Motivation to continue moving

I am asked a lot, how am I interested? There are many ways to be interested. I will discuss some of the main ways in this article.

If you can find a burning desire, why you want to practice or be healthy, then you will be unstoppable. If you keep your mind on this burning desire, all excuses will fall, never find again. As you stop thinking about that great desire, excuses and fears are put in. Make sure you write it down along with some other things we're going to review today. Carry it with you, read it and find it daily. So what could possibly be a burning desire? Everything you get, you know, raises your energy; the desire to be slim, healthy, energetic, where the kids are older, around grandchildren, running 5k, competing in some sports concerts, fit into a small sports car, to touch your toes again, to swim your personal best, etc. Just make sure it is the most creative thing for you.

Another way to be motivated is to write down goals. Writing boundaries is so important, and without them, what are you shooting at? Without limits how do you know where you are going and how to monitor what you are doing? Make a goal, set goals that you will be holding this week (I will practice daily this week), reach the goal for next month, 6 months, 1 year and 5 years! Write them down on the same paper and your burning desire and be sure to carry them everywhere and read them daily. Don't forget to change them if needed. Many ask me why it's so important to do it … here's why. You eat food daily to energize your body, hopefully you are eating your body healthy foods. The same needs to be done with your mind, it needs daily motivation to continue energy!

On the same paper, do a few confirmations and read them daily. Verifications help you change your mindset, so if you don't like exercise, you need a confirmation statement; The exercise makes me emotional and I exercise daily!

Reading 10 pages of motivation or health book a day is another great way to be interested. My wife and I try to read at least 10 pages of good book a day. Yes, we miss the day here and there, but we are very consistent! Reading describes you with new things and new ideas, and that's great for the brain. If you can believe this, I never read a book I hadn't read all my life. I would even read the chosen own adventure book so I didn't have to read the whole book. It wasn't until I started to desire to improve myself that I started reading sustainable books all the time. Now I'm reading with my wife, listening to interesting CDs in the car and often reading on my phone.

The last way to be interested, and this is very important. Notice the thoughts in your head when you don't feel like doing a workout or even when you're down. This can be a great eye-catcher for you, when you begin to discover that some of your unconscious thoughts cause you to damage yourself. This one is the hardest of the list too, you have to pay attention to what the brain is thinking at all times. It is like weeding out the garden so that the extraordinary crop can grow. You need to weed all the limiting thoughts so that you can truly prosper and live a healthy life.

You've taken a big step in the right direction now that you've read this newsletter. The next step is to actually do what is listed and watch the magic that happens! I use the iLog1 application for iPhone / iPad / iTouch to track my goals, write down affirmations and even monitor my mood! If you don't like using electronic equipment, make sure you eat paper with you everywhere!

Say this: I love practicing daily!


Positive emotions are the keys to success – Use magical affirmations to open the door

It is easy to deceive your mind and you can do it even when you do not believe what you say. This is why repeating positive statements that you create or use when entering the string is important; That's why they work.

How to Remind Confirmation

Positive, independent affirmation must be read out loud, every day and at least twice a day. The more you repeat them, the more natural they will feel; Until one fine morning you wake up and find yourself telling them, even two pages long – as I am – without referring to printed text.

In exercise, your mind has reminded them and you don't have to repeat them aloud every time. You can now tell them anywhere without being unconscious. You can even feel the noise while repeating them. That means that both conscious and subconscious minds are now pulling in the same direction, focusing only on the goal you want to achieve.

Positive emotions are the key to success

Your feelings are the key to your success in any effort. If you do not find it, you will not. There is no question of any pain, no benefit. It's scrap. It is a matter of no desire, no will, no emphasis and therefore a moderate success. Your feelings are fuels that fuel the machine with a desire that creates a fire that in turn encourages and drives you towards your goal.

How to Confirm Expectations

You have an idea. You are very excited about it and you know it is very good. It's the clue you're on the right track. You want to build on that idea, but you lack the confidence of past mistakes. And moral help can be or is not there for you but you want to do it very badly. Before creating plans that inevitably fail in your current emotional state, create a few affirmations first.

