A new book offers a Wall Street moral and conscious new life

Whether you're CEO of Fortune 500, day trader, someone with 401k, anyone who thinks everyone on Wall Street is horror, or you simply don't care about the economy, you need to read Transforming Wall Street because it's a lot you do not know about capitalism in America today – and therefore hope of hope. Yes, it's a little fun to deal with, but the author Kim Ann Curtin also thinks there's a lot to celebrate, a lot of good people working in the financial markets and a better future for all of us to achieve. when we review capitalism and begin to live consciously.

Known as "The Wall Street Coach," Curtin said to write this book for a diverse career, including a bookstore manager, who served as managing director of a bank manager, being a personal assistant to the fund's patron, and eventually becoming private and executive trainer. Early in her training process, convinced that capitalism needed a little bit of conscious residence, Curtin decided to give free training to people on Wall Street, and then she tells us: "October 7, 2008, I started my training for those I hoped for. Within a few hours of sitting on my cement floor on Broad & Wall Street's corner, there was some interference in the air, and he said, "The market is out in the fall. & # 39; Then people started approaching me – as managers I didn't expect. "

When the stock market fell down and a big recession began, the seeds were organized for Curtin to train capitalists for conscious life, and from there came the idea of ​​writing this book. She understood how shocked many people were with Wall Street, where many immoral behaviors and communication emerged in the coming months, but Curtin had also always been a strong clown in capitalism and she believes rather than two ideas are against, money and still doing good in the world, and she believes capitalism is the best economic answer; "Balancing capitalism by living consciously is what can and will transform our economy, Wall Street and the world."

Great and noble faith, but perhaps easier said than done. Still, Curtin is not misleading or trustworthy In Wall Street's transformation, she begins with the pioneering entrepreneurship, its foundations, and she understands the facts from the myths, assigns new light – or rather what was always there but often overlooked – on the teachings of Adam Smith and Ayn Rand on how capitalism should work, and why are these beliefs still important and effective today. It includes discussions with professors who are experts in the theory of capitalism and points out that capitalism is truly contrary to the fact that it is often misunderstood and distorted.

Then, convinced that she could find moral people on Wall Street as a model, Curtin interviewed the group she calls "The Wall Street 50," but eventually found more than fifty of them. These are ethical people who work in the financial sector. Some of them refused to be unethical and left corrupt companies on Wall Street, others have set up their own business with ethics that guides them and still others try to change the world by using capitalism as a fuel society. Curtin spent hundreds of hours interviewing Wall Street 50 and extracts from these interviews. Interviews include John Bogle, founder of The Vanguard Group, Bill Ackman, founder of Persing Square Capital Management and Jim Rogers, founder of Beeland. She also talked about dozens of people she referred to as "scholars" to gather her thoughts on moral life and how capitalism can be. These teachers are Neale Donald Walsch, author of Interviews with God, Rasanath Das, former investment banker who became Buddhist monk and Patricia Aburdene, author of Conscious Money.

The interview takes up the bulk of the book and is ranked by topic, including what Curtin calls five exercises to become more alert: self-reliance, self / other leisure, emotional immunity / current moment of consciousness, inner and outer Journey, and self-awareness / Mindfulness. She also discusses with Wall Street 50 how they balance being capitalists by living consciously, what to do when they are morally tested, what advice they would have for those who entered Wall Street and what they would do to change Wall Street if they had a magic wand.

The result of this study and interviews is a diverse perspective on what Wall Street is and what it can do. Not every interview with each other, but it allows us to think a lot and many ways to choose it can all lead us in the right direction. The purpose of Curtins is not to offer "Wall Street" fixes, but to open the conversation, encourage people to revise the definition of capitalism and how it works, to prevent worn-out feelings, and instead see hopefully the assets that capitalism offers on. If we all begin to think and live consciously when it comes to our own money and how it is used, I don't think we can underestimate the positive change that can happen. I rejoice how Curtin has fallen back on the "curtain" associated with Wall Street to show not only bad but all hope is. Wall Street's transformation of a sunbeam hopes to come through the window in a dusty room and allow us to rediscover the possibilities of capitalists who were always there.


Tony Soprano's psychological exam

Tony Soprano is one of the most fascinating and vague characters in television history. Understanding him psychologically is a difficult proposition, although many other person's performances have given ideas. In one early episode, Melfi husband Richard refers to Tony as Alexithymic, the brief definition being "inability to talk about feelings due to lack of emotional awareness". This definition is certainly quite accurate, as Tony often reacts to anger during periods of confusion and frustration.

One classic example of this is when Tony goes to his office and sees that someone has bought "Big Mouth Billy Bass" and put it on his table. When a singing fish reminds Tony of his dream of Big Pussy, and Tony's memory flooded with many emotions that he can't win or understand. Tony responds to these emotional floods by beating Georgie, whom he knows put the fish in his office, as this choice allows him to temporarily cover his uncomfortable feelings with this physically violent reaction.

At one point, Dr. Melfi believes that Tony has an anti-social personality disorder. People with this disorder often show a persistent pattern of behavioral disorder in their adolescent years, involving a violation of law, poor academic performance, disrespect for power, and some other assumptions, including torturing animals and starting fires. In the series we learn some things about Tony's younger years. In the 1st quarter, we learn from Uncle Junior and Livia that Tony and his friends quit a car, and also Tony used to sell stolen lobster in order to earn extra money. In other aspects, we see him cross school, break into his father and are usually very willing to bend the rules.

