What is more effective for recordings: Own voice or someone else?

This is a matter that comes up a lot. Are confirmations that you register in your own voice more effective for you than confirmation by someone else? Perhaps it may matter – if you really follow through and register a lot of confirmations. I can tell you that to record a large number of confirmations is a lot of work. I'm not sure it's important to hear them in their own voice.

Why do I think there is no big difference in results? Take, for example, general self-help recordings produced by many people. For example, people like Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Zig Zigar or Brian Tracy. I have listened to the records of these authors / speakers for many years. Even though they are not authentication, I have used them as confirmation by throwing the reel button and listening to the same level over and over again (especially Tony Robbins & Personal Power program). That's really how I got the idea for the Power Affirmations program.

Indeed, I think that access to content recorded by someone else was actually better in my case for the following reasons:

  1. The files were accessible. I could start fast. For example, for years, I began to create my own recording "Think and grow well." After picking up a few pages, I was so unhappy with the results that I quickly fled. I knew it was not going to work. I made some searches and discovered that there was a lot of ties that were accessible. When I got them I listened and listened and listened more. It was so much easier. I finally dressed out and bought a new set when it was available on a CD. My initial positive reaction to the "Think and Grow Rich Sounds" and Ziglar "Secrets of Closing Sales" sold me to a lifetime microphone. Had I tried to pick up all of this stuff myself just to have it in my own voice would have been impossible (as well as unnecessary).
  2. The others who made the files had a delivery that created trust and conviction. I found it very helpful to listen to people who are truly convinced of what they need to say and deliver their messages with passion. Their birth helps to convey something of their faith and trust in me.
  3. Recordings in another voice can act as "voice of authority." It is interesting how this can greatly affect our thoughts. Sometimes we believe something better simply because a person we like and admires has estimated that idea in our minds. You see it with children and their parents, industry professionals, motivational software, etc.
  4. I found it by listening to the recordings repeatedly, over time, my voice became a voice. Their words became my words. Their thoughts became my thoughts. Listening to this speaker completely changed how I spoke to myself – the words and the tone. And it continues to transform my life to this day. This is what I suppose these files are doing for you (when you listen repeatedly).

It seems to me that the real question is whether you will get excellent results by listening to someone else. I think the answer is absolutely yes – you can get excellent results listening to the confirmation by someone else – if you listen repeatedly. Just think about all the ads we're being exposed to on a regular basis. With repetition, they affect us to spend billions of dollars on their products and services. In that case, you can not select the messages they are sending you. When you select an independent audio program, you can select the message you want to listen to in advance.

If you want to include your own confirmation, go to it. Just be sure you're following. I just want you to have a further perspective to think about. What matters is to get a lot of stuff that can be repeated over and over again. But if someone has already made a recording and changes to work, and they are quality recordings at a reasonable price, you'll probably find it easier and faster to use what's already available. Why try to make the bike again?


As you know, I'm a great fan of affirmations and used them as part of everyday m …

As you know, I'm a great fan of affirmations and used as part of my daily daily life – not only do they help to make major changes to your mindset, they also serve as prompt and daily reminders of what you are truly capable of making sure you have an amazing day, daily. What is a


Why 30-day confirmation fails and 40-day applications succeed

Confirmation means doing business with repetition. Repetition is heart rate confirmation. It's not just the mother to learn; It's also the mother to learn what talent and make it lasting. Whatever you confirm, confirm again and whatever you confirm again that you confirm. Confirmation is a version of positive religious assurance that aims to redesign your mind for personal success. Your verifications are powerful tools for personal development, self-government and self-sufficiency. It is an integral part of the law of meditation. You confirm only the principal or program you know is true; Otherwise, a sensible (conscious) mind and unconscious (subconscious) mind your conflict and thus deny the manifestation of your desire or whatever you are programming for your life. Your mouth must agree with your head and your head must conform to your heart.

Although psychologists have proven it takes 21 days to get used to it, it seems to have a high rate of failure. Thirty days seems to be better. However, the best result is achieved when confirmation is extended for forty days. This is the subject of this confirmation article.

Jack Canfield in his book " Success Rules " stated that confirmation will take 30 days at work. Yet we have noticed a high failure rate with 30-day confirmation. Why is that so? The answer is found is an open mystery of divine success: the Holy Bible. As Albert Einstein said, "Tell me God's mind and all other information is information."

In supernatural and in this life, the timing can be all. Time is the material of life and the law of life is the law of success. Time is a capsule containing a series of events. Thirty-day confirmation is 10 days short of 40 and therefore 30 higher failure rate compared to 40. In the Bible, God uses 40 (days, weeks or years) when he decides to make significant changes or interim periods. The number 40 represents a period of transformation, testing, testing and testing.

For example, the prophet's life Moses, who wrote the first five Bible Bibles divided into three parts forty years. The first 40 years were development and development. The other 40 years in their lives were for processing and training. The last 40 years were prevalent or leadership. Moses also spent 40 days without food in Mount Sinai when he received 10 orders from the Lord. Noah's flood lasts for 40 days. The Israelites spent 40 days in the desert before they made it to the Promised Land. It seems we need 40 days before we do it in the countries. The prophet Elijah also went to Mount Sinai on the strength of the assessment he had 40 days before meeting the Lord. The Lord Jesus fasted 40 days and 40 nights before being tempted by the Devil in the desert. After the resurrection, the Lord waited for 40 days on earth before he went up to heaven. The full-time period in humans is also 40 weeks.

Yes, it takes 40 days to write the message or program your mental hard disk to edit and display the results. Otherwise you get partial or no results. This is why most 30-day confirmation or positive insurance fails because it's not long enough to mark automated behaviors that are effective.


Positive confirmation for getting and being healthy

In February 1992, my wife was diagnosed with brain damage and then lung cancer. While in a variety of therapies, I wrote these positive affirmations for her. I hope you will find them inspiring and helpful.

I'm lucky and glad to be alive.

I have a positive perspective on life.

Life is wonderful and worth living.

I live my life with love, happiness and positive hope.

I have a strong constitution.

I easily recover from sickness.

I cure quickly and without complications.

I have great gratitude for life and life.

The support and love I receive from my family and friends gives me incredible strength to overcome problems.

I always thank treatments and medicines that help me succeed.

I'm actively involved in my recovery.

Thank you for all doctors, nurses and others who care for me.

I appreciate all those who worry about me.

Knowing about cancer has increased my gratitude to life and myself.

I get better every day.

Every day I'm stronger.

My intention to be well is cast in a steel steel.

I take great care of me.

I do what I need to complete my healing.

My attitude is focused on the beam of radiation to be, be and be well.

Being aware of stress allows me to maintain high peace and comfort.

I preserve my body and mind with positive spiritual images.

These positive spiritual images turn on my body's protection system to stop and eliminate all diseases.

I threw out, removed and closed negative emotions and ideas.

I am an active and mental warning.

My belief in trust and self-confidence contributes to the emergence of diseases.

I know the high way of curing me is a persevering attitude.

My gratitude and trust for medical care ensure my good health.

I support medical care very well and heals quickly.

I believe in myself and my innate ability to overcome.

I produce the most powerful drug: Will and attitude to be healthy.

The deep love and support I receive from my friends and family is chocolate on my cherry cake.

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