  1. Make two separate lists with the title "Want" and "Don't Want";
  2. Briefly tell what you do not want to do one piece of paper;
  3. The update you want on your still unedited project, on the other page;
  4. Make two more lists with "Feelings of Fails" and "Feelings of Success";
  5. Describe how you felt in the past when you failed something you wanted. and
  6. Briefly describe the success list of how you want to feel when you succeed this time;
  7. Tear up the list of negative – "do not want" and "fail" – trash them;
  8. Create your confirmation from two positive effects lists.

A positive statement must always be written in modern times as they are already happening! This is how magic verification is used to open the door for your wishes.

This does not mean that doubts, concerns and fears are beneficial. We humans are very emotionally expensive so it will never happen. For when negative thoughts arise, say your affirmations immediately as you remember them, even if you repeat the same sentence. It will work as a magnet and call others in mind.

It took three months for my positive statements to "kick in" because I didn't tell them every day or I tried to repeat them out loud. The process usually takes thirty days with consistent, daily exercise. Whenever you are well on your way to always memorizing them. This is how to fake it until you do it because you can fool your mind.

Practice to perfection and repeat, repeat, repeat every day. Reading will not make it happen. You need to hear yourself say the words. Sometimes your confidence will increase and you may find yourself changing what you wrote. It's normal. Do it and sound right in front of you. You are your own expert.

Positive affirmation encourages positive emotions. They are keys that open the door to success.


Use subliminal messages in music to improve yourself and positive affirmation

The use of tall messages in music can be one of the most beautiful, yet effective, methods of sending and writing autonomy and positive affirmation of the subconscious concept. A subliminal message in music for self-improvement is a very interesting phenomenon, which everyone can enjoy.

This self-evaluation method is created by incorporating a downline message into the recording along with fun music. Positive Confirmation & # 39; The volume within the recording is only small enough so that your consciousness will probably not hear them. However, your subconscious will record the downline message and "store" it for use when needed.

This is a very fun and popular way to use a downline message. It also seems to be very effective with people who have more emphasis on music than just spoken words.

Subliminal Messages Music Experience

Many find using subliminal messages in music as a very relaxing way to start changing their lives and directing them to a positive level. They listen to the relaxing music they enjoy, usually lying or comfortably located. Continuous positive affirmation right below their conscious hearing is spoken again and again. As they listen pleasantly, they may forget that they are also subconsciously saying "hear" the suicide message unconventional, but their subconscious mind is taking it all very well.

Since the downline message in music is played, you are "silent" for getting the suicide message you have chosen to help you in particular. By listening to the music, something you enjoy doing, you have to take in these self-help information in a positive way. Your subconscious will accept new information and help incorporate it into your conscious life.


5 Spiritual affirmation against anxiety

What do you say to yourself when you're not paying attention? What will auto pilot end you all day? Most people have continued negative internal speech that criticizes and judges the body, their skin tone, and perceives the lack of perfection that causes great anxiety. And, of course, apply the same negative thinking to others.

Spiritual confirmation is very similar to prayer. Instead of repeating the affirmation like: Every day on all roads, I will be better and better choose a meaningful phrase from spiritual origin that can support you and repeat it.

I find that many customers think they are not worthy and this adds to the anxiety they feel. It's like just before they were born to anyone? -Stamped them with a seal that said, "Not worthy!" and they go through life seeking confirmation for this faith. They could also look for confirmation of being worthy and finding it too. Their anxiety does not create any end to the negative beliefs about themselves that they repeatedly repeat. As part of the process, I recommend that they choose one or all of the following affirmations. I want to make it clear that this is only part of their process; go ahead and try it out. The trick is to issue a reminder of spiritual confirmation so that it will be what you repeat when you are not looking, and let it comfort you when you are anxious.

  1. I am a child of the universe, no less than trees and stars, and whether it is clear to me or not, the universe is evolving as it should. (Desiderata)
  2. The Lord is my shepherd and I will not. (Psalm 23)
  3. My words create mutual understanding and love. They are as beautiful as gems, as beautiful as flowers. (Thich Nhat Hanh)
  4. My inner discussion reflects the fire of my soul. I am totally independent of the good or bad opinion of others. I'm under nobody. I am fearless in the face of all and every challenge. (Deepak Chopra)
  5. Though I die through death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; Your rod and your staff, they comfort me. (Psalm 23)

Choose the ones you like best and write them down on indices. Carry these cards with you and read them often. Soon you will receive a confirmation of confirmation and it can become part of you. I would love some comments on what ones you did and how they worked for you.