Go to Tony's concert and we learn that Tony has been good enough in sports to become an "athlete athlete" even though Junior said he was not. He graduates from High School and sits Seton Hall for half an hour and a half before he "got in trouble" (appearing in the Meadow at the "College" episode) and goes to prison for a short time. While Tony assures Dr. Melfi that he never participated in homosexuality, we learn his time in prison was reliably short and we can assume that his crime was relatively smaller. For a similar time, Tony robbed a Feech Lamana romantic card, a major milestone in his life as he became publicly respected as a criminal.

From this brief look at Tony teen we learn that he has probably met many symptoms of behavioral problems but probably not enough to make a solid diagnosis. Which moves us to the analysis of social personality disorder, which according to DSM-IV includes "universal patterns of misunderstanding and violation of the rights of others occurring from the age of 15, as specified by three (or more) of the following: [19659002] (1) failure according to social rules regarding legal conduct as stated by performing actions which are grounds for arrest

(2) fraud, as evidenced by recurring lies, use of alias,

(4) irritability and aggression, as evidenced by repeated physical mistakes or attacks

(5) careless neglect of self or other

(6) consistent irresponsibility, as indicated by repeated failures to maintain stability working behavior or honoring financial obligations

(7), abused or stolen by another

B. An individual is at least 18 years of age.

C sbending on continued damage by the sun for 15 years of age.

D. Psychosocial behavior is not only a condition of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

Does Tony meet at least three of these criteria? The answer seems to be that yes of course he does. Although he does not seem to meet the criteria for number 6, there have been many examples of his actions that meet the criteria for the 6 components. But does this analysis actually reach Tony's soprano? It doesn't seem. The fact is that Tony is capable of a selfless and extremely generous act, though often these actions have invalid reasons. It's definitely good to use the Adlerian model to explore the pattern of basic convictions to definitely look at Tony Soprano's pattern. The Adlerian model looks at the key elements of human life and also in early memories of an attempt to explore some of the key elements Adler believed created an individual style.

Gender Studies perceive by Sexual Routes and Roles

By watching their parents and gender patterns that they adopt in relationships, one learns to reflect on a personal definition of what one is and what a woman is. From watching his father, "Johnny Boy" soprano, Mafioso's respected and feared, Tony formed something of what it was to be a man. First and foremost, Tony learned that the husband is a breadwinner in the family, and that he needs to do everything, regardless of the law, to provide for his family.

Tony also learned a lot about resolving disputes from watching his father with people from the environment. One particularly important observation was watching his father with a man named Satriale who had been avoiding him because he owed him a debt. When Tony watches his father cut his man's finger for this disagreement, Tony formed an early vision of a man's length, in spite of the law, when this man owes him a debt. This vision was once again confirmed when he watched his father brutally pummel neighbor named Rocco, who also owed Johnny debt.

Tony also learned a lot from looking at his father's work for years and this had an impact on his own adult attitude to work. Tony's beating witnesses in previous situations were both an attempt to collect debts and Tony saw that much of Johnny's revenues were simply taken by force or threat of violence. There he learned that people do not have to work if they can take things from others and this was a lesson that seemed to resonate.

In one prominent event that took place in Tony's concert, he reaches his father to his mother when she rightly claims to have been with another woman. In this case, Tony, who has most likely learned of watching his father, lies many times before, saying that it is okay to lie when he is uncomfortable.

With Tony's relationship with his mother, he learned that a woman, although working at home, has great power and control over human relationships. One early vision came from watching his father and mother interacting after his father came home with a big cat and Tony watched that this was the only time his mother was always very happy. Tony also makes a connection that when his father brought presents, it was "probably the only time he got" that also created a sense of Tony that a woman only gives sexual gratification to men when they are given gifts and this was an idea that also seemed to translate into adult his life.

Interpersonal Style Got Through Family Experience in Atmosphere

The family atmosphere of the Soprano family was one of the storms and quarrels. As Tony Sister Janice rightly explains to her husband Bobby: "In the family, a dog was eating a dog." These were detailed descriptions of the soprano home, and much of this difficulty was caused by the interactions between Livia and Johnny, which were based on repeated patterns of unstoppable rubbing on Livia and the great fraud on Johnny. Livia's domination of the house can even have a historic impact on Johnny's physical decline, as she does in Tony, she owned this great man in a "little bit".

Love Livia Sopran was conditional love. Livia was extremely critical of her children and she did not show the encouragement and support of those who seemed to stimulate a lifelong self-serving pattern in both Tony and his sister Janice. Excuse children often grow up to be angry and wanting adults, as they start to feel that everything they do will not meet any requirements. In this situation, some "learned helplessness" (Seligman 1965) can occur, where the children simply give up rather than continue to compete in what appears to be stupid. This seemed to be the case with Janice Soprano, who spends life time avoiding any useful activity rather than being condemned as often as before.

However, Tony added for this lack of love as his father did by lashing out on others, finding temporary pleasure though many sexual sailing and finding patience in acquiring a physical asset.

Livia also spoke openly to killing her children when Tony was a young man, whom he must have seen as a major devaluation of his importance and worth in his mother's life. In one prominent example, Livia Tony says she could "soften him with a pillow" that fears Tony and asks him how far his mother might actually be doing a punishment in the Soprano home. Johnny Soprano, however, freely held physical punishment in the house and, in the words of Tony, "the belt was his favorite child's development tool." Clearly, Johnny showed that many of his actions in the house were violent responses to resentment, and this was also Tony's legacy.

