Sure, you can argue that "Do not win a lottery without work unless you buy real money too?" I would say, unless they are used as a spare, they are not rich. It's also rare for these lottery games to know what to do with a lot of money too. Indeed, this is another example of wealth because of the wealth of unconsciousness in cases where people end up poorer than before because they do not know what to do.

I'm not against wealth, but I'm all happy and productive with wealth.

Yes, I could say the standard, "get everything you can" write an article. Here, however, I want to get into the heart of wealth and happiness that really works to make a better life and existence. Ebenezer Scrooge got him up and this could be yours if you let it go. So I will say this is "get everything you can and use it just as you can and will be" an article. That's what I mean. After all, in humility and reality, genuine wealth is combined with happiness and productivity, or it is the greatest and poorest goal.


Article Marketing Tips – Set Article Marketing Your Goals Using SMART Formula

Marketing on the market requires that you have a well-planned plan. Gone are the days when you can write a few articles and immediately run a lot of traffic from the search engines and appear on several other websites at the same time. Having strategic goals becomes more important than ever. This article will show you how to do it effectively.

The SMART formula is a proven method for establishing and achieving a plan. SMART stands for specific, measurable, accurate, relevant and timely. Without further reaction, let us begin:

1. Specs
What will you achieve with market position? Why are the policies important to your business? How are you going to do that?

2. Measurable
If you can't measure it, you can't control it. To define results, you must set points that you use as milestones. There may be several short-term or small measurements.

3. Achievable
The goal must be realistic and possible. Don't get rid of one million visitors from the industry. It is not possible if you do not have the necessary resources to achieve it. Get started and grow from there.

4. Relevant
The goal must be important or affect your business. If you want to use article marketing to increase your business, develop a strategy that reflects it.

5. Time Specifics
The goal must be deadline. When should you expect to achieve that goal?

For example, if you are growing your business with articles by writing 100 articles within 3 months, you will need to write 1-2 articles a day, including weekends.

Use this method to set your market goals for yourself to explain what you want to achieve and achieve.


Why is the goal to succeed * IS * Rocket Science After All!

You will hear and read the following often when people talk about goal-setting work – "It's a simple theory to follow, it's not rocket science!"

] I say and write it myself all the time, and I believe what I've done for more than 20 years, and use it for great success in my life.
I wrote about the doctrine in my book and changed your life in 21 days! & # 39; Why should you write this article and say that goal game * is actually a moisturizer?

Ooh, a good question and here's the answer …

Simply because we can search for a research space (rocket research) to find the almost endless flow of the goal.
The newly revived US Space Shuttle Progamme is great to watch.
Now they show the entire project stream online online, so you get to see all the daily mysterious activities of the astronauts as well as the beautiful things.

In December 2006, the shuttle car played in conjunction with the international space station, and although the shuttle was only a few days away, they released crew members, Sunita Williams, to start a six-month stay at the station.

Yes, 6 months in space!

As I followed her progress, I was excited to learn that she needs 2 hours of exercise a day.
1 hour of ECG and 1 hour of work weight.

This is not to change it in superhumanism, just to watch our other people here on earth.

Because of its gravity, Williams & # 39; muscles, including heart, lungs, feet, arms, etc., will not be taxed as much as they are moving only in the gravity we find here.

If she hadn't been practicing for more than 6 months, she would be bad on the way back, she just wouldn't be strong enough to walk or do a simple job we take for granted.

Here she is 2 hours a day.

Now, a total classic tip in the field of goal is to give 1 fixed time per day to work on your goal.
If you do this, you have to shoot and limit what you had not thought possible.
The reason for this is that most people simply * do not * commit this time.
Time per day adds up to 7 hours a week (I went to school!) And you can do a lot for 7 hours.

So, when you work for your goal, think of Suni Williams in space.
When I write this, Jan 4, 2007, she gives 2 hours every day – not to succeed but just to watch others!
She keeps doing it every day for 6 months!

