Tips You Should Know Before downloading any downloaded from the Internet

Computer Safety Tips

The Internet contains a huge and information, such as books and software can easily be obtained by downloading it into your computer. This will save time and effort and all can also be automated. You can download files even though you’re in another time zone.

However, even download files from the internet has many advantages, there are some disadvantages that the files that you have downloaded perhaps malicious threats. Before you download any files on your computer, I six tips that you should know so you can be safer when downloading files from the Internet.

1. File Size

First of all, look at the size of the file you want to download. For example, you want to download the free software on the site and you know that the software file size should be around 12 or 13 MB. But on this web site, it says 234 kB. You need to be very careful with this as it could be a virus or trojan because the size is just not right.

Many people have been tricked to download this type of file and file turn out to be malicious software.

2. Firewall

Use a firewall before downloading any files. If the files you have downloaded are trying to send privacy information to hackers, it will not be able to do it because the firewall will block outbound traffic.

3. File Extension

Extension is very important when downloading files from the Internet. File extension with EXE and small size could be malicious software. It would be better that you have antivirus that end the connection every time you try to download malicious software.

I have this one time when I was trying to download files with .exe extension from the Internet without knowing it is a trojan. Antivirus mine (I use Avast! At the time) terminate the connection immediately because it recognizes the file as a trojan. So, when you want to download any files, watch extension. Files with double extensions as FILENAME.img.exe are mostly malicious software because it tries to trick you into thinking it is not malicious software.

4. Antivirus

As I told you my story, I was rescued from downloading malicious software with antivirus mine and I advise strongly that you find antivirus now. If you do not have any antivirus or anti-spyware programs on your computer, your computer may be infected.

5. Feedback

Websites like provide the comments or comments to download. Always read the download feedbacks before downloading because it will help you know if the files are malicious software.

6. Internet Explorer Add-On

Use Internet Explorer add-on that will tell you if the website you are visiting contains threats that can affect your computer. Use Add-on, such as McAffe Site Advisor which you can download free because this add-on will advise you which websites are safe to visit.

As I mentioned in the previous tip, you need to know the size before you download. If you do not know the file size, Google it and visit the website site consultant add-on mind as safe.

There is no complete solution to computer security. The only way you can be sure your computer will be safe from all threats is by turning it off and closed it in a sealed box. But what we can do is to arm us with the essential security expertise that will help us in many ways.

Useful Tips To Solve Common Computer Problems

Computer problems are annoying, but they are hard to avoid. Many reasons are that your computer may start behaving abnormally. To solve any kind of computer problems, computer repair service provider may be consulted. However, you can also fix many common computer problems without help from tech support service provider. This article includes many useful tips to resolve common problems PC.

Disk problem is very common in computers. Hard drive is one of the most important components of a computer. Here, all the applications are installed and data are stored. If proper care is not given to the health of the hard drive, the computer will perform sluggishly. Even, the operating system can also crash due to hard drive issues. Analysis of fault is very important. Windows operating system takes various troubleshooting tools in order to fix common hard drive problems. Disk Defragmenter, Check Disk, etc. are some of them.

Most times, users complain that their computer is running sluggishly. Over time, the performance of the computer goes down. This is a very common problem and almost every computer user faces this problem. In order to make your computer perform like new, you need to follow a few guidelines. You need to remove unwanted clutters from your computer. These are unused programs, files, and folders, etc.

Registry problems are also very common, and the computer can not function properly if there is a problem in the registry. The registry of the computer could be compared to the human nervous system. Small errors in the registry may disturb the balance of the computer. You may know that when you install any program on your computer, transfer is registered in the Windows registry. But when you uninstall the program, these entries do not get deleted by the software. You need to delete the registry cleaning software.

Viruses are one of the biggest threats to your computer. If your computer gets infected by a virus, it will worsen your computer’s performance and even cause the absolute failure. In order to deal with viruses, you need to install a good antivirus software on your computer. Many good antivirus programs are available on the web. You can install trial versions of these programs, and if you find the program powerful enough to protect your computer, go to the paid version.

Spyware and adware may not pose a major threat to the computer as viruses but they can also slow down your computer and eat Internet bandwidth. In order to combat spyware, you need to install a good anti-spyware program and run a full scan.

These are some of the most common computer problems and their Troubleshooting Tips. The best solution to combat PC issues is to get assistance with experienced and proficient technical support experts. Many computer companies are doing to help PC users to combat common issues PC.