Johnny Soprano was also constantly treacherous in his dealings with his family, and his constant betrayal was often the result of sending Livia flying in anger. One early example of Johnny's fraud came after his arrest at a child's carnival, where he tells his children that the cops have made a terrible mistake and arrested the wrong guys, which would be difficult for even a child to believe.

Another important event that confirms Johnny's constant betrayal occurred when Tony was a teenager and Livia was in a hospital suffering from a miscarriage where she was in sudden physical danger. Johnny, who spent the night with his mistress, carefully draws a lie that hit Tony who supports the lie and confirms the story to his mother in hospital. Tony walks with the lies and this event marked a major milestone as he covers the fraudulent lifestyle and begins to go down the path that his father has proposed to him.

Personal Confirmation of Confirmation / Denial of Family Validation

When Tony took his father's feet, he primarily admitted soprano family values, all of which were also exemplary of Tony & # 39; s cousin Junior. Although Tony made a brief effort to follow another way by going to college, his robbery on Feech Lamana's mapping of his father's early lesson showed that if anyone wants something that is easier to do than simply doing it . This idea was strongly strengthened when Tony was used for this ceremony and he was not only punished but actually introduced to the "family" following this brazen and irresponsible action.

For Tony, the term "family value" obviously had more than one meaning, but upon closer examination of the values ​​created in the Sopranos home, the same things that were necessary to survive and even prosper in the family "family" Tony were also part of it. of. For example, Livia used the threat of killing someone weaker than her to maintain the order in the house and get people to follow her wishes. Exactly the same is used by the Mafia family, as the threat of unexpected violence is one of the main ways in which the family maintains its resources.

The family value of the fraud in the house was also necessary for success in a larger family of Mafia. The code "Omerta" includes silence and even avoids discussing the agency and this is an interesting link to doing so, taking into account that Livia was against Tony to go to treatment where she felt he was there to "talk" about his mother. " Livia, who wanted the family secrets to be buried, was so consumed with anger from thinking that Tony would reveal his secrets to physiotherapists, that she had actually persuaded the youth to have him killed. In contrast to Tony's concept of Alexithymic, it can be predicted that this situation may be due to the mother's absolute inability to promote the sharing of emotions in the Soprano House.

Worldwide philosophy gained through the experience of psychological birthright

As either of the three birth babies, Tony assumed the position of a classic middle-class child. A second-born child often takes clues from the oldest child who has been in the world longer and provides a guide for the second child to follow. Secondly, born children are often family rebels, where first births tend to be responsible and can often be like one parent. The other child before often finds it to happen differently than the first one, because first things are naturally better for things because of the festival and physical development. This was wholly true to Tony, as Janis seemed to enjoy whistling with his oldest position, and at least in her early childhood, her father convinced her to be mature and mature. Tony, however, immediately showed rebellious behavior and was found to be like Junior describing a small Hellion who learned to fit in and get attention through misbehavior.

Adler emphasized that the birth organ also has a psychological part in it, since literal birth can be different from physical birth. This can happen when the first-born son uses the first child and becomes the leader of children, as he comes from a culture that counts men over women. This dynamic appeared in the Soprano home. In Tony's case, Janis, who used the power to be the first but not the responsibility, really took the responsibility light as Tony's first born, who became responsible for the family when he was in adulthood.

Scope of Social Interests Acrossing Other Symptoms

Adler believed that the extent and degree of interest in homosexuality was a great consideration for his mental health. Tony never developed this interest in others, replacing others with his personal utility. There are many examples of this in Tony's life, one example being his relationship with Paulie, who fell out of Tony's financial downturn in Q4. Even in his dealings with Artie Bucco Tony often sets up how Artie can be useful to him and his constant imbalance Tony finds little ways to take advantage of this friendship for his personal gain.

Considerable obsession with Tony also demonstrates his inability to share feelings with other people, and again this behavior may have some roots in the lack of love and support he received from his mother. Tony often controls the feelings of animals that he is unable to suffer for human beings, and this symptom shows how confusing and upset Tony moves when he is faced with negative emotions.


The result is that Tony Sopano lives with little insight or thought. This lack of insight has led to an outside activity as he looks at the bad things that he has suffered as bad luck. His statements "I can't take a break" and "I'm like a king of Midas" are examples of this behavior, and these demands do not cover many, many disastrous events in Tony's life.

Tony likes to introduce the idea that he is "a sad clown" but again the evidence in his life does not seem to support this. When Tony is angry or hurt, he almost always answers physical violence, and sometimes with violent violence as he calls Melfi "cunt" following her punishment for his progress. The sad clown motif suggests Tony's common sense often fears himself and his overall pessimistic attitude to life.

Adler found it to gain insight into the behavior you might begin to understand patterns and defective thinking and logic created by these patterns. Melfi, after many years, has uncoated some of these patterns, but does not seem to offer much assistance on how to process this information. The conclusion has been that Tony continues to repeat many patterns that are inherited directly from watching their parents and his frequent promises to change his life, this is not really possible without returning to the beginning.

Adler refers to this concept as "soft" decisions, which means that the behavioral pattern of the individual would be dense and deeply entrenched and very difficult to change without much insight. Although he is almost dying, Tony is likely to return to much of his earlier behavior when he falls back into these familiar patterns.


Business English and the importance of business and professional success

What is Business English?