It's important in my book and she can do it, imagine what you can do with 2 hours a day for 6 months!
Can't find 2 hours every day?
Hold the clock 1 hour ago. It will still take you tremendously forward.

So, the goal is to achieve rocket research? It can be!


How to make sure your goals are of great impact

You might be very challenging about setting goals every year. Maybe even every quarter.

But not all goals are equal.

The goal may fall when they fail to fulfill valuable criteria that lead you to success.

That's why I created a tool called IMPACTOR Goals . Thus, you can create the goal of every minute to achieve goals and ban the way to reach them. .

IMPACTOR is an acronym that highlights the key steps in setting goals that matter, so your business can have an impact.

IMPACTOR goals begin with impact which I define as where your individual business meets the world and makes it better for all of us. Your impact plan needs to be clear before you start. What difference do you want to make?

Make sure your goals are measurable . It's tempting to be unclear. Do not submit it. What you recommend is more likely to happen.

The goal should be special, in particular . Rather than say, I want more customers, make your goal 10 more customers. Or two venturers, rather than just & # 39; more & # 39;

When you get into the planning of heat, lofty goals can take a bigger place than it is healthy. The goal should be challenging, yes, but then achieved as well, so you should not be paralyzed.

Can you describe your goal for your team members, those who want to do so? Be clear about what your goal is, so you can shape it.

Be time-specific . Give each goal a timeline. You might miss it a little and it's okay. Be ready to set, but not so much that the timeline has no teeth.

Now that you're aware of these assumptions, we're going to do some alchemy here. At this stage in the IMPACTOR model, targets become targets . That means they have been reviewed against the IMPACT criteria and found worthy.

Finally, create a list you get to do. Attach a few keywords to each goal, to explain how to achieve the goal. Your business is a gift to you and others. You gotta do this!

Make the goal of high profitability using the IMPACTOR Goals model. They will ensure that your goals reach you wherever you want, with great impact.


Objective: Dreams With Deadlines

"Goals are dreams with deadlines." ~ Diana Scharf Hunt

Is your goal to interest you and encourage you? The success of these goals seems so incredibly attractive that you salivate in the thought that it is over? Or … should I ask if you usually set goals?

I've held this discussion at the end of the month because the shortest month of the year is just around the corner and what better time to do some short-term goals to get us practicing!

Importance of goals

On our school days, assignments, deadlines and final exams are given. We've cleared and cut structures to succeed, and as long as we follow them and work hard, we will achieve what was meant for us.

As an employee, you are expected to possess special knowledge, complete tasks and meet their standards . Once again, our structure is to give us success.

If you simply want to allow situations follow your knowledge, development, and overall strategy, then you're happy to let other people set goals for you . It's definitely easier this way.

If we allow others to follow the evolution, we live for others and not for ourselves. Creating a personal goal helps us explore what we really want, have a passion for, and guide our journey to them.

Without goals, our dreams must always be dreams without a deadline and a road map to follow.

How Aim Help

The goal gives us new heights to strive to jump over and become better. Aim helps you get from YOU 1.0 to YOU ​​2.0. The good news is, you have a lifetime to get the release & # 39; YOU UNLEASHED & # 39 ;, but it will never be achieved without progressive action to get there. Goals are essential for continued personal growth.

Setting goals is to make a deal without you to reach a new level or take a step in the right direction. You give yourself a bar to achieve, and with Golly, you're about to reach it! Can you create goals that are so mouthwashing and awe-inspiring that you can feel heart rhythm in your heart just thinking about it?

Setting good goals

Good goals can not only affect your rational brain (the one who knows what you should do) needs to touch the emotional brain as well . What is the difference you can ask for?

When an emotional brain affects you feels the goal and all of you to perceive the need and motivation for action. thinking of rational brain may think but emotional brain gets you . Ever trying to work on something you know you should do but can't get gusto to do it? The two need to work together!

How Can We Affect Both Brains? To begin, a good goal needs a great vision.