© 2010 Patzia Gonzalez


What is spiritual training?

The human body is a complicated work of God for the universe. Beyond the reality of physical development, nature has designed every human being as a different entity, a gifted purpose in life. As an individual asks in his urine for materialistic and commercial success, he often loses the ability to see the true purpose of his existence. Along with this, he also loses all contact with his inner core and subconscious. This is indeed a terrible point when human life is reduced to normal existence.

By believing that spiritual training is an organized process in which one is led into a deep, meditative rose, the only goal is to reconnect with himself.

Human mind and body often have a strong, native ability to solve the most vital problems and cure illness. However, due to the negative waves of fear, concern and confidence, this ability is often destroyed. It is here that a spiritual trainer intervenes, delivers the power to realize your true potential, be happy and above all able to solve the problems and heal yourself.

How does it work?

Spiritual training is governed by experienced coaches with unconventional, neutral methods, either in groups or individually. The entire process begins with informal orientation, followed by a slow stimulation of meditation. The coach then tries to look deeper and identify the possible cause of anxiety and anxiety within the individual.

· Stability or target instability

· Lack of interest or inadequate personal life

· Lack of professional growth

· Anxiety, fear and phobia

] · Continuous illness

· Inability to develop relationships

In some cases, spiritual training is preceded by guidance, which is an informal, public discussion. Once basic training has been achieved, a spiritual trainer will attempt to delve into the bug and target the core work. The coach will first try to restore the inner balance and awaken the individual's consciousness. Each time, with powerful verbal, judicial and convincing methods, he will empower the recipient to deal with challenges independently, successfully.


Impact Up! Special recommendations on male and female communication

Erica Jong, author of the revolutionary book Fear of
Flying once said: "Men and women, women and men
will never work." Well, I have more faith and more business experience than Ms. Jong. I know we
can do it at work, at work! – and at home too. One of the top challenges of women's progress is the
relationship of women and men to
charges. But communication is also a challenge for many people
– whether in charge or not.

I want to emphasize that both men and women would well serve each other communication style – in moderation. Never should women use a male
style only or vice versa. One of the most detrimental
behaviors of many women agrees is to become "one of
kids" to fit into the world of business.
Making it suppress their reliability and in the long run,
this is far more damaging than good.

For those who can lack the idea of ​​using any other style than their own, I would suggest simply repeating the
sensation: This is not a golden rule rotation –
handled others like you want to treat? For example, if you would like to communicate with you, then others should prefer to communicate with them in their style

The following are communications and behavioral enhancements for
both men and women that will help them improve
productivity, work relationships, and opportunities for progress

Tips on women who interact with men (or
feminine style with masculine style)

– Be short, but not sudden.

– Keep backup information.

– Avoid tag questions, excuses, narratives ("This is a good report, don't you think?"), ("Well, this is just my opinion,
but …").

– Take credit for your accommodation. (Or someone else

– Give updates when prompted or not. (You are not
bragging! If you do not agree with your success with the powers, no one else will do it for you and your skills
can be underestimated.)

– Reduce personal information and problems. This feature
makes them uncomfortable and they can view it poorly
and unstable.]

– Treat conflict directly, politely, with compassion.
– Be clear, to the
point, but not rude or sudden. If you're anxious about coming collisions, write your thoughts to clarify and focus on them.]

– Make some independent decisions. (Rather than
ask others for their opinion of solidarity
. Means see this as indecision and lack of trust.)

– Avoid strong impressions of emotions. (Men see this as a
weakness – "too" emotional and not an administrator.)

– Avoid saying "I'm sorry." (It says you were wrong and is often considered weakness and weakness

– When you are interrupted, be straight and polite, not sharp, but
take the floor again. ("Please keep in mind, thanks." Put your
hand to mark "quit" if you need to.)

– Remember that you don't have to imitate someone to work

– Not available in detail; hand over, deliver, assign.
(Evaluate whether the detail is really necessary
a major detail project, form a team to help you.)

– Keep your vision for the club / league to
men / people in charge, and your ideas to achieve this perspective
. If you don't have a vision, get one!

– Be flexible and maintain a positive attitude.
(Different is not right, wrong, bad or good – just different!)