Long defined, Business English reflects English used in international trade or business. It is a specialized field of English learning and teaching because it is largely run by English English who speak to the subject to increase the likelihood of doing business with English-speaking countries.

As English is intended for learning, Business English can refer to studies in English vocabulary used in the field of business, business, finance or international communication. If the research focuses on technology of business promotion, negotiation, correspondence, writing and other murders needed for business communication, then it can be categorized as a study of business communication skills in the workplace. There is really not much difference between the two categories, where vocabulary and communication technologies work together to achieve a common goal – to develop or enhance both written and verbal business or career abilities.

Why Learn Business English Is Important

Worldwide, an estimated 1 billion people are learning English. Many factors point out why learning English has seen growth in recent years, but it's all about the English word "international language" in business, politics, international relations, culture and entertainment in many countries around the world. And it's just a miracle treat, as in fact, but in English there is no official language in many countries around the world, it's the language most commonly taught as a foreign language or another language.

Accounts Receivable

Despite the strong growth in international communications technology, many companies and individuals still fail in their search for business or professional success. And most often, the failure lies primarily on one basic business relationship – the language spoken. Nonetheless, the English language is a global language for business and having a good command of English will surely give a clear view to those who are looking at a globally competitive business or career. Any communication disorder, whether personal or business, means that damages, zero leads to negotiations, incompetence in international business, or will simply leave you ill-equipped to conduct international business.

Career Growth

Success in business career by having the right business English communication skills will surely create you a liberating trust and the ability to express yourself in English. It will surely be an advantage in interviews, so you have more opportunities to increase your prospects. Or if you are not looking for a new job, have confidence and have the ability to speak Business English is one way to increase your chances of elearning by enabling you to face the promotion of presentations or presentations. Research shows a steady growth in the number of companies around the world that require bilingual competencies.

Internet proficiency means English proficiency

Research shows that 80% of the internet content in the internet is in English and that content related to business written in English is mostly business talk. It is gratifying to have a good understanding of commercial information, data or concepts in English is very important to have a good understanding of how much information is available on the Internet.


Importance of performance in life

Life is a series of goals and tasks, and each time we are introduced to a project we need to rise to and do our best. It is rightly said that knowing how successful a man's life is is knowing that his life is accomplished. Our performance is proof of the work we do to achieve a certain goal.

Life has accomplished what you have achieved through your life by dedicating your time and efforts to your goals. For people like Teresa's mother, her life skills are easy to see, she changed the lives of thousands of children and adults in her work. The advancement of our lives can represent what we achieved through our lives. Some work hard all their life and still have nothing significant to show for it, simply because they didn't do it right. In order to be able to make significant achievements in life, you need to:

o First find your purpose in life, something that you are very worried about and want to work on.
o When you have a goal defined in your mind, you must work infinitely toward it without letting anything else get in the way.

Life is very important because, first and foremost, they indicate whether you have worked in the right direction or not. If you haven't accomplished what you set out to spend normal time and effort on goal, it would mean you're doing something wrong. Not being able to achieve a goal would mean that you need to re-evaluate your methods, find out where you were going wrong and correct it. Second, lifestyles give you the great need you need in life to keep working hard. When you see the results of your work, you know you've made a difference, you were able to do something that could make a difference to your life and to others, and that would fuel you to continue with what you were doing.

Life closer to letting others know about your work and perseverance towards your goals. When you have a great achievement in life, there is nothing left to explain, the results speak for themselves. A significant lifestyle says that you have a good decision, will and desire to pursue your goals.

However, it must be borne in mind that life recordings are basically collected throughout your life. It takes time to accomplish something and you should not get black if the first and second time you worked hard and you tried to get no results. Perseverance is what it takes, failure is part of life and you have to learn to accept it and continue. You should not give up your effort just because you failed once or twice. Only when you take every challenge as it comes and work hard on it until you get results, you should accumulate a lot of money in life.


7 biggest mistakes most new day careers make – and how to avoid them!

What does it take to succeed in childbirth?

Obviously, you should have a deep and passionate desire to care for children, a great deal of patience and the ability to do some tasks at once (such as warming a bottle and helping children with a project).

It also helps if you have a special space in your home, such as a fully equipped basement, where you can run baby care.

But as it is not enough, there are many things that a successful home carer needs to be good about caring for children. Honestly, it can be very difficult.

Things like getting paid on time from parents, writing solid policies and contracts, marketing your business to new potential customers, getting the right insurance policy, understanding listing, and how it affects taxes, and usually just starting that will streamline success.

To help you get started with more effective results, here are the seven biggest and most costly mistakes women make when they begin their own upbringing projects and how to avoid them.

BIG MISTAKE # 1: Don't do the right research on the care market in your town or city.

This is a serious step that many new child care owners miss, usually because they are not sure how to care about it. Or, they may think it is not really necessary to do the research because they do not understand how it can affect them.

After all, it's just a little home-based, right? Why do you have to do all the extra work up front?

The goal here is to spend weeks or months to complete a large market research that you will never use.

I'm talking about spending a few hours in the next few days, calling around (or maybe visiting some other child care) and asking the main questions.

Let me give you an example of what I'm talking about. My neighbor, who runs child protection activities at her home, discovered some things about our local market that helped her create a more profitable business. The first was, our town has – day kindergarten, not a full day. Talking to other moms in our prayers, Mary felt that there was a need for "before and after care" in our prayers, there is someone who could watch kindergartens and older children before and after school. She organized her day care to fill this need. All she had to do was make sure buses could pick up and drop these children at home and she could start taking the kids.