Dreaming, imagining and your visual goals creates an emotional attachment to the desired outcome and those that are clear and exciting will easily be interpreted by the emotional brain.

If you want to be a great speaker, you can see standing in front of thousands of people while everyone laughs at your jokes, reassuring your stories, and later expressing their praise about how much they learned and got off your speech. Feel the gratitude, satisfaction and impact you made as it already happened. Feel the relevant income, then set goals to achieve it.

If your goals are not driving you, then you have set miserable goals.

Create a mark

Sometimes we aim for the sky and set big goals. This is great. Yet, if you are so far away, it is sometimes easy to lose focus on these goals. This is where signs come in. Signs are the magnifying glass that gives us a closer look at our progress.

I believe the signs to be "low targets". Looking at our long-term goals, our vision can be blurred and it can be difficult to recognize whether or not we have progressed. Signs are indicators . It is concrete, easy to recognize and a reason to celebrate. They are mile marks along your highway boundaries.

If you set the goal I will be a great public speaker "# 39. First, we need to know what a loudspeaker is and" # 39; what really matters. What are the features of a loud speaker? When we know where we are going, we set a goal by setting clear goals to meet … by deadline Your first sign could be: "I can talk comfortably in 10 minutes in front of a small group. "

Okay, I've set a few goals, now what?

Set a goal is half of the battle and reach those fun and challenging parts. have set quality goals and to maintain your goals, here are some suggestions:

  • A goal has to be scored on us A boring goal can lead to a short circuit
  • Keep your goals visible. among other things pay attention to them by seeing them regularly
  • Create a Sample Card
  • Take a little step daily. Robert Collier said "Success is the sum of small experiments, repeated day in and day out."
  • Keep score on your results. Write all your achievements along the way. Build Your Success! Often, success and failure are practices. What habit would you prefer?
  • Tell people . Some will hold you accountable and encourage you, and others will not care. This is also a good way to draw attention to people around you who are worried about your personal interest. As well, don't advertise goals until you are ready to be goals; if you give it up shortly, people will not achieve your goals and # 39; too serious.
  • Objectives can change. Sometimes your hopes and dreams change after your journey, this is not bad. Your goals have brought you to this point that is hopefully beyond what you had been. Now, make new ones and try again. There is no backpedaling when it comes to goals, the most important thing is to watch your passion and enjoy the journey.

"You want to set a goal that is big enough to make it happen." ~ Jim Rohn

Your task

] Activity 1:

Start developing a beautiful image in your mind where you see yourself for 6 months, 1 year, 5 years and 10 years. Imagine yourself as happy and cucumber living out your passion and dreams. Get back to where you are today and start taking steps to get there. Turn these steps into goals and be aware of them, see them regularly.

Task 2:

Let's make some positive changes next month! February is just around the corner and I urge you all to join me by making short-term goals to make a positive impact on our lives.

Is the habit or nature you want to change? Take one month's challenge! One month's challenge is a great opportunity to experience new perspectives, new insights, and inspire you! Whenever you are challenged, you are growing. Not a challenge = not growing.

At the end of the month, if you feel good and enjoy the changes, please argue! If the experience was not fun, ask yourself why, and you can always get back into the old one without changing without harm.

Here are some suggestions:

  • No television. (or no TV this week)
  • No coffee. (like most of us? Post a month and see if you can fix it!)
  • No alcohol. (Give the body (liver) pause. Also helps to discover who your friends are and who your friends are.]
  • Wake up early (Have you not seen the sunrise in … always? Try to be an early bird for a month and use peace and quiet
  • Practice Gratitude (Write a letter or tell a person how much you thank them every day)
  • No Smoking
  • Exercise daily for at least 10 minutes
  • Clear and organize the house your 10 minutes a day.
  • No fast food
  • Go to bed for 11.

The options are limitless. Choose one or create one that is special and useful to you. ] If you choose, you don't have to set yourself up for failure by doing it. You can set rules to follow that still contribute to growth. What about 1 cigarette per day or 1 coffee before noon? , but small changes are more useful than extremes that ensure failure. Check out my article on & # 39; Kaizen & # 39;.