Tips for men who interact with women (or
men with a feminine style)

– Don't expect women and # 39; Smoother style means less
qualified. (It's just different from your style!)

– Be personal and put some personal information.
(Laboratory Adjustment Studies for Male or Female Management Style
shows that the latter is more effective and selected by both men
and women, but not obvious ophthalmic pain. (Women
perceive a lack of ophthalmic gland as deliberate prevention and
discomfort listening.)

– Please & # 39; please & # 39; and & # 39; thank you & # 39; more; use my requirements.

– Avoid (see
that you definitely hear what she is saying.)

– Offer more information, more often.

– Ask women for input and opinions (when you don't,
women think that you do not value their thoughts and

– Watch an insignificant language for confusion or upset. (Women
often do not want to ask questions.)

– Recognize intent Her beliefs may be different from the perception of her words or behavior.

– Say: "I'm sorry" more often. (Including small blunders or negligence.)

– Be empathetic and not afraid of women's tears. (It's just
a different way of expressing emotions. She has been told her
all the life it is acceptable and even good to cry.)

– Don't underestimate the woman's ability just because
she does not talk about her success.

– Be flexible and keep a positive attitude about differences!
Different is not right, wrong, bad or good – just different!

With these tips, "I think we can continue to disprove Erica
Judas believe that men and women together will never
work. It will take commitment, consistency, and practice after both sexes, but we can always do it – because
many are working hard at this – and succeed already!

By Jane Sanders, 877-343-2150; .


Effective motivational technology

Whether you want it for yourself or for others, learning effective incentives can go a long way and be useful, not just for you but also for others you lead as well.

Those who most often want to learn different ways to encourage themselves and others are now managers, CEOs, and even sports coaches. Motivation is one way of influencing people to move towards a common and positive goal.

There are many different motivational techniques available and it can be quite overwhelming to choose who would best suit your circumstances. Others simply want to learn to encourage them to reach their personal goals.

If you want to learn the incentive technology that works, first look at the goals you have set for yourself or for your team. This will help you narrow your technology to those who are more practical.

It can be very easy to read about different motivational techniques, but applying them is a completely different story.

This article discusses simple little tips that you can apply in your life. Let us start with the common goals you share with millions of people around weight loss.

In the experiment to become healthier and lose weight, one of the motivational techniques you can apply is rewarding. Now you might be wondering why the award is the first thing I recommend, but keep reading to learn more.

When you set your goal to lose weight, break it down into certain steps. The feeling of achieving a step can be enough for most people, but you can also be rewarded in another way.

Among the many incentives I have found successful is the one that can be applied daily. Say your first step is to practice at least thirty minutes a day. When you are able to achieve this, reward yourself by treating yourself. The treatment can allow you to read tonight if you love books or watch a good movie if you want something more visual.

For small faculty coaches, it can be a little harder to come up with effective incentive methods. Cool and great ideas are in great quantity and you can find this in books and online articles. Making workouts fun and attractive can give players an understanding of success every day. Encourage and positive feedback helps small people look forward to the next day.

For managers and other leaders, the incentive methods have been set by the respective companies. Bids and bonuses are normal, but why don't you throw in a little more? What about an outside trip that can even include your employees & # 39; families?

The incentive methods rely heavily on different situations and factors. You can come up with your own or add it to other ideas that have been tried and tested.

You can try out all the incentive techniques, but the simple action of telling a descriptive person, your gratitude can be a long way to encourage people to continue doing their best.


Methods of youth training volleyball

I'm probably talking about the third, fourth and fifth steps. As they get older, they usually get a bit more powerful, which helps in volleyball. I'm going to list some really good volleyball exercises for beginners, and I'm also starting to build strength.

Get them more powerful

The potential method I've seen to increase energy would be to push up. For really brittle, let them lean on the wall and perform ten sets. Encourage them to reach their feet as far away from the wall as they can to make it quite challenging. The others can either get out of their knees or make genuine push up. So before you practice, get the kids to take a few laps, stretch out and pick up a variety of push and sit up. I predict this will definitely help.

Use your head

Insertion is by no means effortless. It will take many factors, such as footing, handball, tracking and so on. Here you have to start the foundation. In this particular table you have players to use the head to put the ball. Exactly why? Because they are going to discover how to get your feet on the ball and get the benefit of the ball. Two simple yet very valuable capabilities. So they stand up, throw a high ball for the player to get under and "head", then get the ball shaken. Look for good footsteps and get the ball. They really shouldn't bend forward to go to the ball. The volleyball should lie on the forehead with those standing upstairs.