So what you want is unforgettable, when you have your performance, a "pocket of insufficient need" regarding child care. You don't have to be a huge pocket but something unique about your business that will lead you to customers who need it.

Other examples of this are:
– offer a second or third third split care if you have large companies in your town who recruit people at night or night shift
– offer bilingual care or special language, then as a sign language for children
– offer special meals (such as organic or vegetarian) if you live in a town where it would have preferred (such as Boulder, Colorado or similar college)

Again you are asking the main questions and trying to get an unforgettable need in your town or city. You can start by calling your local child protection organization (CCR & R), your primary schools, talking to neighbors and friends, and visiting other child care in your town. You can even call other child care homes and talk to these women about what they see in the market. Usually women in childbirth help each other by forming friendships and partners, so don't be afraid.

By taking the time to do the research, you have to gain great value by understanding your market and how you can succeed in this market.

BIG MISTAKE # 2: Not getting defense protection for you and your business.

If you want to be able to sleep easily at night and don't worry about suing yourself, you need to be properly covered. You need a real kick on what type of insurance to buy, and how much it should cost, so you don't pay too much.

Many new owners of child protection workers make the mistake of thinking that their homeowner policy is enough to reach them if there is a problem. But the truth is that this policy usually does not provide adequate protection, or the right types of protection you need for specific situations that a daycare practitioner may face.
An example of this situation would be if your house had power and you were temporarily shut down due to power failure. If you have a business obligation policy with a discussion of "operating disruption" you would be under your policy and you will still receive that income.

Likewise, if you were sued by a parent in some circumstances, your policy would cover you in most cases.
Amazingly, corporate responsibility for day care home care is not so expensive, and well worth the investment (in my opinion). This type of policy usually costs $ 30 to $ 40 a month. Is this good for sleep?

BIG MISTAKE # 3: Don't charge the right fees.

Do you know how to find out what other child welfare centers and centers are loading? Most new day care workers usually leave money on the table by not setting their prices right. You get a short change by loading too little, and if you load too much, you won't get any customers!

So how do you figure out what to load? This is a similar process and making performance in your town … it's simply a matter of calling or visiting other child protection companies and setting prices appropriately.

Many new family members take care of the same weekly for each child, regardless of the age of the child. However, if you talk to centers in your town, most people charge the highest rates for infants and the lowest rates for older children (for K and older). Many parents use this type of price.
So you may find that your income is a little higher than the flat rate for all age groups, depending on the age of the kids you can accept. If you start a little more for children and infants. You have to look at your unique scenario and choose what is best for you.

For example, say that according to the state and age of your own children you can accept 1 infant, 3 infants (15-24 months) and 2 older infants (3-4 years). If you pay $ 120 a week as a party fee, you would receive weekly earnings of $ 720.

If you pay a little more for children ($ 135 / week) and young toddlers ($ 125 / week) and less for older children ($ 115 / week), your weekly earnings with this scenario are $ 740. extra $ 80 per month, or an additional $ 1,040 a year.

Little adjustments like these in your price, if it is sensible based on your area, can make a difference in your profit at the end of the day.

BIG MISTAKE # 4: Does not include you with the proper day care policy manual and contract.
All right, this is very big. You need a well-written contract for your parents and you need a comprehensive policy guide. If you use your contract and policy guide correctly, you can literally save thousands of dollars of lost revenue (and countless hours on the head!).

So what is the difference between contract and policy?

A contract is a binding legal agreement between two people. If you agree to take care of a child and a parent's child's agreement to pay for the care, you have a verbal contract. If you put the contract in writing, it will be a written contract.

There are five key issues in childcare care: party names, working hours, termination process (that is, how one party can terminate the contract), payment terms (including interest, due dates, and additional costs) and party signatures. Be precise and clear with your wording.

Policy manual is longer and more accurate than contract. It should include all the rules that describe how you will care for your children, how you see specific situations, and how you run your business. For example, you should include holidays and illness, how to handle behavioral problems and discipline, and how your children will be fed.

It is a good idea to require a signature page at the end of the policy manual, as parenting agreements that he or she has read throughout the manual and agreements to follow the rules you have submitted.
You need to have both documents in writing. (If you need real-life examples that you can copy and edit to fit your business, they are provided in my daycare system … more on that later).

BIG MISTAKE # 5: Don't use the best ways to market your business to future customers.

Let's look at it, you might not be a market player and advertise whiz, but you need simple and inexpensive ways to get the word out and bring new customers.

We've all heard that the best ad is word-of-mouth. It's after you've started and your customers recommend your friends and neighbors.

But what about when you first open your door and you don't have a proven track record?

Fortunately, there are many ways to get rid of the word of new child care and most will not cost a lot of money. Here are 4 marketing ideas to get started.

Market Tip Tip # 1: Sign up for a Child Protection Service and a Reference (CCR & R) office in your area.
This is the first thing you should do to get your name out there, and it should be done before you open the door. The URL is located at: www.childcareaware.org

Then enter your zip code in the search box and you will get contact information for the next CCR and R office. You can also call them free of charge at (800) 424-2246.

As of December 2007, to sign up with most CCR & Rs, you do not need to be a national permit or certified. However, they may have specific requirements to be listed, based on your condition.
For example, in Ohio, they ask that private family day careers have a maximum of 6 children at any time and no more than 3 children under 2 years of age. If more than one caregiver is in the home / facility, the numbers may be higher. These rules vary, as appropriate, so be sure to call your CCR & R branch to verify your policies.