The goals you set are not a promise but a commitment to success

We should be open to where life is leading.

There is no guarantee of achieving our goals as they do not promise but commitment to achieve them. How does this idea appeal to you? You may well achieve your goals, but if you are not aware of your suggestions, it will have little impact on your long-term happiness. As you know, setting goals is easy but being committed to them when things are difficult is another story. Undoubtedly, the goal is to succeed, although success is rarely guaranteed because of changing circumstances that can cause our goals to change.

Can you teach with this because the goals you set change along the way? I've created countless individuals about their goals. To my consciousness, when they went to the goal, the way to achieve that goal became changed. It is not that the goal lost its power, but it developed more insight into what they wanted to achieve. Allow me to show by personal example. Long ago when I started, I sought to be an international ambassador who traveled the world and gave the main advocates. I had participated in speaker training with a variety of coaches and regularly talked to company companies and runs general courses and courses. However, since I no longer felt as passionate about speaking as I once did. Instead, I turned to writing more that affected my message. I recruited writing coaches and trainers to improve my writing and the more I watched this, the more passionate I became. I published three books with internationally famous authors who wrote the headlines. My goal is to work towards achieving our goals of change and contemplating being open where life is leading us.

Can you tell this story in your own life? Have you set out to achieve a goal and has it changed along the way? If you've finished, was it better than your original goal? What is often said to achieve our goals is not as rewarding as the one we must become. I can confirm the personal growth that I experienced over the years and the lesson that pushed me out of the comfort zone and developed my personality. Obstacles and defeats have shaped my prospects, although sometimes I have thought to give up because I lost all hope. There was no money coming in and customers were canceling, but I was still committed because I believed in what I was doing. We do not know what we can achieve when we seek a goal, regardless of how difficult it is. At this time, our greatest growth will occur because we realize that things are not as bad as they seem.

Who are we because of our actions

No doubt you have your own stories of uncertainty and give up on goals, career or mission. What makes the story more convincing is the story that follows. For example, give up or find a way through it? There is not much to stop or press, but who we are because of our actions. The choices we make today either create a future or one filled with regret and disappointment. Decisions often make for a difficult morning. Therefore, our goal is to understand who we want to be. The more the goal is, the more difficult it is to reach and the greater your personal growth. Therefore, we must examine our motives to pursue our goals when we begin with them. Moreover, whoever we become when we reach our goals is something that sustains our attention. That's why I'm drawn to the council that is being destroyed by the creators of Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness, who writes in Peak Performance: Hold the game, prevent burning and prosper with new science of success: " There is nothing more pleasing or satisfactory than setting goals on the outer boundaries that we consider possible, and systematically pursuing them. "In unexpected turns, we are often our best when we darken ourselves altogether in becoming better. "

With this in mind, I think you reflect your current goals. Regardless of where you are, spend the time answering the following questions: Why is this goal important? What will achieve this goal in my life? Who will Does this aim to improve my life and the lives of others? It is when we are committed and focused on our vision that we will probably achieve our goals and do not lose interest in the way that a British-American author and writer Simon Sinek defines in Our Golden Circle Rules Understand Why Ours If we want our goal to be a commitment to success, we must do everything in our power to reach that goal, so as not to weaken its implementation.


Growing SMART Fundraising Goals

SMART is an acronym that works with prominent popularity in world trade, which represents the key factor of experts who generally agree to be part of your goals to align yourself with success. This system was introduced in 1981 when George Doran's article (where the SMART way of writing management goals) emphasized the need to evaluate methodology what you want to work to maximize the chances of success.

This wave of birth in the five-part model to nurture the best goals for projects in many industries. Although many variations have been found to explain the SMART boundary phenomenon, the perfect model for fundraising would include;






Using this SMART model to grow and set goals for fundraisers and other projects facilitates the creation of effective action plans for them, and also facilitates later assessment of performance levels. Appropriate advice and advice on fundraising activities, especially for profit, charitable organizations, and social business, can be accessed through the use of appropriate free advice and fundraising advice.