Bean Bag Passing

This will help bring them into habit in good shape while they go. Here's how it works. Players should stand on the line and base line of one court. Look at the basics of taking care of them, explaining their standings and so on. Have players come to a ready position and be sure to check out their departure form. Before you start, join the line and look at each player's form. Give each player a bean bag and let them hold the bean bag using the right hand and shape. Here's a fun part. They have tried to throw the bean bag in front of them. If that helps, do some sort of competition with this drill. Keep doing this until you're happy.

Well, these are just a few things you can do to work with young children. It is certainly a difficult task, but no question a fun challenge.


How to discover your inner abilities

I believe everyone has innate abilities – skills that they have innate ability, but "I'm not particularly talented in anything" is a phrase I often hear from my training baskets.

The statement seems to come from the belief that the value of the label is "capability", capability or capability must be both specific and recognized by the public. So we freely believe that LeBron James is a talented basketball player or Meryl Streep talented actress. But we do not see our own behavior that reflects unique abilities.

It is true that one dictionary definition of "talent" is the ability to perform skills better than most. But I find it rather diminishing that the most common comparison to judge talent is external – "How is my ability to compare XXX to the suitability of all others to do XXX?" – rather than the inner one – "How is my ability to compare XXX with my ability to do YYY?"

It may look like a small team, but the result is that many ask themselves, "Am I a talent?" rather than a more constructive – and more accurate – question, "What skills do I have?"

I believe that everyone has talent and I define them as what you do well and that you can do it well because you have developed your natural abilities you were born with.

I believe that people find the greatest understanding of success and satisfaction by using their natural abilities. Luckily, most people enjoy doing what we are talented about. We just have to discover what they are!

Surprisingly, just because you choose these activities and roles doesn't mean you know them as abilities. For various reasons, we are often unaware of our abilities, or we release them as "nothing special".

When we see what we do well, it is easy for us, like "ordinary" or "something someone can do" to lose an understanding of what makes us unique. Discovering and qualifying our talents is an important key to opening the door to success.

Success is accomplished when you know, demand, and utilize your talents. By understanding and evaluating your abilities, you can find the environment where they are valued. And release behaviors and roles that do not come at the same level of joy and fulfillment.

Recognizing what you are especially talented about doing is the first step to claiming them as yours. Taking another step consciously means finding new opportunities to use them.

Take the time to think about what you are doing that others shout at or ask you to help them – especially what you think is ridiculously easy and they think it's hard.

Choose one or two skills you have identified and think about how to use them now. When you are happy start increasing your chances. What are some new ways you can use these skills?

Make every effort to use your newly listed skills as often as possible next week. Once you have selected a vote, select one from your list. Keep moving down the list until you have demanded all your skills!


Message from the Universe: It is expected to be easy. Trust me!

Everything is done to be easy. Everything is easy. Tell yourself that. Tell yourself often. Make a confirmation. Eat, sleep, breathe and your life will be transformed

It should be easy,

The Universe "

We tend to complicate our lives just because when things are easier, we can not seeming to understand its reality, saying when something is good to be true, it is certainly the same thing, the same goes for the easy things in our lives, we are recognized to experience difficulties daily and we were accustomed to this being how is We must never take the time to slow down and find out how we can find ways to make things easier and less stressful Lazy people have mastered the process of finding ways to do things with the least effort. They don't seem to be bothered by complicated processes because they will always find a way to simplify their lives. that after so many years of practice looking for the easy way out in everything they do, they were able to walk through their heart by making the most rigorous minimum. and still find a way to succeed.

I'm sure they have some beautiful secrets on how to see everything in life as easy. They may be persecuted sometimes but it seems to work for them quite well. Why can we all get these skills? Maybe they know something we don't know. Maybe their thinking is different and look at the world with a different lens. I wish I knew I could write about it and share my new knowledge so that everyone could take advantage of and live a life free. I think the only thing we can do is tell us everything is easy, more often than not. If we start to confirm it every day, we might see things differently and enjoy our comfortable and simple life. Why not try it for a change.