Once you sign up with CCR and R, they will provide information about you, with special information about your day care, to parents looking for child care …. free!

Market Tip Tip # 2: Contact all primary schools on your bus route and / or in your community.
Most schools keep a list of child protection officers, whom they provide parents with. Ask to have your name and phone number added to their service provider.

Market Tip Tip # 3: Communicate With Everyone You Know.
Tell everyone you know you have child care and ask them if they know someone looking for childcare in your area. Notify your church and all other groups you belong to. If you do not belong to community groups, join someone! You're a pioneer now, it's time to launch a network!
This could be your strongest source because you enroll children in day care. Most parents choose to leave their children with a service provider who was recommended by a friend, neighbor, co-worker, or family member.

Market Tip Tip # 4: Place Announcements or Small Ads in Community Newsletters.
Ask each organization you know and / or belong to, such as a church, a group, or a community if you can post a notice in the newsletter.
If you know a community group, church, and / or business email that sends a newsletter, ask them to advertise your business to the residents in their database. In your announcement, focus on the unique features of your business and the benefits that children and parents receive from managing you.

Remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg. When you learn these easy and inexpensive (or free) ways to prevent new ways, you have a full and profitable daycare and you need to establish a relationship with your parents who want to get you to their friends and family!

Now, let's come back to the 7 biggest mistakes and how to avoid them.

BIG MISTAKE # 6: Don't use tons of free resources in your area, including capital income.

Many new day care or kindergarten owners do not know about local resources available to them and how to navigate state, regional and local communities.

With so many organizations and websites out there, it can be very difficult to figure out where to go and who to ask, if you don't know where to start.

The best place to start is with your condition. Every state in the United States has an organization within the government of the government that sets the rules for family care for children. This organization is usually called as the Department of Child & Family Services (DCFS), or the Department of Business and Family Services (DJFS) and they all have websites.

(If you are in Canada or another country, you probably have a similar office in your government).
Simply visit your website (such as http://www.Illinois.gov ) and search for the appropriate department or type "care" in the search box.

The website should contain a phone number for a child care contact in your state. Call the phone and inquire about state rules and what they recommend for people who are just starting out with family care children.

Most counties also have a caring agency that helps people in the state level. Ask your partner how to find help for that region. Then contact your regional service and ask the following questions (these are also good questions to ask your government):

– What do you need to know about specific rules or regulations for your county?
– What training is needed before you open your door?
– What kind of training / education is required?
– Do they have any suggestions for insurance companies for the care of their owners in your county?
– What resources do they need to help you get started?
– Do you know about sources of funding or low interest rates?
– Are local or county parties meeting to discuss child care?

There may be other questions you also think. Don't be afraid. You have the right to get the best information to get started, and you owe it to yourself as much as possible.

BIG MISTAKE # 7: Do not get permission or certified by your state.

Getting permission or verified with your situation can be part of a job, but it's probably easier than you think. Normally, to obtain a license, a certain training (often very inexpensive or even free) is required and the home service will be inspected once or twice a year by the State Inspector to ensure compliance with the guidelines.

There are many reasons why you should consider it … the top reason is that you can charge a higher rate!

Here are some of the other benefits you get from being licensed or certified by your state:
– You are proud to know that you have the highest quality (and you can send this to others) .
– Potential parents are more likely to choose you, so you don't have to spend as much on marketing and advertising
– Schools and other businesses will likely recommend you.
– You can get a grant or a lender loan to increase your day care or add it with a new outdoor area, etc.
– You'll stand out from the crowd as a great company.

If you try to get the best results from what you do, you will have the highest chance of success.

Good luck!


Building a Panelized Home – Advantages and Disadvantages of Building with Panels

Panel walls can be godsend. Or they can be pain in the butt. With a bit of planning and planning, you can make sure you experience the benefits.

Most home builders use some kind of panelization. Framers on-site at the "stick-built" home, usually build frames in the panels and lean them up and in place. But that's not what I'm talking about. A home panel is where a factory is based on these panels of different lengths and returns them to the building site.

Do you want to work on the front covers for you?

If you are the owners who will take part in some workforce and look for salary costs, panelization can be ideal for you. If, on the other hand, you are hiring a crew of crews to prevent a complicated home structure, you should probably stay away from pre-panelizing without the willers asking and asking for them.

The following advantages and disadvantages will help you decide whether or not to use them.

PRO: Speed. A home-made panel ready to work with local developers can allow the home to be framed in as little as one-third of normal presentation times. The advantage is money saved.

CON: Shipping and handling. Blocks will be sent to your site … sometimes from great distances. This can be a cost and cause damage to the shipment. Also, the panel can be difficult to store, move around the site and then in place – especially on two floors of homes.

PRO: Many panel switches. Traditional 2×4 and 2×6 wooden sticks are popular but you can choose steel production pins, structural insulated panels (SIPs) and other types.

CON: Responses to matters. Rarely does a tablet tablet for free. These mistakes will actually drive the frame crew crazy if they were not in favor of using pre-built panels. And getting the panel manufacturers to fix their errors quickly can be real chores.

PRO: Quality and coordination. Panels are made in a controlled environment for demanding specifications and usually use better materials. They often incorporate better and more coherent processing methods than many locally based homes. These choices can give you a stronger home in the face of nature and more home-based square that makes it easy to hang cabinets and doors and lay tiles and wooden floors.