The SMART model fundraising feature for fundraising can be explained as follows;


It is first and foremost very important when setting goals to determine exactly what the final result is. For fundraising funds, being specific is simply to be clear about the financial goals and impacts of your business when these goals are met.

Learn more to answer questions about & # 39; & # 39; what & # 39; & # 39; need to be done to realize the set goals? And & # 39; & # 39; each & # 39; & # 39; is benefiting from the meeting with these goals? Together with & # 39; & # 39; where & # 39; & # 39; and & # 39; & # 39; why & # 39; & # 39; increase selectivity. Clearly identifying and writing these special goals helps avoid distractions. Examples of specific fundraising goals could be:

  • Get 200 new donors
  • and raise 25% last year's total donations to provide food, shelter and education for homeless new teens.


This feature of the SMART Fundraising Objective Model provides clearer clarity of specific limits that answer questions about "# 39; how much & # 39; & # 39; and & # 39; & # 39; how many & # 39; to make them easy to measure. In other words, we recommend the creation of defined methods of knowing whether goals are met or not:

  • How much is increasing
  • Who will be responsible for monitoring progress
  • How to know when goals are met or not


It's very useful when goals Fundraising is both ambitious and accessible, with great difficulty in understanding the available skills and resources to achieve the ideal of ambition between realistic and ambitious goals. the archives usually encourage better performance, however, it should always be taken into account that unrealistic and unacceptable goals can lead to frustration and damage to morale, which is the key to fundraising.

Providing answers to the following questions will help all organizations achieve effective fundraising goals:

  • Average contribution size?
  • Funds raised in previous online campaigns and events?
  • Number of donors in the previous campaign?
  • Organizational issues (skills, time and money) committed to the fundraising campaign?


Achieving certain, measurable and accurate goals without significance, screaming insufficient and shameful. It is impossible to fund a goal to be appropriate. In this SMART goal setting, it is necessary to make clear how raising funds and meeting responsibilities work for the cause of the business. Here's the main question to answer, & # 39; why & # 39;?

It is necessary to check whether the importance of the fundraising objectives is set, and it is important to study the direct relationship with the Agency's tasks. This can be done by saying:

  • What do you set the goals in particular will do for the organization and its role?
  • What direct or indirect effects are affected by life that is recovering or even saving?
  • Does the target group benefit directly from this goal?
  • Are connections and links between current agency activities and their connections achieved after goals are achieved?

It is clear who the beneficiaries of the funds arising from the Agency's original tasks are highlighting and translating.


Although the last five SMART features are as important as the other because deadlines play a key role in making targets specific and measurable. A non-temporary goal can be interrupted indefinitely. Goals and fundraising goals require a constant start and end date as they provide visible benchmarks and strong incentives for both financiers and their donors. Deadlines should also be ambitious but accessible because they are very important in budget organizations. Maintaining a campaign deadline will help you regularly track your progress toward goals.

  • Campaign End Date
  • Campaign Time Line with Certain Locations in Certain Important Places in the Campaign
  • Current Steps and Tasks Implemented with Challenges and Unforeseen Proposals
  • Setting, cultivating, and executing SMART goals while managing fundraising events and campaigns increases the likelihood of success, which includes performance by raising funds needed by organizations. The five features of the SMART model can be very useful to ensure success in managing social finance companies and other projects where they focus and strategy your campaign.


    The 10 Step Goal Process

    What does it take to achieve your goals? It is a method we go through when we set, organize, and intervene in our goals. Sometimes we think it's just about setting the goal and then implementing it. We quickly find ourselves misled and turned off. This is common, especially when the goal is not followed. Here's a 10 step method to support you in your efforts. Good luck!