CON: Hard to guarantee quality. Although the cost is extremely valuable, it is difficult to ensure that you get what is promised. You may need experienced professionals to help you analyze their frameworks and see what is being delivered to you.

PRO: Reducing waste on site. Panelizing can be a green building approach. Restricting waste and / or building insulated panels gives you that option.

CON: Organized homes are not always packages. Just ordering a packaged frame package is not optimizing your entire homework process . If that's what you want, use the equipment at home. Kit homes usually panelize your walls but panel factories do not always provide complete kits. Make sure you know what you are ordering.

You have the option

As you can see, you have the potential. But it is worth remembering that you also have the option of not using pre-coated walls. The benefits can be insignificant or even not present in your situation.

My advice is to evaluate your honest condition and goals. Keep researching your options. Hire a home construction coach to help decide. Then go in the direction that best serves your needs.


More from Ads on Free Online Chat Rooms

When you're in a real chat, you can become annoyed when your ads come. However, you do not have to worry about it because there are other positive things you can see from these sites that you will find to be very useful to you. You need to shape your attitude.

You can learn something or even opportunities that you would never have imagined you would get from the ads. So don't just look at them as stress and others. They can prove to be a real eye opener for what you've been trying to get.

Options not

You would find that these sites offer two options. You choose to accept ads or not. However, you need to know that you can change the options at any time. You must know what is best for you before you can actually do it.

Your only interests

You can also customize the ads that fall under what only affects you. This happens when you sign in. You need to specify what is most appropriate for you so that you find what's good. You also need to be sure of what you need to see so that you can do it.


You can get news on the ads. There are some topics that have news on the login page and so you can really be sure that you can get updates as you try to sign in. You will see so much comfort when you just look at the headlines and click on what you think is important.

Serious experience

The ads can give you a reasonable experience when you can make the most of them. Maybe you have the opportunity to offer that would help you have what you want to be like an eyelid for you. This would make you happy and it is a positive achievement.


You can also get trust from your ads. Some of them are actually clues that show what you need to know about the site you're chatting with. This will help you make decisions about whether or not you should use the site and make it necessary.

In action, not all the ads you see on the free chat are bad. Some of them are actually helping you get what you can't know you might get. So don't just brush them aside. They might be of great importance to you. Just be interested.

The chat rooms are a learning area and these ads may have been some of the media. Never take them for granted. Some are junk though. You should be able to see how they can help you quickly. You'll find so much profit from giving them only vision.


Six reasons why the Frame House in the solid wood panel is not covered

Solid Wood Platform Bed frame crafted Nomad Furniture in Albuquerque, New Mexico are seamlessly created so you will get a frame that won't wobble. What makes these frames so strong and strong?

1) True Craftsmanship since 1982

Dave Cady's Nomad Furniture has created a forum board framework since 1982 and this year's experience and knowledge is put into all the furniture they make.

An individual frame that does not indicate is the fact that each foot and every bypass and the headboard are carefully evaluated so that there are no mistakes. Defective engineering can sometimes be dropped, literally, a frame that is not stable.

2) Shoulder screws Construction

These frames are designed to ensure that the transverse sides that attach to the legs are quick and safe. This is done with internal parts called shoulder screws.

Each cross piece has a built-in steel pipe that fits on the shoulder screws on each foot. The rail is pushed down over the screws and carefully tapped with a rubber bar.

The frame is rigid and snug. The steel shoulder screw joint, which connects the rails to the feet, is fixed and sturdy. This is one huge part that makes this frame that will not fend off. No external screws, bolts or nails are used to attach the shakes to the feet. The sturdy and elegant look of each frame truly adds to the interior of each bedroom.

3) Solid Hardwood Construction

The use of Oak and Maple hardwood ensures durable frames that can last for centuries. There is no agreement used in this framework. That means there is no laminate, chipboard or low-cross plywood in this frame. The thicker forest, such as pine, can be easily pumped and breeze. Hardwood is more resistant to daily wear.

Hardwood resist winding, bump, crush, wear, wear and moisture. This sentence says a lot! Hardwood furniture is far above all the other woods available. This is very important in a panel forum. You don't want this frame to crash in the middle of the night.

4) Slat Set

Another aspect of receiving the bed that does not respond is that you are kept on a frame that has pans with furniture. Poplar is a hardwood that is far stronger than pine or layered slats. It is very important to have a considerable amount of equipment to carry a weight mattress and even a base. When shopping, don't forget to ask about the material used for slats.

5) Center Board Supports

An important part of the design is that each Full, Queen, King and Cal King is built with centers. The Full and Queen have one center table, and King and Cal King have two center boards. Speaking of strong! You are most likely supported and most important. When the foundation is strong, you can be sure your bed will not spill.

6) Y-Support Bones

And if all this is not enough, Y-support legs are available to support center boards. This will give you more basic insurance that your bed will not wait.

Nomad Furniture Platform Space Frames are made with the highest integrity. Nomad has an impressive reputation as a reliable and respectable company. This integrity is reflected in every piece of furniture that separates the warehouse. What you get is furniture that is perfectly designed to last and last for years. The future generation can actually inherit your framework. The use of Oak and Maple hardwoods ensures that they can be tolerated for everyday damage.

The shoulder production of the shoulder creates a frame that fits snugly and tightly to minimize any cradles in the frame.

Superior slat set made of furniture grade poplar is a confirmation that has a solid foundation for you.

Centers and additional Y-feet offer extra protection in a frame that is strong, solid and one that lasts and lasts for years to come.

The final exam is a frame that is well designed for both form and function. You will get elegant furniture that will enhance your bedroom.


Manage your mind – never stop!

Even though driving power is so important to controlling your mind, the vast majority of people are generally ready to throw in towels at the first signs of difficulties they encounter. Unfortunately, only a few few continue until their mind is under their control. To change your life for the better, according to your wishes, QUITTING is not a possibility! Your focus and efforts will be constantly on the look-out for you, your burning desires as Napoleon Hill says.

Here are quick and easy tests that you can take to determine whether your desires are burning or not. Sit quietly for a while and calm your mind as much as you can. Bring one of your wishes to your screen in your mind. See yourself in your mind when you are already in possession and enjoy your desire. Focus on all your wills. Notice the positive feelings that you begin to feel (these feelings must be positive, in other words, feel good). Use your will again, boost the feelings you are experiencing as much as you can. In order to be a burning desire, this feeling (or these feelings) needs to be stronger than any fear you can imagine in experiencing your desire.

Sporadic bumps and innocent efforts will not make you more comfortable than doing a unique fire that will keep you warm throughout the winter break. I don't suggest that your efforts start at full speed as you were running a sprint. Starting slowly is not a sin. Indeed, starting slowly may well be a blessing for you. Sustainability is what you should look for. Sustainable focus and effort to learn your mindset is complete.

You might as well know here and now that one or more of the frightening fears that lie in the subconscious is going over at the moment you start your journey. The first fear most people seem to have to face is fear of criticism, fear of what people might think or say. When your environment and the circumstances around you scream you should stop deceiving you, that all your efforts do not yield visible results, etc. Focus your attention on such thoughts and focus on your wishes, your goals, your intentions.

Always take another step. Make another attempt, then another. Never allow yourself to have the title "quitter" that accompanies your name. Repeat your confirmation once. Think of one positive thought about your desires that brings good feelings. You have not been given information on how many steps are required, how many attempts you will have to make, how many times you will have to repeat the verification to experience your wishes. If you continue, you must succeed.

Be like the mire that increases the elephant, the stream that shaped the Grand Canyon, or the raindrop that washes the mountain. Clear your mind from such words as danger, cannot, failure and impossible. If they should continue to appear, grab a thesaurus, find nouns for each of the words that appear, and replace them with your new companions.

I know for sure. You can demand or demand to control your own mind and bring more of your wishes into your experience. You are the most miraculous of all living creatures on earth. You are the owner of a mind that is so wonderful that when you really start to control your mind and consciously use it, there is no dream that you can dream that you cannot achieve … as long as you do not stop.


How to release guilt, shame and fear of a crime you have committed in the past

Are you suffering from guilt, shame and fear of the offenses you have committed in the past (whether it is "legally passive" or not): Shame on your wonderful work; and fear that your past will return to haunt you – in this lifetime or next?

If yes, you need help. Harbouring these emotions will eat you up inside, cause you to despise yourself and cause you to damage your life with addiction, emotional breeding (since you know your emotional response to something is not appropriate but you can't help it) , coercive behavior that you do not control) and many other types of neurotransmitters.

You have to find a way to free yourself from the spiritual and emotional means of dealing with the "victim" of your crime (which may be the most obvious solution but not always appropriate or possible because it is too long to discuss here). a trap where you find yourself.

And that's actually a trap! You totally disagree because you can't see anything out. There is no solution. You're the evil game over.

You must omit this trap if you ever want to bring peace to your life. You have to learn to forgive yourself. Only then can you ever be truly at peace. Then look at the issues one by one, starting with guilt.

You are guilty of the suffering you caused another. The most powerful thing you can do to escape the suspicion is to want and pray for their welfare. Tell this affirmation in your mind to the one you have harmed (or speak directly to their Higher Self). They may not yet live, and some may even be disobedient because you do not fully know the insurance burden you caused:

May grace, peace, mercy, love, and perfection of the divine source bathe you May this light penetrate you and make you whole this light can lead you to the most advanced expressions at this moment.

Desire them well and completely with this affirmation.

Next, to deal with shame, say the same confirmation, but to yourself this time (or even within that group of "victims"). Obviously you have also been injured and so you are part of that group. You also deserve the healing, loving kindness that can transform you into the perfect expression itself. So, say the same affirmation to yourself – if so, tell your heart!

Finally, to deal with fear, say the same confirmation again, but this time to the one who injured you (or the person who is within the "victims" group). Tell it and mean it (because they have also been injured).

If you really forgive them, you don't want their past to come back and haunt them. You then release your karmic debt towards you and you begin to release your own karmic debt to others.

This can be difficult but you are doing this for you, not them. You are – we are all alone. By doing this, you begin to redeem the bonds of karmic debt between you and those you injured. Each step is linked to an integral and intricate linked chain or web.

I believe that this is what Christ meant in his part of the Lord's prayer, saying: "Forgive us our iniquities as we forgive those who believe in us". In other words, take the karmic bonds that shake us as we release the karmic bonds of others.

There is a law of cause and effect in action – when you release others, you will be released. This will have a cascading effect that has extensive implications along the entire web, as lowered stitches in a piece of knitted fabric will spread throughout the fabric.

Dropping guilt, shame and fear from past crimes is vital if you are regaining your power and fulfilling your purpose in this lifetime. If you do not, it will despair and preserve you in the bone of the trap of disempowerment and karmic debt. Decide to take action to continue today. Step by step now to get rid of you.