    1. OPENNESS – see opportunities and introduce creative new ways to do what you have done.
    2. DESCRIPTION – knows what is most important and set goals.
    3. MOTIVATION – why and the benefits of doing this
    4. FOR ATTITUDE – decide what you do, celebrate what you have done
    5. FOCUS – know what you want to achieve and do it done
    6. PLAN – Be clear and determined with your goal and plan of what and how you will do it
    7. Install MILESTONES – Create small milestones to keep you feeling and momentum
    8. ACTION – Keeping list, schedule and deadline, being active, being flexible, doing something
    9. CONTROL – Have a network or responsibility to support you or keep you on track (it matters if you don't)
    10. RECHARGE TIME – after giving it 100%, take a break and rest and reload

    Try your goal now …

    – Am I open to new ways and ideas? (fixed or closed mindset)
    – Am I clear about what is most important to do?
    – Am I interested? If not, what's on the way and how can I remove the barrier?
    – How is my attitude? Do I see possibilities and solutions? If I'm stuck, talk to someone or write down the block and change thinking "what's possible?"
    – Am I focused? If there is interference, write them down to do later or install space to reduce interference.
    – What am I going to do about this? What do I need to do and when will I do it?
    – What is the first milestone or significant achievement in this goal?
    – What action will I take now?
    – Who can I also calculate and check in with?
    – What will I do to reload and pause?

    Setting goals are not just about the goal; It's about the process around the goal. Sometimes these steps may seem obvious or even though they are key in order to succeed. If you do not reach your goals, consider whether it is a step in the process you can enhance and enhance your success!


    Positive affirmation and happiness in life – what is the connection?

    How many goals do you have in life? How many things do you still want to achieve in life? You may want to be the most successful person in your field, or you may want to simply improve your life in general. What your goals are, I'm sure there are plenty of them and most of them are key to finding perfect life happiness.

    The Missing Link. Success people have certain things in common, and through this you can guess what has helped them succeed so far. And one of these things is a positive, progressive and chosen attitude towards life. They know what they want and they follow it with passion and gusto. They work hard and keep their motivation despite all the challenges.

    If you want to achieve the same attitude, you can count on positive affirmations. Using positive affirmations may look like a little thing to do as a way to drive your happiness, but they can have such a unique effect that you can't be confident about.

    What are positive affirmations? Positive affirmations are positive thoughts or statements about a particular departure you want to own. They are subliminal messages that are directly in your subconscious. These affirmations need to be repeated continuously until they make such a big impact on the subconscious concept, which will then produce the actual results and results of one thought.

    Doesn't it sound so simple? It is surprising that a lot of people still live and live as they are not happy when everything on their way to achieving happiness lies in simple positive thoughts.

    What is keeping you from living a happy life? The problem with human mind is that it finds negative appeal for some reason. Do we often not be surprised by disastrous events? When we hear of an accident, we often get curious and start asking questions about what happened. This may seem like a normal reaction, but in truth it is an indication of why we are walling in a negative life. We have a tendency to facilitate ourselves easily in negativity; negative thoughts and opinions have a one-sided target that leads directly to our minds. And the worst thing is that we allow them to be free without even knowing that we are already sabotaging our own happiness.

    What can you do? The solution to this problem is to focus your mind instead on positive affirmations. This takes a lot of self-control and self-discipline. After all, affirmation does not have the same tragic appeal as negative ideas do, and since we have been facing negative ideas for a long time, we are usually rooted in our minds and can fight against positive affirmations we try to put in our minds.

    Reminders on the use of positive verification. So here are some reminders on how to make a positive affirmation do its magic to make your life the happy life you've always wanted:

    · Focus on them. By focusing on positive affirmations, this means that you should also consciously brush away negative ideas as much as you can or as often as you grab yourself thinking about them.
    · Repeat them continuously. The easiest way to save your mind is with a constant repetition. The mind loves patterns, so if it starts to recognize patterns due to constant repetition, it becomes more receptive.
    · Do not stop. If you stop for a minute, negative externalities can easily pass through.